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IFBB Pro Undercover #30.

Is Victor in more trouble, why is the IFBB raising fees, what the undercover thinks about figure girls and more...

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #30

Victor In Trouble Again...

It's kind of boring on the Pro Bodybuilding front line these days. Heard Victor Martinez got busted AGAIN for either selling or possessing steroids. He's on probation for his first offense so I can't imagine how he's going to get off totally free this time with only probation. Then again, many guys have done it over past year or two so who really knows. The one thing I do know is some one is singing like a bird.

Tammy Simpson & The IFBB

Rumor has it Tammy Simpson (promoter of the GNC Pro Show October 9th) is having some trouble with the higher ups in the IFBB. From what I've been told the IFBB raised her sanction fee some where in the area of $20,000 for no other reason but that the GNC Pro Show is giving too much money away to the athletes. What?

Since when does the IFBB have the right to change sanction fees whenever they want just because the promoter has the funds, that's bullshit! Now the prize money to the bodybuilders and fitness girls has been dramatically lowered. The athletes have to come together some day and put a stop to this corruption. I sure am glad I no longer compete because this is one thing I do not miss.

Prize Money @ The GNC

Speaking of the GNC Pro Show; the way the men's prize money is broken down is absolutely ridiculous, down right silly. 1st place receives $100,000 while second only gets $35,000 and then it plummets to 3rd $15,000 and so on. This is a winner take all show which is going to cause many problems among the competitors.

I've already heard that most of the guys who planned on competing are now going to back out of the show. If you stop and think about it it's fairly simple; the promoter is not paying for any of the athlete's expense which consists of airfare, hotel, transportation and food (while in ATL). Not to mention the supplements to get ready along with tanning and groceries. Long story short, if you don't win the GNC you get paid dick! Hope for all who compete the money break down is done in a much more logical manner.

Now on to this month's questions and comments:

[ Q ] I am currently taking 100 1-AD by ErgoPharm. I am also taking 900 mg. of Stinging Nettle and 320 mg. of Saw Palmetto. What is my risk of hair loss and enlarged prostate, etc.? Thank you very much.

    A. Well, quite honestly I don't think you can stop hair loss due to the fact it's hereditary coming from your mother's side of the family. If your grandfather had thinning hair or is bald most likely you will suffer from the same condition regardless of what preventative measures you take.

    On the other hand, it can't hurt to make an attempt to keep your hair especially if it makes you uncomfortable to be balding.

    Thank god I have a nice thick full head of hair and so does my grand father. As far as getting an enlarged prostate is concerned; I guess I will answer this question with the assumption you are using steroids and a greater percentage of those are more androgenic.

    Androgens will cause an enlarged prostate if you're abusing the drugs. But they also will cause enlarged prostates even if you're using low amounts in certain individuals. I think it all depends on the person genetics. I would continue to use the supplements you have mentioned in attempt to stop both of these side effects. Like I said, it can't hurt.

[ Q ] I really like your column but come on already, lay off figure. You could not go to the mall and find five women that could stand next to Monica Brant! And, it's not the competitors fault the contests are boring.

    A. Right now, at this very moment, I could fly to Florida, go to 5 different strip clubs and hand pick five different girls to stand on stage at any figure competition. Or even better to satisfy your comments; I could take these five girls, put them on 3 Anavar tabs a day, 4 Clenbuterol a day and have them ripped and ready for any Pro Figure stage.

    Fact remains, the whole Figure division is a f^cking joke that many laugh at on a regular basis. The figure division is single handily ruining the Pro Fitness sport giving girls who have no athletic ability or drive an opportunity to take away hard working real ATHLETES MONEY, Fitness Athletes!

    Big f^cking deal, you eat right, get on the treadmill and take a few supplements only to do quarter turns on a stage putting everyone to sleep for god's sake. Notice this; the next time you're at a Pro Figure competition, watch how many people get up and go to the bathroom or just leave period.

[ Q ] I am a young bodybuilder who has taken a couple cycles of steroids. I was wondering, when I am in between cycles should I take a pro-hormone to keep my gains while I'm not on juice?

    A. When you're between cycles you should use a few different things mainly to get your own system working at its correct function. If you're using any type of testosterone you definitely should be taking HCG to get your own testicles producing sperm again.

    Also use Clomid in conjunction with the HCG to do the same thing in a much more effective manner. Many online pharmacies carry both of these products nether one of them being a controlled substance nor are they a steroid.

[ Q ] Thank you for even reading this. I am doing very well in my training and would like to know what level of help to employ? I mean, when I hire someone to do my diet/training after the next show, should I pay the $350 an hour for someone like Nassar?

    A. There are many nutritionists who specialize in contest preparation. The fee of $350 an hour is absolutely ridiculous unless of course you're only meeting the professional once a week. My suggestion is to ask some of the pros how they use to get them ready for a competition or even ask your absolute favorite bodybuilder if he would be interested in getting you ready.

    I know that Chad Nicholls is known to be a trainer of champions with clients like Ronnie, Dennis James and Chris Cormier.

[ Q ] I enjoy reading your column, some really good stuff. Are there any bodybuilding competitions that you are aware of where the contestants are legitimately drug or steroid free?

    A. There are many natural shows all over the United States where steroid testing is strictly enforced. I believe there are two in Arizona that have been established for many years. The best thing to do is go to's searchable bodybuilding competition database and pick out the show you may be interested in competing in.

[ Q ] When preparing for a contest, what do you do to get more vascular?

    A. I think vascularity is basically a hereditary thing. But if you don't have veins running thru your arms and legs, try adding a little more simple sugar into your diet. Also, many athletes drink wine back stage before pumping up and it really seems to bring out what little veins they may have.

    Check out the amazing vascularity on Rich Gaspari.

    If you look at some of the pros, you'll notice that only some have veins but all are in shape. I wouldn't worry to much about being vascular and be more concerned with being ripped!

[ Q ] Is it possible to be a pro without steroids, even if I am a naturally thick guy? Thanks for the time.

    A. Hell no! Are you kidding me, please. Weather the people in charge want to talk about it or not, fact remains that pro bodybuilders are loaded with steroids. The more steroids your particular genetic make up can handle, the better you'll be. I do not know ONE natural pro bodybuilder, not one.

Do You Think There Are ANY Natural Pro Bodybuilders?

In The Next Issue...

Hopefully I'll have more information on the legal situation with Dennis James and David Polumbo in column #31. Make sure you read the next edition of IFBB Pro Undercover for the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I swear.