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IFBB Pro Undercover #19.

Alright! Pissed a few people off and got some great questions and comments because of it. Most of my questions have been in regards to what the hell happened with Ronnie Coleman in down in Arlington Texas recently.

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #19

Alright! Pissed a few people off and got some great questions and comments because of it. Most of my questions have been in regards to what the hell happened with Ronnie Coleman in down in Arlington Texas recently.

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Do you know the real story in regards to what happened to Ronnie Coleman? Did he or his mother get in trouble with receiving steroids in the mail?

All I will say at this point is that I have ordered the police reports in this case and they will be published in the next edition of IFBB Pro Undercover. Something DID happen!

My question is in regards to this upcoming Olympia. While I agree with the promotion of Gunter is for putting asses in the seats, why are so many people shying away from the fact that Jay punked out big-time last year when he didn't show up?

To say Jay didn't show up would make one think he signed a contract and then at the past minute decided not to show, which is not the case at all. Cutler did not do the Olympia for the simple reason that he bought a new home in Las Vegas and was in the middle of moving in and decorating his new place. Anyone who has purchased a new property would know exactly why the man decided to sit out the Olympia only then to come back and win three pro shows in the February season. To say he punked out is a pretty strong allegation as well as being very far from Jay's character indeed. The man is one of the best in the world and doesn't have to worry about being compared to anyone in this sport; he is the comparison in this sport.

You stated in column #7 that "Jay's physique sucks, he looks like a refrigerator with arms". Either you're a different IFBB Pro from who has done previous columns, or you don't really know what you're talking about.

First off, the comments were made 12 months ago... 1 year. Jay Cutler is absolutely a totally different bodybuilder these days from 12 months ago. So, my opinion has totally changed, just like his physique. Cutler has entered the freak zone using his massive muscle mass to push his way into the top three in the world.

I am 18 years old I am in the early stages of training to become a bodybuilder at some level. I was wondering if you could tell me who has the best arms, legs and so forth so I have some idea at what the best is.

Remember, the following is my opinion about who has what body parts. You may agree or even some day form your own opinion the longer you're in the sport of bodybuilding.

Click to enlarge each pic.

Let's start with shoulders. I would have to go with Jay Cutler in this body part. He has made them so wide it actually has given his waste the appearance of being small.
Biceps; this body part would go to Darrem Charles/Ronnie Coleman. Both of these gentlemen have huge peaks that are currently un-matched in the IFBB. Darrem shown.
Triceps; Craig Titus/Kevin Levrone have the horse shoe department cornered. Levrone shown.
Quads; Chris Cormier has tricep detail like no other.
Hamstrings; this one is easy... Tom Prince. Prince's hams from the side stick out so far other competitors on stage have to back up a step to keep from getting knocked down.
Chest; also another easy body part... Ronnie Coleman's chest is absolutely freaky.
Back; this barn door department goes to Melvin Anthony and Ronnie Coleman. Melvin shown.
Calves; Mike Matarazzo has had the best calves in the sport for many years now.
Glutes; Ronnie Coleman. Nobody else has better glutes than him.

I think your articles are awesome! I read in one where you said MD is full of T & A and what not. But what do you think of the articles and its "No B.S." approach?

Actually I've learned to like to admire the new layouts of hot chicks in the issues of MD. The thing I like the best about MD is that they use different bodybuilders in the training spreads rather then the same people over and over again like Flex Magazine. I can almost predict every time what's going to be in the next issue of Flex long before it hits the stands. For instance; I'll bet that the next issue will have either Gunter, Ronnie, Kevin or Jay in some kind of pictorial, training spread or an article of some kind and or on the cover. We'll see. MD has different guys all the time which is quite refreshing being there is about 30 good competing pros in the sport today.

What Do You Think About Swimsuit Layouts In Muscle Mags?
I Love Them - That Is One Reason To Buy The Mag!
It's Stupid - What Does Porn Have To Do With Lifting?
I Don't Care Either Way.

