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Train Like A Man!

Training like a man isn't for everybody. I know that. Most, in fact just don't care. Fortress doesn't dislike you if you don't train like a man. He'd just like you to understand where he's coming from. And stop tying up the power rack, for God's sake!

Controversial long-time bodybuilding columnist Rob "Fortress" Fortney is back because of the comments VM received after we published his interview. Listen to that interview and feast your eyes on this piece to get a feel for how this powerlifter blends aggression and intellect to motivate (and inflame) readers. It's time once again to ENTER THE FOTRESS!

How To Train Like A Man

Went to the gym the other day and trained like a man. When I was bodybuilding, I trained like a man. First time I saw my girlfriend, Samantha, train, hell - she was training like a man. Do you train like a man? Or perhaps you're just a boy.

Have I pissed you off? Maybe you're not being honest with yourself. You may think, "Yeah, I can pull three plates a side on the Hammer overhead row!" I don't care. The dudes I respect won't either. See, people, we're riding the razor's edge here. Everyone wants to believe they're the high water mark of grit and determination. But, you see, I don't listen to Ricky Martin, don't wear fancy footwear, and sure as shit don't believe squats give you nothin' but a big butt. Instead, make that movement your religion, and you will be training like a man.

Paul Dillet's got arms that are bloody huge. Hell, the guy's over 280 ripped! So what? Doesn't train like a man. My pipes will never be that large. I'll go toe to toe in the gym with him any day. See my point? Genetics and drugs can take you to the top, but if there's no gym credibility, who cares? Thank God Coleman's got the Sandow and not that Wheeler guy.

"I used to shave right before I squatted. Kind of like a ritual, you know? Pumping out big reps with 405 and my face would start bleeding from a dozen points. Monumental effort and hellacious pressure in the skull. People were staring but quickly looked away. First set."

It would be nice to have the ability to put feelings into words. Where I'm "at" before a big workout, where anyone has to be before training like a man - can't be expressed on paper. The killer instinct is either there or it isn't. Sure, over the years the gift is nurtured and honed into a sharp blade, but if it isn't there, no one can give it to you. I'll tell you this much, the Rocky movies, parts one through five (with a sixth on the way), can't give it to you.

Everyone desires to own a nice body. For me, if it's a side product of what I do, cool. Other than that I don't care. I'm all performance, tough guy. Our society, like most, has become obsessed with the surface level. The "hip" may obtain performance, but only through economics. Those who spend enough cash on drugs, fancy gyms, synthol, and plastic surgery... and who generate magazine sales, acquire temporary "prowess". Trust Fortress, this path is "all smoke and mirrors". Men don't need 'em.

John DeFendis (shown to the left) knows what it means to train like a man. If you don't believe me, check out his seven part 'Intensity or Insanity' series!

What's left? A good question, indeed. There is a direct line from now to four thousand years ago when real men roamed the earth. Unfortunately that line's been covered with so many wuss-ass years in between it can be hard to find. Even Fortress has to go looking from time to time.

If you thought this article would be a prescription for How To Train Like A Man, you've missed my point. It's not really a "how to" at all. I can offer no step-by-step approach. Fortress truly believes everything in life is an attitude. The music I listen to, heavy freakin' metal, is all about attitude. It's a conquering will found deep down inside. Once you discover this attitude, if it's even there, you can begin to train like a man. The tools of the trade are squats, benches, deadlifts, rows, etc. But you're the energy that brings thunder to the storm.

I always train like a man. Dorian Yates always trains like a man. Sometimes we won't appear to be. But the attitude is still there. If not, we go home. Being honest with yourself is tough. Sometimes you feel great, but the attitude isn't there. Crazy enough, sometimes it's the attitude that makes you feel like shit. You're sweating, bloated and zoning, but you grip the bar and move it. It's a brutal ballet. Boom!

Training like a man isn't for everybody. I know that. Most, in fact just don't care. Fortress doesn't dislike you if you don't train like a man. He'd just like you to understand where he's coming from. And stop tying up the power rack, for God's sake! Guys like me are a different breed. Not better, different.

"Squatting about a year ago and the web of skin between my thumb and index finger gets caught between the bar and catchers. Lots of pain. One big pull and Fortress is free! Skin's still caught. Wound is bleeding down my arm. Blood of my enemies, I envision. How much should I add to the bar for my next set?"

I'm going to end this now. Fortress has got to go to the gym and train like a man. Do you train like a man? Maybe I'll see you there. Be sure to read Kristin J. Reisinger's response to my article 'Train Like A Women'!