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IFBB Pro Undercover #33.

What does the Undercover Pro think the 2004 Olympia results? Who should have won and why he would rather watch birds shit on people at the beach than watching the Figure Olympia...

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #33

You Got Served

The BIG NEWS in regards to the 2004 Mr. Olympia is not that Ronnie Coleman won yet again, oh no. The really BIG NEWS, the HUMONGOUS NEWS that all are afraid to write about, all are scared to disclose (but not I) is that Milo Sarcev and Dennis James were served inside the Olympia Expo their Federal indictment papers for trafficking and distributing steroids.

You saw it here in IFBB Pro Undercover on people. I have yet to read this anywhere in the bodybuilding community. Both of these athletes are Weider Publication signed bodybuilders as well as Dennis James is signed by Muscletech.

Exclusive 2004 Olympia Coverage.
The 2004 Olympia Weekend was one of the most anticipated Olympias in history. Could Ronnie Coleman be the first Mr. Olympia to lose his title in competition? Did Kelly Ryan win for the first time?
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What will happen now you might ask? With Federal Indictments the Government is going to try and go for the maximum charge they possibly can enforce. Rumor has it they are shooting for the Rico act which is punishable by 20 years imprisonment. They probably will not get this sentence enforced but the problem is the Feds will get some portion of this time served without a doubt being there is a 97% conviction rate in the federal court system. Only time will time will tell but time is exactly what these two bodybuilders will do.

Samoans Looking For Victor Conte

Other news is that a gang of Samoans were walking around the Olympia Expo looking for Victor Conte from Balco Labs. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that these people weren't looking to take Victor to lunch. They were going to have a little talk to him about what kind of information he's disclosed in regards to the Balco Federal case and what names he's been dropping. Don't be surprised if Conte doesn't make it to court.

Olympia Weekend

Olympia Review

I called it right here last month on

First Place: Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman smashed his opponents with no trouble. No one was even close, not close at all. I had to laugh over the past months with people saying Cutler was going to give him a run for his money. Ronnie will retire when he wants and he will not loose until that day happens.

Second Place: Jay Cutler

Cutler took second to Coleman but in all honesty Dexter Jackson got screwed blued and tattooed!! Cutler was huge and full but lacked his conditioning of past shows and his entire back side was holding a thin film a water taking away from his detail. Dexter Jackson was easily in second placed by out conditioning and holding much better lines than Cutler. Jackson was very upset after the show and I couldn't agree with him more. To add insult to injury Jackson not only got beat by Cutler, he also got bent over again by placing behind Gustavo Badell. Even though Gustavo has made major improvements coming into this years Olympia he had no business at all being placed in front of an athlete of Dexter's talent. The judges need to take a step back and go back to judging school for Christ sake.

Third Place: Gustavo Badell

Gustavo Badell, all I can say is bullshit! Badell has made some great improvements but still is no where near the caliber of the guys in the top five spots.

Fourth Place: Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson, once again bullshit! Dexter should have had his rightful second place spot. This placing was almost as bad as Ronnie Coleman being beat by Gunter in the 2002 GNC Show of Strength!

Fifth Place: Markus Ruhl

Markus Ruhl was the freak of the show, I mean freak! This man continues to pack on muscle and show off his most muscular leaving fans in awe every single time. I would have had him in fourth place.

Sixth Place: Gunter

Gunter took sixth and once again had no business being any where near the front spots, I had him in 9th place at best. His conditioning is ok and I find it very hard to look at his physique at its entirety placing him with the top guys. But, he is a Weider endorsed poster boy so you may as well get used to him being placed in front of guys much better than him for the rest of his career.

Seventh Place: Chris Cormier

Chris Cormier looked absolutely terrible. His physique severely depleted and drawn not looking at all like the Chris Cormier we're used to seeing. Several people in Venice Beach were heard to say that Cormier stated several times he was not going to give the Olympia Prep 100% because he feels as if he was screwed at the 2004 Arnold Classic taking second behind Cutler. Well, it was very apparent he did in fact not train with 100% effort for the Olympia, I had him in tenth.

