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Fit Mission Revolution, Episode #2: Val's Gym Workout & Arnold Prep.

Valerie Waugaman leads the way down the road to the 2007 Arnold and the coveted Figure International title! This week: watch Val's home and swimming workout, and learn about her inspiration and motivation!

Join your esteemed and beautiful host, Valerie Waugaman, as she leads the way on the road to the 2007 Arnold and the coveted Figure International title and springboards the Fit Mission Revolution into the minds of millions, improving lives along the way!

Episode #2: Val's Gym Workout

2007 Arnold Prep, Valerie Waugaman: Gym & Shopping!

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Check back in a few days for Episode #3 of Valerie's 2007 Arnold Training and her new Fit Mission Revolution video series!

All of Valerie's video episodes are available on her Fit Mission Revolution main page.

Val Val Val
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Figure Olympia & Figure International
Competitor, Valerie Waugaman.

In the mean time, feel free to check out Valerie's BodySpace and MySpace profiles and let her know how excited you are about her new show!

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