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IFBB Pro Undercover #9.

I really can't believe all the e-mails I've received in regards to all the rumors and buzz surrounding Chris Cormier. Funny thing is, in the past other pro bodybuilders have gotten their selves into trouble and the magazines have printed everything...

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Column #9

I really can't believe all the e-mails I've received in regards to all the rumors and buzz surrounding Chris Cormier. Funny thing is, in the past other pro bodybuilders have gotten their selves into trouble and the magazines have printed everything. With all that being said I will answer my first question.

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What exactly happened to Chris Cormier? Why haven't any of the magazines published what's going on?

I don't know why the magazines haven't printed what has been happening with Cormier's run in with the law but I can tell you this... Chris was caught in the Orange County Airport (weekend of the USA Championships) with a small amount of steroids, needles and various other drugs while going through the security check point. The report states that the authorities found the drugs in one of Cormier's small bags he put on the belt going through the x-ray. He was detained and got out on bail.

Now as to what is happening with his court case, well, only time will tell. Also, he has been going to court over some domestic violence charges brought upon him by some ex-girlfriends that he seems to still be seen with at all the shows, including this past Olympia. I will keep you up to date as to what happens next. Why are the magazines not printing this information? I don't know but it's not right how some athletes are dragged through the mud and others are protected like their saints or something. Not in this column.

In your opinion, do you think a body like Dexter Jackson's will ever have a chance to win a contest like the Olympia or Arnold or will top six be the best he can hope to place?

Dexter is one of the best pro bodybuilders in the sport today. As far as winning the Olympia or Arnold Classic? Dexter will win smaller shows like he just got done doing at the 2002 British Grand Prix England. I personally don't think he will ever have the muscle mass to pull off winning the O or the Arnold. The guys winning these two shows are far too massive compared to Dexter. You have to remember, as beautiful a body as Dexter has, he's only about 218 lbs on stage, and that's little in any aspect. There are a few gentlemen who are coming up on Dexter's heels that I predict will be passing him next year.

What did you think of this year's Mr. Olympia contest? As far as the placings are concerned anyways?

Well, first of all I thought Gunter Schlierkamp(pictured to the right) should have been in second place bringing a great new physique to the stage. He was huge and as hard as nails putting Kevin Levrone behind him for sure. Levrone looking better then last year just doesn't have any legs and I do not like his torn right pec. I had Kevin in third. Chris Cormier looked terrible, soft. His court cases are definitely taking a toll on his body. Dexter Jackson, excellent! I had him in front of Chris. Why the hell were Orville Burke, Marcus Ruhl and Flex Wheeler doing in the top ten, I'll never know. Orville and Marcus were both about 20 lbs. too heavy and their stomachs stuck out so far it was ridiculous. Flex Wheeler was small and soft as a donut. Flex should go and preach at his church for a living.

Speaking of Flex and church, I attended the Shawn Ray seminar the morning after the Olympia and listened to Flex preach about God for at least 30 minutes. It was absolutely sickening! These people find God and that's all they do is talk about it. A bunch of friggin hypocrites!

Lee Priest was awesome with full muscle bellies coming in great shape as well. I was a little disappointed with Dennis James who just doesn't seem to have any muscle separation; tenth place was just about good for Dennis. From what I understand there were 8 European judges that had not judged the Olympia before. This would make sense with how inconsistent the marks were. For instance, one judge had Ernie Taylor 5th in symmetry and another had him in 25th, that's bullshit.

Flex Wheeler and Lee Priest
At The Shawn Ray All Star Seminar

Really enjoy the column. My question; If Arnold say circa 1977 physique was to enter the Olympia this year; could he compete with the modern bodybuilder?

Arnold was one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Not so much for his physique but for his charisma and all the things he has achieved as a result of bodybuilding. Could Arnold compete with the professionals of today? Absolutely not! Today there are pro bodybuilders at 5'8" that weigh more then Arnold did at 6'1". The training methods and supplementation are far too advanced for a physique from 1977 to be on stage.

Do you use Branch Chain Amino Acids?

BCAA's is probably one of the most important supplements on the market today. BCAA's are the building blocks of muscle. I suggest you take 1800 mg. of BCAA's first thing in morning, 1800 mg just before training, 1800 mg right after training and 1800 mg when you go to bed. This will keep your nitrogen balance in the positive which will help you maintain an anabolic state. A good BCAA with a great price is the Eclipse BCAA for $10.89 here on

Let me first say that your column is the most controversial on the net right now. This is the reason I am writing to you. Flex magazine is making claims that you are fake (not a pro) and that your column is bad for the sport. Can you please expand on your thoughts?

First off, I really don't give two rocks what Flex magazine thinks. I write my column and tell the truth the best I can. If Flex magazine was doing their job they would print what's going on with some of the athletes competing in the IFBB today. They seem to pick and choose who they expose and who they cover up. As far as myself being a pro or not? I swear I am, but what does that matter as long as I give you the truth the best I can which is exactly what I will continue to do.

What do you think about the Fitness Olympia outcome?

Susie Curry is a great athlete but I think this year it was either Kelly Ryan or Stacy Hilton who should have gotten the gold. Susie was way too skinny and as usual did the same routine she always does. It's really disappointing to go watch these shows and the best girl not win. One thing is for sure, women's fitness is going to totally take over the women's bodybuilding. Watching those muscle girls was about as exciting as watching hair grow on my grandmother's lip.

Do you think the Synthol use is getting out of control?

One thing is for sure... Marcus Ruhl is so full of Synthol you really don't know where the muscle begins or ends, it's ridiculous. Ernie Taylor stated at the press conference that his triceps are real and have scar tissue built up from years of training. Bullshit! He may have not used Synthol, but he put all his injections in those triceps of his. They are the most retarded things I've ever seen. I've answered this question before so I don't want to go into to much detail but I really think the judges should be paying much more attention to all those distorted muscles where it is so apparent Synthol is being used.

Stay tuned for my next column where I will let you know exactly what I think of the GNC Pro Show in New Orleans that is going to take place on November 8th and 9th!

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*Pics by Ron Avidan.