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IFBB Pro Undercover #26.

This edition of IFBB Pro Undercover is going to specifically answer questions from my readers and not just discuss the negative light that been put on our sport. I will have more info on the DEA investigation and who was served for the grand jury...

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #26

This edition of IFBB Pro Undercover is going to specifically answer questions from my readers and not just discuss the negative light that been put on our sport. I will have more info on the DEA investigation and who was served for the grand jury in the next column, but for now let's answer some questions from you, the readers.

Also, I want everyone to know this column is going to be around for a long time because of you, the people who read it, I want to thank you for the great response I get every month and please do not take offense if I don't get to your question, I get 100's each and every month. I try and pick the questions think will have the most informative answers and keep you the readers coming back fro more.

[ Q ] Now that ephedrine is now officially pulled off the shelves, what can I possibly take to get the same results?

    This really blows my mind! It's almost like I still do not believe it's true? The fact that I can purchase smokes and drink alcohol is such hypocrisy. But anyway, there are many new products on the market that are very similar to ephedrine.

    For instance, Cytodyne has a new product out called NRG that is very similar to ephedrine with an 8 hour kick. I've tried the product myself and I took one tablet more than the suggested dose and my energy levels were extremely high for almost 8 hours, I would say 6 1/2 - 7 hours of constant energy.

    This will most likely be pulled off the shelves by our government but for now it is readily available and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Now for all you readers who think this is Craig Titus writing this because he in fact endorses Cytodyne, wrong. Funny thing is, I actually purchased the NRG sample bottle from him at the Arnold Classic expo for $2.00!

[ Q ] What is your take on the Balco Laboratory scandal? How do you think this will affect the sport of bodybuilding?

    First off, I truly believe that the use of steroids should in fact be a personal choice and left to the hands of the user. Now, if the government were to make alcohol and smokes illegal as well, then I would agree with their out look on the use of steroids.

    I also believe if you're an Olympic Athlete that in fact will compete in the Olympics then you should totally abide by the rules and regulations of the Olympics Committee and NOT USE athletic enhancing drugs I.E. steroids. This is one area of the sports arena where steroids should definitely not be used. The Olympics represent men and women who are truly blessed with athletic skills and should show case those skills with absolutely no stimulants, it takes away from the integrity of the games.

    With that being said the Balco scandal in my opinion will have a huge negative impact on the International Federation of Bodybuilding. Athletes are going to start going to jail very soon with all these grand jury proceedings and indictments going out. The fact remains that athletes who get into trouble will simply roll information on the next guy to lesson his or her time in prison, that's a fact jack!

    The Balco scandal has opened a dark door into bodybuilding that has given the authorities to start an investigation that would have otherwise been impossible to start. In the past I absolutely loved the sport and everything it had to offer. But now, I am scared to death of going to jail for the procession of steroids because two people testified in front of a grand jury stating I use them.

    My whole out look has changed in regards to this sport and my future will now be taking another path. You're also going to see MANY of professional bodybuilders taking the natural route (competing without using steroids), because it will be miserable existents to also worry about going to jail.

[ Q ] I saw on the internet that Craig Titus and King Kamali were both beaten by Horvath? This guy never even get's a call out in the states. He's the same bodybuilder who beat Kevin Levrone in Europe a few years ago. Do you think he was in fact better at the Australian Grand Prix then Titus and Kamali or do you think he was the token athlete representing the European judges?

    I wasn't at the Grand Prix but I would have to say he was without a doubt the token European put in the mix, in happens at almost every Grand Prix! I heard thru the grape vine that Kamali actually gave Markus Ruhl a run for his money and Titus should have been in the top five.

    I also was told by a couple of pro's it was the best pre-judging they have ever seen because of the Titus vs. Kamali show down! I think Horvath (shown to right) should bask in his victory over these two pros because it will never happen in the US. Titus has stated he'll never do another Grand Prix unless he's paid up front a fee for competing in the show.

    Kamali's wife was very unhappy with the judge's decision and made that very apparent with her vocal skills. Again I was not there but my sources filled me in just minutes after the decision was made. It will be interesting to see what happens the next time these three pro's step on stage.

[ Q ] I heard that the FEDS are going to band Andros? Is this in fact true?

    Yep. The Federal Government is now going to make all Andros and any supplements that are proven to raise your own natural Testosterone levels illegal to purchase or manufacture. It didn't take long for ephedrine to be removed so it will be a short period of time before you will not be able to purchase Adro supplements.

    I think this whole thing is really getting carried out of control. I'll say this again, as long as you can purchase cigarettes and alcohol then we have no business telling any adult what drugs they can consume. It has been proven countless times that alcohol and cigarettes are the leading cause of death in the United States. When you look at the numbers it just doesn't make any sense what so ever to band substances that actually enhances an athlete's performance.

[ Q ] What protein powder would you recommend? Which company makes the best protein supplement?

    There are so many brands on the market today that it boils down to a few basic rules I surround my protein powder purchase upon. First, does it taste good? Second, how many grams of sodium per serving does the power have? (Less grams of sodium means you can use it right up to a show).

    Third, how much money for how many pounds of powder? Obviously you want to get as much bang for your buck as possible. And last, how long as the company been around and is the company sucessesful? If I ask myself all these questions one company comes to mind.

    Biochem's Whey Protein is in my opinion the best bang for you buck so to speak. It tastes great, goes down nice and smooth and it's not too sweet. You get 4 pounds of powder for a great price.

    Obviously price will change depending on where you purchase the product. And the amount of sodium is only 70 grams per serving which means I can use it right up to my show date. So to answer your question, Biochem's protein is my pick to use.

[ Q ] What do think of the message boards that so many bodybuilding fans have been using to talk about the sport of bodybuilding and everything that has to do with it?

    Let me explain what these message boards are to the many readers that will not know. On web sites like and many others there are message boards where you can post a message, make a comment on the subject and basically say almost anything you want.

    These message boards are the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to this sport. What you have are "has been" pros that put down other current pros because they're very bitter about their career. You also have pros like Shawn Ray that go on these boards and release all tid bits of negative information leaving a wide open forum for all that read to just simply bash and make the most derogatory remarks you have ever seen.

    I personally try and never look at what's being said on these boards and even tell my friends not to tell me anything that they read on these boards. Most of time it's a 14 old kid just typing away at his keyboard tearing apart the integrity of a hard working athlete's career.

    You don't see the National Football league putting message board on the internet, or any other association for that matter. I guess they have more common sense then the bodybuilding community does. I say never read or even go to any of these message boards so maybe some day they will just simply go away.


In the next edition of IFBB Pro Undercover I will have more information on the whole Balco case that directly relates to the bodybuilding and fitness community. There are many pro bodybuilders that have been brought before a grand jury and I have a strange feeling that many more are on their way.

I will also have the results and my break down of the Florida Pro Show that will take place in Orlando Florida on May 1st. The biggest name in the show right now is Darrem Charles.