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A Backstage Look At The 2006 IFBB Palm Beach Pro.

IFBB Figure Pro Valerie Waugaman did a guest posing routine at the 2006 IFBB Palm Beach Pro and made a few observations backstage as she helped out some of the competitors. Read on to learn more!

The 2006 Palm Beach Pro show was held at the Harriet Himmel Theatre in a hoppin' lifestyle center with lots of action.

Promoters John Organ and Sophie Crompton chose a very special and intimate venue to host the first ever West Palm Pro Fitness and Figure show. Thirty-six pros entered the show which was, delightfully, more than expected for its first year in existence.

Valerie Waugaman Valerie Waugaman Valerie Waugaman
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IFBB Figure Pro Valerie Waugaman, Guest Posing.

    To View Valerie's 3-Minute Posing Routine, Click Here.

Setting The Stage

Energy filled the room quickly and the specialty lighting made for great show effects, which created a unique experience for all. With a small venue, there was a space tradeoff as the stage size was much smaller than usual.

Not only did the Fitness competitors do wonders with the small stage area, however, but the Figure competitors managed to keep their cool while they had to be moved on and off the stage many times throughout the lineups and callouts. The judges also made their best effort to utilize the available space.

2006 IFBB Palm Beach Pro Results & Info 2006 IFBB Palm Beach Pro Results & Info.
Check out the results from the 2006 IFBB Palm Beach Pro Figure & Fitness Show here. Congratulations to Julie Palmer and Amber Littlejohn!
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The backstage preparation area had its space challenges as well, but ironically, it created a more intimate environment for both the Fitness and Figure competitors. It was wonderful to see the camaraderie, sharing, encouragement, support and professionalism expressed among these women.

I noticed they all made room for each other, lending a hand and offering helpful competition prep tips. They shared a general concern for their fellow competitors to look good and to do their best.

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Pumping Up & Lining Up.

The Marvelous Jan Tana

Jan Tana Posing Gel There's always the last minute frantic period when the expediters start lining up the competitors to go on stage. Some seemed to stay calm, but a little anxiety started to creep into the atmosphere as most competitors were double-checking, and confirming that they've got everything they need to present their best package on stage.

A last minute scramble of pumping up with bands and dumbbells, oiling up with Jan Tana's posing gel, and gluing suits into place with Pro Tan Bikini Bite. The excitement was high, and still many offerings of help to those in need.

Pro Tan Bikini Bite Pro Tan Presents: Bikini Bite
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Keeps Things In That You Don't Want To Come Out!

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I'm sure most would agree that having the wonderful Jan Tana, herself, backstage to help is a big relief! Jan is someone who takes special care to make sure everyone's skin and face makeup is in top condition to flatter the physique. Not to mention she has a calming presence about her. She takes pride in her work and knows that she is somewhat responsible for our professional image as individuals and as a sport.

Jan Tana
Having Jan Tana Backstage
To Help Is A Big Relief!

From my point of view in the crowd, there were some great new pros who, with a few small improvements in presentation, will challenge even the seasoned pros in shows to come!

Friendly Advice & Encouragement

After the pre-judging, a few of the competitors came up to me and asked for advice in response to being discouraged by their callouts. It was definitely different to be on this side of a show, and it was great to be able to help.

The advice I offered was usually nothing more than a tweek to their hairstyle, a better tan, a more flattering suit cut, or a comfortable smile. It's easy to misfire - as I know from experience. Figure is becoming so competitive with so many of the women coming in with incredible condition, the difference between first and last often comes down to the small details.

Mavis Tozzi Amber Littlejohn
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Figure Competitor Mavis Tozzi,
And Amber Littlejohn With Expediter, Matt.

The best advice I could give them was to continue competing in shows and make necessary improvements each time. It's not realistic to do every show, so keep a healthy balance for yourself. Sometimes you look a lot better on stage if you've taken a little time off for rest and recovery.

Let people get to know you, and get to know other people in the industry. Genuinely - not superficially. Soon enough you will be someone they are looking for on stage, and if you continue improving your package, you will likely be rewarded. Try not to overanalyze or be discouraged from your placings in your first few shows. You've only just begun!

2006 IFBB Palm Beach Pro - Sun, Sand & Big Cardboard Checks 2006 IFBB Palm Beach Pro - Sun, Sand & Big Cardboard Checks.
While most think of palm trees and sand castles when they hear Palm Beach, the only thing on these athletes' minds was an early 2007 Olympia qualification.
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It's not so much about your placing as much as it is about your process. There are only certain things you can control. First, be your own judge. Did you feel you made improvements from your last show, and what areas could you improve on for the next one?

Have fun with your process and keep at it. Your time to shine will come! Just remember one thing - you have one of the fittest bodies in the world that you've put the work into, so be proud of that!


This was my first time being involved with the promotion of a pro show and helping backstage. I was working with Jan Tana making sure the competitors had the proper sheen and their suits stayed put for the stage. What a unique and enchanting experience.

Group shot
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A Little Fun Backstage Builds
Camaraderie & Eases Anxiety.

I felt at home with these amazing women and hoped that maybe I could help take a few worries off their mind during those anxious pre-stage moments. I hope I have the opportunity to be in that role more often at shows in which I'm not competing!   ;)