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IFBB Pro Undercover #29.

What happened to Milos on his lastest movie set, R.I.P. Joe Gold, who else got arrested and the monthly questions and answers...

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #29

On Set With Milos

All our prayers here at go out to Milos Sarcev for his recent accident on set while filming a movie. Apparently Milos was doing a stunt where he was supposed to leave a burning building before an explosion was set off.

Unfortunately the explosion happened while Milos was still in the area of the explosion leaving severe burns on his arms and his face. I saw some photos of Milos in his hospital bed and it was very up setting to say the least. I hope for a speedy recovery and our prayers go out to Milos and his family.

Joe Gold Passes Away

Founder of Gold's Gym as well as World's Gym Joe Gold Passes away on July 12th, 2004. Mr. Gold who had recently experienced a heart attack died in a Marina Del Rey Hospital where he was staying as a result of the heart attack. Myself, as well as all in the bodybuilding community will miss Joe tremendously. He was a caring man who talked to everyone who approached him and always seemed to have a smile on his face.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger stated "Joe was a trusted friend and father figure and was instrumental in my training during my days as a bodybuilder". I've met Joe several times during photo shoots at Worlds Gym located in Venice California and I think I can speak for everyone in our industry when I say this is a true loss in every sense of the word. Joe Gold was 82 years old.

What's Up With David Palumbo?

All is pretty much quiet and unknown as to the out come of the David Palumbo case as I exposed in the last edition of IFBB Pro Undercover. I will how ever keep you informed as the case unfolds as well as making sure it is the truth with out any fluff like other magazines like to do.

Another Balco Bites The Dust...

Another one bites the dust, and another one gone and another one bites the dust, so the song says and is becoming very apparent in this industry. BALCO, Victor Conte fined $772,000 and a letter is sent to Bush, in Victor's defense from his attorney... holy shit!

Besides awaiting trial for distributing illegal drugs Victor Conte now has to pay a $772,000 fine given to him by California's Department of Health Services, ouch. Face it, this guy is F&^%$D in every aspect of the law. He's doing time and paying a fine!

Victor Martinez Doing The GNC Show...

I read in a recent edition of Muscular Development that Victor Martinez is preparing for the 2004 GNC Pro Show on October 9th. My question is; how can he prepare for an IFBB Pro Show while on probation and possibly pass the drug tests that will eventually be enforced?

Ah yes, the dreaded question that all of the bodybuilding community have been asking there selves and others but are just too afraid to say it aloud or in print. Well, no one really knows except Victor and his attorney. Don't think the narcotics officers that made the bust won't be looking at him while he's preparing for the show.

Personally, I think he's making a huge mistake to play around with authorities that have nothing but time on their hands. Watch for another fall in the bodybuilding world very soon.

What's Up With Dennis James?

Another question I'm sure many of you are asking yourselves is; what the hell is going on with Dennis James?

Dennis being arrested.

First, you hear he's facing the death penalty for receiving 18 hits of X at his gym in Thailand and then you hear nothing at all?

Now I hear he's competing in the Olympia, what? Damn, that's pretty extreme and really fishy if you ask me?

Now onto the monthly questions:

[ Q ] I'm a competitive runner. At the same time I want to put on some much needed muscle for the ladies. How can I continue my career in running and put on muscle? By the way, I absolutely love your column. The fact that you stay anonymous gives you the opportunity to tell the facts.

    That's exactly why I stay anonymous. If I were to expose my identity it could and probably would cause me great grief in the industry I work in. With that being said, I really don't think it's possible to be a competitive runner and put on muscle.

    As a runner you expend far too much energy to possibly be able to heal muscle after it's been torn down from weight training. Sorry to break it to you but one the pre requisites of bodybuilding is lots of rest and calories, your sport enables neither. Sorry brother or sister.

[ Q ] What ever happened to Paul Dillett? He was huge and one of my favorite bodybuilders back in the day. Where is he?

    I would definitely have to agree with you on the fact that he was an amazing bodybuilder back in like 1997. For some reason that never seizes to amaze me, Paul's work ethic was that of a child who just didn't want to do anything but play. I used to watch him train inside Venice Gold's and wonder how in the hell he could have and hold so much muscle with his training abilities.

