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Video Article: Getting Ripped And Cover Ready - Part 1

Cover model Whitney Reid is here to discuss his experiences in the fitness world and give you some essential tips for becoming a successful fitness model.

Whitney Reid is a successful cover model for countless fitness magazines. Now, he'll share his knowledge and experience of the fitness industry with you! Don't let anything stand in the way of your dream! Learn these essential tips for becoming a successful fitness model and start today.

Whitney Reid is Ripped and Cover Ready

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You Can Be a Successful Fitness Model

1 / Take Charge of Your Career

You know you have what it takes to be a fitness cover model, but where do you start? The simple truth is that no one else will do the work for you. Don't wait for opportunity to find you! Use your passion and dedication for fitness to take charge of your career.

Step one: Social networking! Find every opportunity to meet people in the fitness industry. Use social networking sites on the web, like BodySpace, to discover new friends and new opportunities.

2 / Find a Great Photographer

You want to look amazing in your photos, right? Find an amazing photographer who understands your style and personality. Meet people at shows and expos and remember to be professional. It may take a while to meet the right person, but don't worry! It's important that your photographer is a legitimate business person.

Keep your ego off the scene! Remember that humility goes a long way to achieving your goals. When you develop a friendship with your photographer, it will shine in your photos.

Practice promoting yourself! Learn how to sell your best traits to let people know what makes you stand out. You know you're a rock star, so show people what you're made of!

3 / Maintain Your Appearance

First impressions are everything! Being a cover model is about your image, so take care of it. Dress professionally and be presentable. Don't forget to pick up your dry cleaning or use an iron once in a while! Your personality can shine through your appearance, but you have to look put-together. Take care of your skin and your hair. Keep tanning to a minimum to avoid damaging your skin.

4 / Build a Portfolio

Your portfolio is your golden ticket! So you want only the best possible photos in there. Work on your physique every day to get closer to perfection and book photo shoots often. Work with different photographers in different styles to find those shining moments.

Don't worry if your first few photo shoots don't go as well as you like. It takes practice to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

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