Do you think Richard Jones or Mike Dragna will ever do any damage in the pro ranks? Also, why do you think that the judges do not want to give Matt DuVall or Dave Palumbo their pro cards?

Richard Jones is a very little man in regards to muscle mass. He has a long way to go to match the muscle that stands on stage with today's standards. Back when Shawn Ray turned pro it may have been a different story but times have changed and being a pretty bodybuilder just doesn't get it anymore. Mike Dragna will need to stop putting synthol in his shoulders if he plans on placing in the pro ranks. The judges frown on synthol in the IFBB and it's very apparent that he's putting something in his delts. Mat DuVall should have turned pro at the 2002 Nationals in Dallas Texas when Tony Freeman beat him out for the overall. Why they will not give him his pro card is a mystery to me in deed. Even a bigger mystery is why Dave Palumbo has not received his pro card. Dave better be very careful because rumor has it that a certain some one that recently got himself into some trouble in Arlington just turned his name in. This came from a very reliable source at the Arlington Police Department.

Richard Jones - Mike Dragna - Dave Palumbo

Just wanted to post my thoughts about the, "Does Gunter Deserve to Be in the Top Ten" issue. I have to agree with you on this one. I have never thought that he had the symmetry and quality of a top competitor. I don't claim to be any kind of authority on the matter, but I have always thought, since I picked up my first magazine which featured him, that he was too thick around the waist, and although he undoubtedly is one of the freakiest guys out there, I would think that his particular physique was more suited for strongman or circus shows, maybe even wrestling. He obviously trains hard and is a motivated person, but placing him next to guys like Coleman, Cutler and Cormier? Come On! No competition. Oh, and I also agree about the "Figure" contest. Pro contests, or any other bodybuilding affiliated contests are not the place for this particular, um, "sport".

After enjoying reading everything you've said, I felt it was necessary to share your opinion with the bodybuilding and fitness community so that others could see that I was not in fact the only person who feels the way I do about these topics. There is no need for me to go on any further about the whole Gunter miracle in the making but I would however like to embellish on the figure thing once again. What a joke these girls are! I see them walking around competitions and expos, strutting like they've done something when in fact they have done nothing more than go to the gym like millions of others. And even some of the figure girls hardly go to the gym at that. What really have they done? Starved themselves for a short period of time (that is depending on how friggin fat they got in between the bikini contests), put a bathing suit on stage and turn four times... PLEASE! The whole figure thing is an absolute insult to the sport of bodybuilding. And to think, they actually get prize money for this shit. As you can tell these idiots really get on my last nerve! Please Mr. DeMilia, can I have my pro card because I can't get one in Canada. Pro Card... Laugh out fucking loud. This brings me to the next question/comments.

How dare you insult figure competitors the way you do! I'll have you know I work really hard at my profession and so do a lot other girls. Why do you have such ill feelings toward these athletes?

First off, the one misconception you have is that it's a sport at all. And to think you're an athlete of any kind because you do quarter turns is a friggin joke. It pisses me off to see you girls taking prize money from the Pro Fitness Athletes when they are the true athletes and deserve to get paid much more then they do. The prize money that was given to Figure could have been added to the Pro Fitness Competitors. Believe me when I tell you that most of the people in this industry truly believe that Figure is a joke. The only ones who do not think it's a joke are either married to a figure girl or are in fact a figure competitor themselves. And even some of the husbands will admit it's so friggin boring they can hardly stand it. Please, put a routine together and compete as a fitness athlete and see how far you get. Sorry if I have offended you but I'm just saying what everyone is thinking.

Stay tuned for the next issue of IFBB Pro Undercover when I reveal what went on in Arlington with Ronnie Coleman. I will try and obtain actual police reports from the case for you to get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Unlike some of the other magazines that will try and cover this up... can you say Weider Publication?

Don't forget to e-mail your questions to me at right away! See you next month on