Eighth Place: Dennis James

Dennis James in this spot may had to do with his legal troubles, I really don't know. Although his waste line continues to grow with the rest of his body I still had him placed several spots higher. For him to even get on stage with the stress of being served a Federal Indictment is a miracle in itself.

Ninth Place: Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez, better known as the "Teflon Man" had an excellent showing making the top ten in his first Mr. Olympia. He looked great with full muscle bellies and no weak points to speak of. How ever his posing routine put many fans to sleep in the crowd.

Tenth Place: Darrem Charles

Darrem Charles followed up the field of athletes looking like Darrem always does. I feel he looked better in his early season shows but one thing you have to say about Darrem is he will always show up in shape.

Here is how I judged the Olympia:

  1. Ronnie Coleman - No problem.
  2. Dexter Jackson - Clear cut.
  3. Jay Cutler - Huge and in charge.
  4. Markus Ruhl - Freak of the night.
  5. Darrem Charles - Always in shape, best poser.
  6. Gustavo Badell - Excellent improvements.
  7. Dennis James - Hats off to him for even getting on stage.
  8. Victor Martinez - Teflon man does it again.
  9. Chris Cormier - A shadow of his potential.
  10. Gunter - Same old Gunter, big smiles for everyone.

Fitness Olympia

Now let's talk about the Fitness Olympia. Myself and many fans in the Fitness industry are still left with a thought of what the hell happened to Kelly Ryan? Not only has Ryan placed second in the last five Fitness Olympia's to Susie Curry, but she once again has improved her physique with the help of Chad Nichols. Ryan's routine and 45 second rounds were flawless which is expected from her fans as well as the judges; they were scored with perfect ones. The crowd was stunned in silence with her third place finish. Stunned is the only word that comes to mind when her named was announced behind Hendershot and Friedmansky.

Another athlete who mysteriously has transformed into a top five finisher is Kim Klein. All of a sudden this year Kim Klein is now placing ahead of others in the physique rounds when in the past shows not even came close in the point spread. Well, all I can say is congrats to the newly signed JM Management athlete, one of many JM Management athletes who did very well in the Fitness Olympia including Adela Friedmansky herself. The whole show didn't make any sense what so ever. Ryan, who has taken second only to Susie Curry in the last five years all of a sudden gets placed third by two athletes who have never beaten her. My mistake, Adela beat Ryan at last years Arnold Classic.

First Place: Adela Friedmansky

Adela Friedmansky won the show with her beautiful body that is tiny, tight and sexy. Unfortunately her 2 minute routine and 45 second rounds look like train wrecks. Adela did take first but, if you score her routine round the way it supposed to be scored, she would not be winning pro fitness shows. For some reason the judges totally disregard the fact that her 45 second round and two minute routine really suck!

Second Place: Jen Hendershot

Jen Hendershot looked like she prepared for a bodybuilding show with huge shoulders and totally seperated legs. Her routine was definitely pushing the envelope coming out in a nuns costume ending up in a flesh colored g-string and top where she proceeded to dry hump several times in the course of her routine. Apparently there were no points deducted from her lude and crude act from the judges. Hendershot frankly looks like a man.

Third Place: Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan took this spot and the disappointment showed in her face as she accepted the medal but refused to place it around her neck. It is in my opinion and the opinion of the's poll that Ryan once again should have won the Fitness Olympia crown. Her physique was not the best on stage but merited first call outs with Adela at worst. I would have placed her third in the physique rounds making her the 2004 Fitness Olympia Champion.

Fourth Place: Kim Klein

Kim Klein has now placed in the top five girls in the Fitness Olympia. Congratulations to her new contract with JM Management as well as her apparently new and improved physique that I for one failed to see. I did not have her in the top five but the judges did.

Fifth Place: Tracy Greenwood

Tracy Greenwood took this position with a horrific routine and physique that is totally straight up and down. I for one still fail to see why she is a top five finisher.

