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IFBB Pro Undercover #28.

Find out who is in trouble with the law now, if Dorian wouild beat Ronnie, who has the best genetics in bodybuilding, what the Chris Cook hype is all about, a short run down of the Night Of Champions and more...

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #28

Another one bites the dust. You think after all the hype and information flying around the bodybuilding world in regards to Dennis James just recently getting busted for drug possession and Milo Sarcev being investigated along the same regards, the athletes would clean their act up and just concentrate on being pro athletes, not drug dealers!

That's not the case once again. As a matter of FACT the case is that David Polumbo, 36 years old living in Seaford, New York was indicted for receiving shipments of the counterfeit growth hormone from Bill Young of San Diego, over 200 boxes. It also alleges that Polumbo sent cash payments via Federal Express to San Diego inside the pages of Rx Muscle Magazine, the magazine that he also edited. The indictment lists dates in the year 2002 where Polumbo admits to receiving counterfeit Serostim and then shipping it to others.

Polumbo was in a New York City Federal court room today (June 17th) and is due back on July 8th. The authorities have released him on bail with the understanding he will surrender himself to the San Diego District Attorney for further proceedings. This is one case where in my opinion these gentlemen are going to due time. Anytime you f^ck over the pharmaceutical companies you're in some deep shit!

What kind of person manufactures fake growth hormone and then sells it to pro bodybuilders? Men and women who are trying to make a living competing in a already fierce group of athletes as it is let alone using fake shit. I hope both of these individuals do the maximum sentence of five years! Not a great loss at all if you ask me.

[ Q ] I just wanted you to know I love your column and all the info you provide. My question is if Dorian Yates was never injured and he competed in his prime today in the Ronnie Coleman era, would he place well in the Olympia or even beat Ronnie?

    Answer: First let me say that if Dorian had not injured himself he would have progressed to being on stage at about 275 - 280 pounds, competition weight. That would be more than enough size to beat anyone in the game today. But that's not the reason he would have destroyed Ronnie in this era.

    The destruction would have been sealed with his extraordinary conditioning that only Dorian has been able to achieve at that size. The grainy look he possessed was unbelievable to look at to say the least! Ronnie is very large and full but so would be Dorian with that extra conditioning that I feel would put him in the number 1 spot every time.

[ Q ] Hi. The column is great. Anyway, I, like many inquires, have a question regarding steroids. If a person was to take a cycle as a boost to his/ her normal workout, would it be a waste of time if he or she was planning on taking a cycle again? In other words, how much of the results could a "one timer" expect to keep for good?

    Answer: This is an excellent question and one that I have been waiting for someone to ask. If a person would like to take just one cycle and then stop it is possible to keep all the results from that one cycle, as long as this person eats enough protein and carbohydrates to maintain their physical condition.

    If you put 5 pounds of muscle on your frame with the aid of athletic enhancing drugs, while training 5 days a weeks, sleeping 8 hours a day and consuming the sufficient amount of carbs and protein, you have to continue to live this life style even if you decide not to use the drugs. If for some reason you start changing all the aspects of training after you've finished the cycle you will loose everything you've gained. Even if only one aspect is changed, you still will loose the muscle.

[ Q ] Who do you think had the greatest genetics in bodybuilding history? I have heard a lot of talk about Wheeler, Cormier or Dillett having the best genetics, but they could never push themselves hard enough in the gym. What do you think?

    Answer: In my opinion Flex Wheeler had the most beautiful physique I have ever seen when he won the 1993 Arnold Classic. His lines were perfection and all he really had to do was train steady without getting caught up in the size game. Flex would be still competing and winning shows today even if he maintained the exact physique from the 1993.

    It's an absolute shame to think that he basically destroyed his kidneys using far too many steroids trying to obtain more muscle when he really didn't have to.

[ Q ] Hey, I was wondering what is behind all the hype of Chris Cook in the recent months? Is he any good? And why doesn't he enter any big time competitions? And why in the last month has he disappeared in the mags?

    Answer: By the content of your questions I get the impression you think Chris Cook is an IFBB Pro?

    All the hype you see on Chris Cook is because he one of the best amateur bodybuilders in the super heavy class today. Yes, he is good and he is very dedicated to his passion. He doesn't enter any big time shows because he's not a professional, yet!

    It is in my professional opinion he will win the super heavy class this year at the USA in July.

    The only reason he would have disappeared from the magazines lately is because he still needs to mature as a pro to get the kind of muscle the publications want to put into print on a regular basis.

    Chris Cook is a very nice guy with a good physique not to mention he's blonde and decent looking which is the marketing dream of the Weider Publication team.

[ Q ] Before I ask my question I want to say I love your column and the "no BS" attitude is really helpful. Especially compared to all the magazines and things that just tell you whatever you want to hear so they can sell you there product. I've been putting on a lot of mass in the last few months and a few months from now I'm going to start cutting down my fat. I was planning on using a supplement like Xenadrine EFX or something similar. What's your opinion on these supplements and will I loose muscle mass as well while using them?

    Answer: These fat burning products are designed to promote fat loss while maintaining muscle but you still have to take in enough protein to maintain the muscle you have. I've used Xenadrine EFX and it's an excellent product.

    The same company has another product called NRG that is very similar but it's time released to burn fat for a period of 8 hours.

    I suggest you try using the 8 hour formula fro maximum fat loss. Just make sure you take in a good amount of protein, about 1 ½ grams of protein per body pound even if y u have to supplement your intake with a good whey protein source.

[ Q ] I have heard mixed reactions with the placings at this year's Night of Champions. What is your opinion of the show and how the athletes were placed?

    Answer: I definitely think Melvin Anthony won the show hands down. The only problem I had with the placings is the fact that Richard Jones took third place with no legs, no arms while possessing a film of water over his entire body. This was a perfect example of the Weider Publication hype.

    More pics here.

    Richard Jones is going to be an awesome force on stage in about three years but still has a great deal of work to do. I say this yet he placed third is his first pro show with a very slim and small physique. Some times when you're pretty you get things you do not deserve. As far a where the other bodybuilders were placed, I agree 100%.

NOC Placings

  1. Melvin Anthony - He was right on the money. Ripped and with his small waste gives the impression of being much larger than he really is. I was truly impressed with the package Anthony brought to the stage. Pics here.

  2. Darrem Charles - Darrem was ripped as well with full muscle bellies and awesome lines. I think he was pushed into second only because Anthony had a little more muscle but both of these competitors have very similar physiques. Pics here.

  3. Richard Jones - Richard has an extremely good looking body but had no business being in the top five of this field. Pics here.

  4. Ahmad Haidar - Amad was very separated and dry which launched him into the top five. He needs to pack on some more muscle to hang with the big names. Pics here.

  5. Pavol Jablonicky - Pavol was granite but needs to learn how to pose in order to show off the muscle he has. Pics here.