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IFBB Pro Undercover #37.

Learn about the new pro bodybuilding division and how the first contest is supposed to bring over $600,000 in prize money, who the new IFBB Athletes rep is and more...

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #37

New Pro Bodybuilding Division

It's finally happened, or least some people with big aspirations are making an attempt to start a new Pro Bodybuilding Division. I am certainly not at liberty to disclose their names or enough information to throw a wrench in their seemingly impossible quest.

What I can say is that several big name athletes have been approached with the idea of leaving the IFBB and joining a new organization where the contests will take place over in Asia, as well as Europe, with some almost unbelievable prize money offered.

The first contest is supposed to take place in Asia in the early months of 2006 with over $600,000 in money up for grabs. The gentlemen in charge have some big financial backing behind them coming mainly from a Japanese Fitness Company and an Asian Television company.

If in fact this is true, I foresee a few IFBB Pro's leaving for Asia real quick! I think I speak for most of the Pro's when I say the IFBB just hasn't been the same since Wayne DeMelia was let go of his position. I for one hope this new pro organization takes off in a big way for the sake of bodybuilding in general. It can only bring more money to the people who deserve it, the athletes that sacrifice so much to make the supplement companies rich.

Now, as I predicted in column #36, Kim Klein has won the 2005 New York Pro Fitness Show on March 19th of this year. Kim Klein will also win the 2005 Fitness Olympia this up coming October whether you like it or not. So, Kelly Ryan, Adela, Jenny Hendershot, sorry but it's a done deal.

Questions & Answer

[ Q ] I read on that Bob Chicerello has been appointed the new Athletes Representative. Do you think he was a good choice for the job?

    A. Bob Cicherillo a.k.a. "Chic" has now been appointed the new IFBB Athletes Representative. I think Chic is the absolute perfect man for job being that he is respected by many and is very intelligent giving the athletes a voice that will be heard.

    One of the advantages Chic will have as the Athletes Rep is the fact he is not signed with the Weider Organization giving him a free range of complaints to bring to the table. He has always been very out spoken with the bodybuilders best interest at heart.

Bob At The 2005 San Fran.

    Let's just hope that the powers to be will take his position seriously and not totally disregard what he's attempting to do. I know a few things for sure; Chic will pull no punches when it comes to the Athletes he representing, he cannot be intimidated with his money being taken away and he has always stood behind what he believes making him the perfect man for the job.

[ Q ] Why don't the athletes in the IFBB form some type of union to protect themselves from anything they feel is corrupt? Such as; prize money, contract deadlines, questionable places in shows etc.

    A. The biggest obstacle in just the thought of exercising the idea of a union is the fear of one self getting black balled from the sport. This is something that happens often in the bodybuilding and fitness arena, proving to be a very successful tactic to keep all who compete quiet and forcing them to except every decision made by the powers that be, without question no matter how wrong the athletes may think it is.

    To start the union you have to forget about the top 3-5 guys joining basically because these athletes are more than likely satisfied and content with their money and the way things are being run. So to get the union started lets concentrate on signing up all the athletes from 4 place down (in the Olympia).

    Keep in mind, if you can get these competitors to join, and I'm confident you can, the IFBB cannot hold a bodybuilding or fitness with only 4-5 athletes. Once you get the athletes signed you then start with the financial outline to gain the funds needed to back up the union. Union dues will be $30.00 a month for Pro Bodybuilders and $20.00 a month form Figure and Fitness Athletes.

    At every professional show held, every vendor is required to donate $200.00 to the Union Fund. Do the math, that's some major money just from the Arnold and Olympia alone. Now, with union dues and donations made from vendors, the Union can now totally protect it's members.

Darrem At The 2004 NOC.

    For instance; Darrem Charles has STILL NOT been paid in full from the Florida Pro Show of 2004! The Union would simply step in and donate the money owed to Darrem from the Union fund.

    The IFBB has been paid their $20,000 sanction fee, but Darrem Charles still has not been paid his prize money, that's so wrong. This will no longer be tolerated.

    If the prize being offered is too low, the Union rep will step forward and notifie promoters that no competitors will be competing until prize money is raised. No longer will insulting prize money be tolerated. No longer will Judges who own supplements companies be allowed to judge shows with their endorsed athletes in the show. This happens all the time and will no longer be tolerated.

    No longer will judges be allowed to have any business relationship with athletes who compete in the shows they judge. It's very simple, if there is something the athletes do not like, or feel they are getting taken advantage of again, the Union rep simply steps forward and says "no one will be competing until competitors feel comfortable with current situation". This tactic can and will be used for every problem brought to the table.

    Now the athletes are in control, now the athletes make some money, and most important, the athletes obtain control of their destiny. If you're an IFBB Pro and feel you would benefit from a union, please e-mail me.

Would Forming An IFBB Athletes Union Solve The Prize Money Dilemma?

Yes - Absolutely!
No - It Won't Solve Anything.

[ Q ] In your opinion, which one of the many whey protein's do you feel is the best bang for the buck?

    A. I can honestly say I've used or at least sampled at one time or another almost every protein powder in this industry.

    After careful consideration and keeping in mind I don't need more than 75 grams of protein per serving, Biochem's "Biopure" 100% Whey Protein Isolate is the best protein source for me.

    Fact is, the powder mixes very easy without the use of a blender making it convenient to take on the road. Keep in mind that taste is probably the most important factor in making a decision on what protein powder you going to use.

    Biopure has a great chocolate flavor that is very mild and really easy to get down. It comes in 4 lb. jugs and is priced well in relation to other products. So, Biochems "Biopure" is my pick.

[ Q ] With all the talk of pro baseball players using steroids to hit better, and most of them accused saying it was a cream that they were unaware of, do you feel they were using steroids knowingly?

    A. Absolutely! I was so happy that a sports arena other than bodybuilding has taken some heat for the use of steroids.

    Finally the public is going to see that steroids are used by athletes other than bodybuilders to further their careers. These Pro Baseball players were using steroids and were fully aware of exactly what they were doing. To hear them say they were using a cream and had no idea it was testosterone is an absolute joke.

    If you just stop and think about it for one second, common sense tells you that you're not going to take anything if you have no idea what it is. It is my professional opinion that they were using testosterone and other steroids to enhance their game in whatever area they needed assistance. But, I totally agree with the use of these steroids.