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IFBB Pro Undercover #27.

Find out what the personal attack from Shawn Ray to Craig Titus is all about, why Guy Grundy and Ernie Taylor are going to fight, all about the new pro division and a breakdown of the Orlando Pro Show...

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #27

Shawn Ray vs. Craig Titus

At the Orlando Pro Show athletes meeting on Friday night May 1st, Shawn Ray openly admitted to having the DEA in his home on several occasions. Ray admitted this just before verbally attacking Craig Titus in regards to his Titus Talks page on his web site where Titus states he wants Ray removed from the position of athlete's representative.

Pictures From The Athletes Meeting:

Various Competitors.
Various Competitors.
Garrett Downing.
Craig Titus & Darrem Charles.
With Wayne DeMilia.
George Farah.
Various Competitors.
Various Competitors.
Art Atwood.
Various Competitors.
Various Competitors.
Various Competitor.
Quincy Taylor & Bob.
Valentina in the booth.
Carmen, Lauren, Kathleen, Shawn, Brenda, Valentina & Christina.
Carmen, Christina, Lauren, Kathleen, Brenda & Valentina.
Brenda, Bob & Valentina.
Brenda, Bob & Valentina again.

My sources (several bodybuilders who competed in the event) tell me that Ray was trying to get Wayne DeMelia to enforce an IFBB ruling where an athlete can be fined up to $5,000.00 for talking about another athlete in a negative manner. The argument between Ray and Titus remained pretty much civil until Ray called Titus an ex-convict. Sources tell me that is when Titus lost his temper and turned in Ray's direction, and then aid he was going to break his jaw.

Ray then said, "Do what you gotta do." After which he left the room just moments later. The athletes (my sources) in the room informed me they were dumbfounded to say the least after Ray openly admitted to having the DEA in his home on several occasions.

The definition of an athlete's rep is just that, to represent the athletes in the most professional manner and with the integrity to "do the right thing" at all times for these athletes.

The athlete's rep should also only promote the positive aspects of bodybuilding and fitness, not get on the bulletin boards and bash other athlete's or officials like Shawn Ray does all the time. He is only in this position to keep him self involved in bodybuilding now that he has retired. I believe, along with so many others now, that Shawn Ray is the worst candidate chosen for this position. He is the type of person to do what "is right" for Shawn Ray, not the IFBB, nor the Pro Division.

Just ask yourself one question. If Shawn Ray is openly letting the DEA into his home, what exactly do you think they are discussing? If you ask yourself that question and answer it logically then you too will see that Mr. Ray is the last person who should be holding the position of athlete's representative.

Ernie Taylor Vs. Guy Grundy

This isn't the only heat going on in the IFBB these days. Apparently IFBB Pro Ernie Taylor did not take so kindly to the remarks Guy Grundy made in reference to his newly added muscle from last year. When Mr. Australia, Guy Grundy made accusations that Ernie Taylor used Synthol in his quads for a greater sweep appearance, Taylor threatened to beat the shit out of him.

Grundy says when Taylor was in Venice last year preparing for the Olympia he was telling people at Gold's he was going to kick Grundy's ass. To make a long story short, Grundy has taken Ernie's threat head on and challenged him to a formal boxing match in the ring mono a mono.

Grundy explains he wants to make it official and make some money from the event. He wants to put the fight on DVD and split the proceeds 60% going to the winner and 40% going to the loser. I for one think this is an excellent idea and definitely will be sitting ring side for the festivities. I'll keep you up dated as the brawl unfolds.

IFBB, I Mean Pro Division...

Now lets talk about the IFBB or should I say Pro Division or IFBB or Pro Division? Well, that's exactly what's happening in this wonderful sport we call pro bodybuilding. No one knows what the new pro division will be called, Pro Division like it's stated on our Pro Cards, or IFBB as in how every Pro Show is sanctioned.

At the athletes meeting on Friday night Wayne DeMillia informed the bodybuilders competing in the Orlando Pro Show that the IFBB had instructed him to remove the IFBB logo off our current pro cards due to tax reasons. DeMillia also stated that the new Pro Division will be called just that, the Pro Division.

Lastly, he stated that the Mr. Olympia contest was in his name and will be run by himself along with David Pecker, who now owns Weider Publications. Wayne informed the athletes that the $360,000 sanction fee (which is absolutely ridiculous) for the "Mr. Olympia" contest given to the Weiders will now be filtered into the prize money. And, that the $100,000 sanction fee for the "Arnold Classic" will also be thrown into the prize money going to the athletes that bring all the fans to the event.