    What I'm saying is that he trained like a fitness athlete for Christ sake! As far as what happened to him? What I know is that he was living here in Las Vegas a few years ago and while attending the Mr. Olympia contest some Federal Agents arrested him on some kind of charge. Some people say it was money laundering and others say it was possession of X and money laundering.

    I really don't know but what I do know for sure is that his Canadian work Visa was expired by more than several years so he was forced to move back to Toronto. He cannot come into the USA at the present time but I'm not sure if that will change sometime in the near future. Hopefully Paul will get back on stage and add some much needed excitement to our sport.

[ Q ] If I were to purchase just three supplements, what would you suggest and why? Love your column, keep telling it like it is!

    Oky Doky; Whey Protein, Creatine and Glutamine.

    Whey Protein: Simply because it is the easiest protein for the human body to digest and assimilate. It's fast acting and excellent to ingest before and after training. The one thing I do know is that you have to have protein to build muscle. Protein is nitrogen and your nitrogen balance has to be in a positive state to put on muscle.

    Creatine: If you have been lifting for any length of time you'll be familiar with a term called "the pump". Meaning the amount of blood and nutrients you force into your muscle while training. Creatine is an excellent supplement that increases the amount of fluid that is retained in your muscle. From this you will get better pumps and a much more rapid rate of recovery meaning more muscle in a shorter amount of time.

    Last but surely not least, Glutamine: this is an amino acid that the human body already creates but more is better with this supplement. It is a known fact that if you consume at least 20 grams of this supplement daily you will stay out of a catabolic state (eating your own muscle away) and stay in an anabolic state (building muscle) all the time.

    Right here at we have every type of any of these three supplements available to you. Just check it out.

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[ Q ] I've been looking at photos of Jay Cutler in many of the muscle magazines lately and I've noticed his head seems to be growing along with his muscle mass. Have you noticed this yourself? Also, I read his article in FHM Magazine and found some of the facts hard to be true. Did you read the piece and what do you think of the article?

    Let's talk about his head first. Oh ya, I've noticed and so has everyone else. If you look at a photo of Jay back in say the year 2000 and then compare it to a picture taken in 2004 you will see a huge difference in his jaw line and forehead size.

    Jay in 2000 & then in 2004.

    It kind of resembles a beer keg! As far as the FHM magazine goes, I haven't read it myself but from what I here it's ridiculous. For instance, it stated that he had to have a special chair made to hold his weight when there are thousands of people who weigh much more than 300 lbs. Besides I've seen Jay sitting in the coach class many times.

    Jay in the new issue of FHM.
    Go to for more info on how to order this great magazine!

    Remember, were not talking about Shaq who's 7 feet tall and 375 pounds with a 23 foot size. Now that guy would need a custom made chair. But then again you never know what is said and what is printed when it comes to the press. Anyone in this sport knows that massive amounts of Growth Hormone on a daily basis will cause your bones to grow including your skull.

    What I did find very entertaining and thought to be very feminine and vain to say the least, is when I read in Flex Magazine that Jay gets a manicure and pedicure once a week.

    Jesus, my wife doesn't even get her nails done that much nor would I let her spend that kind of money doing so, LOL! Not to mention his $500.00 a week on Sushi, that's just f*&^%$g stupid.

[ Q ] I've been reading your column for about two years and I never miss an edition. Love the honesty in your words! Question is: Does Ronnie gets bigger and bigger every year. Is it because he's doing more stuff then anyone else or what?

    When you say stuff, I take it you mean growth hormone and steroids. Ronnie's work ethic is like no other bodybuilder in the sport today. I suggest you purchase his training video and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

    At the last Olympia everyone thought that Ronnie made this huge jump in size but the fact is Ronnie just chose not to over diet and use as much diuretics.

    Ronnie in 2003 vs 2002.

    This combination of fewer diuretics and less dieting gave him fuller muscles and allowed him to compete at a greater weight. Along with Ronnie Coleman's work ethic, his genetics seem to allow him to put on as much muscle as he desires.

    I bet if you were test his blood you would find almost no myostatin in his body. This is the gene that causes muscle to grow at a much slower rate. Long story short, Ronnie will be Mr. Olympia until he decides to retire.

Who Do You Think Will Win The 2004 Mr. Olympia?
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