Here is how I judged the Fitness Olympia:

  1. Kelly Ryan - Nearly perfect routines and nice physique. Represents fitness.
  2. Stacy Hilton - Excellent routine and 45 second round, nice physique.
  3. Adela Friedmansky - Best physique that carries her.
  4. Jen Hendershot - Good Routine and 45 second, needs to tone down physique.
  5. Kim Klein - Excellent routine an 45 second rounds, needs to work on physique.

I felt compelled to add the following letter from a fan that attended the show. IFBB Pro Undercover has to keep it real and this letter says it all:

Questions & Answers

Dear IFBB Pro Undercover,

As I watched the pre-judging that Friday afternoon I was in total disbelief. I was witnessing the call outs in the one and two piece rounds of the Ms. Fitness Olympia; I thought this was fitness, not bodybuilding. As a long time fan of fitness I was caught scratching my head in wonder of why a few of these women would allow themselves to put this much muscle on their bodies even after they were told just recently that athletes would have points deducted if they came in "Too hard and Muscular".

Bottom line is the judges should have been sending the message that this is not what they want on stage. As a fan I want to see fitness athletes that look in shape with athletic builds, not with capped shoulder's and shredded legs. For example, Jenny Hendershot needs to tone it down a ton, she is training the feminine traits right out of her.

Jenny Hendershot.

And on the other hand, Kim Klein needs to get into the gym more often to obtain a physique. Hilton and Ryan I thought brought a great package to represent the fitness world but neither of them was near the first call outs in any physique rounds, does this mean that the sport is putting emphasis on fitness athletes getting ripped up with huge shoulders and shredded legs?

I just couldn't understand on the score cards how Adela and Klein could even be on the same page with each other in the physique rounds having entirely different physiques, one being muscular and hard while the other soft and flat with little to no muscle?

How do fans participate in the show when the judges are so inconsistent?

Lets touch on the JM Management Company. The fans that have been following fitness and figure will know exactly what I'm referring to. Isn't it a wonder how a athlete can finish no better than 7th place in the 2004 Fitness International, sign with JM Management and then mysteriously place top five in the rest of her 2004 shows including the Fitness Olympia? This is a complete conflict of interest while JM's father, Jim Manion is the head of the IFBB Judges.

For those who may not see the conflict of interest, JM Management receives a percentage of every athlete's earnings that is signed by his company, I've heard up to 20% but I'm not sure. It makes you wonder what's in store for the future of fitness and figure professionals, will it be sign with JM Management and win or not sign and never win, even if deserving.

I have to say that I've been watching the fitness Olympia for years now and the fun was watching Susie Curry (JM Management athlete) and Kelly Ryan battle it out for the last 4 years for the title. Susie then announces her retirement from fitness and now we're wanting to see Ryan get what she has been in much deserving for the Olympia title only to see her get passed by a competitor that didn't even perform a cart wheel in her routine.

Kelly Ryan.

I'm sorry but as a fan we see it only one way and that is the Fitness Olympia Champion has to have a great entertaining routine without a question, a little salsa dancing and a few strength moves that she lost her balance in and fell out of should not now or ever be a fitness champion. This past Fitness Olympia was true wake up call for me. I will no longer be attending the Fitness Olympia portion of Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia weekend.

A concerned fan

Figure Olympia

Now, last and definitely least, the Figure Olympia Contest. Personally I would rather watch birds shit on people at the beach but I guess these idiots that quarter turn on stage make the IFBB money. I know Davana Medina won but you couldn't even see her body with that suit she was wearing. All you saw was a posing suit. It covered almost her entire physique.

At the Figure Olympia contest.

I had Monica Brant in first, Jenny Lynn in second and Davana Medina in third only because that suit she was wearing was terrible. Congratulations to JM Management girl Davana Medina.

Stay tuned for more questions and answers in the next edition of IFBB Pro Undercover.