My sources from the Orlando show told me that the looks on the athletes' faces in the meeting, when the above information was presented, was priceless! Everyone was in shock and awe! LOL! If this is true however, and actually happens, then maybe it will bring more money and positive things for the athletes? We must all wait it out and see just what happens over the next few weeks.

Orlando Pro Show Breakdown

As I promised in column #27 here is my break down of the Orlando Pro Show that took place in Florida on May 1st. The apparent battle going into the show was suppose to be between Darrem Charles and Craig Titus and according to the first two call outs that's exactly what the judges had on their minds.

The first call out were the athletes that placed in the top five; Darrem Charles, Amad Haidar, Willie Stallings, Craig Richardson and Art Atwood. The second call out was Craig Titus stand in the middle, so it was obvious that the judges expected the much anticipated battle. Darrem Charles was on the money and Titus was holding a slight film of water in his legs and back side.

Rumor has it Titus competed in Florida totally drug free while other rumors are that his body simply shut down after four shows. The question is, was Craig Titus that far out of shape where he deserved to be placed into 7th? Here are some pics to judge it for yourself.

My sources told me that Titus remarked several times that if he didn't win this show with the line up that showed up, he didn't care where he placed.

1st Place - Darrem Charles: Same Darrem that always steps on stage. His conditioning was perfect with striated glutes and a very slim waste line. Darrem had excellent muscle separation and in all reality had no one even close to him to battle with.

2nd Place - Ahmad Haidar: Ahmad was Ahmad. He was small and ripped. If you watch the 2004 Ironman Video with Amad taking fourth, place your hand over his mid section and you will see his body is missing everything. He has very small arms, a shallow back and lacks much needed size in his legs. His abs are excellent and he has striated glutes which seem to mesmerize the judges into placing him well.

3rd Place - Craig Richardson: Never noticed Craig in the past but he looked decent in this outing. His conditioning was good as were all the top five finishers and his genetics give you the impression that great things are ahead of this man. His small waste line gives him a great advantage over other athletes.

4th Place - Willie Stallings: Willie's conditioning was spot on with skin that looked like plastic wrap, you could see right thru it. Willie needs desperately to work on his mandatory posing to make any future advancement into the higher ranking bodybuilders. I also would have to say he has to bring his legs up big time.

5th Place - Art Atwood: Atwood was clearly the largest man in the show but at the same time had the largest stomach in the show. Art needs to learn how to control his mid section while on stage. Apparently the judges didn't take notice to his humongous gut sticking out and based their decision solely on conditioning which seemed to be the trend at this show. I will say his conditioning was spot on but I just cannot get past the very unpleasing look to his physique.

    Official Score Cards Are Here Along With Hundreds Of Pictures.

The Florida Show was run as smoothly as possible for a first time event. The only problem was they forgot to put numbers on the seating before the public entered the venue. This delayed the show by almost two hours running the event late into the night.

Q & A

[ Q. ] I know that ephedrine has now been officially banned and taken off the shelves but do you know anywhere I may be able to purchase ephedrine based products?

    A. This is very simple. Go on the Internet and type in Afterwards put Ephedrine in the search box and press enter. You will find 100's of web sites that still offer you ephedrine based products and they will ship it directly to your front door.

    Now, I don't know exactly what the laws are surrounding these products so be very careful in your efforts to obtain a banned substance. My suggestion would be to first try and use one of the new products that have been released to replace ephedrine first.

    If in fact you do not get the same results as you did with ephedrine then find out what the legal circumstances are before ordering ephedrine to your front door.

[ Q. ] What can one expect financially when turning pro in the sport of bodybuilding?

    A. Let me first start by saying that there are approximately 60 active competing pro bodybuilders on the circuit today. I would say out of this group maybe 6 are making big money and when I say big money I'm saying $300,000 plus a year totally form the sport.

    To be frank with you, the money in bodybuilding sucks! The only people making the big money are the supplement company owners and the magazine owners. There is no union among pro bodybuilders so it's possible for the organization to do what ever they want, when ever they want. Until bodybuilders form some kind of union where they are in charge, the money will always be shit.

    For example; the average pro bodybuilder is making about $40,000 a year from the industry, that's terrible money these days. Bodybuilders do not get paid for photo shoots even when you see them on the cover of an international magazine. Well, I should say the stupid ones don't get paid for the shoots. If your plan is setting your sights to make a career out of bodybuilding then I suggest you have something to fall back on.