IFBB Pro Undercover #18

I can't believe how many questions came in over the last month. It's fantastic to see so many new readers! Before you know it, I'll have to create an entire web site dedicated to the IFBB Pro Undercover... not a bad idea indeed.

NOTICE! These opinions are NOT necessarily the opinions of Bodybuilding.com. These are the opinions of an anonymous IFBB Professional bodybuilder. We feel that there should be a place for this unbiased information to come out. If you are a pro bodybuilder or well known personality in the industry and would like to give your opinions (anonymously or not), please contact us. We want to be 100% fair to all.

Column #18

I can't believe how many questions came in over the last month. It's fantastic to see so many new readers! Before you know it, I'll have to create an entire web site dedicated to the IFBB Pro Undercover... not a bad idea indeed.

I was wondering your opinion of Beverly International products? A lot of guys at the gym use them and claim they are really good. Do any pros use them? Are they better than other companies on the market?

Well, the first thing I can tell you is that no pro bodybuilders are endorsed by that company. To me, if a product is worth using, the company 9 times out of 10 has an athlete endorsed. As far as any professional bodybuilders using Beverly, I don't know of any. Nor have I ever heard of one talking about the line. Honestly, I just don't see why you would be interested in a supplement company when they have no athletes telling you it's worth using. There are many supplement companies on the market today that I know for sure are great lines, for instance; ISS - Jay Cutler. Pinnacle - Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan. Optimum - Art Atwood. MuscleTech - Chris Cormier, Dexter Jackson, Johnny Jackson. And the list goes on. Try one of these lines before you search out a company who has no athletes signed where their testimony can mean the difference between results and spinning your wheels, so to speak.

Could you provide a basic layout of what you eat over the course of a week? What do you throughout the day and why do you eat it?

Let me answer the latter question first. The following food schedule is designed for high calories both in regards to protein and carbohydrates as well, with as little fat as possible... saturated fat anyway. One important note is that it's extremely crucial to take in a liquid source of protein and carbs directly after training. This will speed up the healing process of your muscle due to easy absorption of nutrients. So twice a day my meals are liquid consisting of 60 grams of whey and 80 grams of simple carbohydrates.

Here is my basic off season eating schedule: Meal 1 - blueberry pancakes, 8 oz. steak, 4 egg whites (at local Venice restaurant, Firehouse). Meal 2 - 60 gram whey, 80 gram carbs. Meal 3 - 10 oz. chicken, 2 cup rice. Meal 4 - same. Meal 5 - 60 gram whey, 80 gram carbs. Meal 6 - 90 grams whey or 10 oz. chicken.

Just make sure to stay consistent with your diet if you want to maximum amount of results from your training. I find that most bodybuilders who are not making gains will find that their diet is lacking the proper amount of protein and carbs or more often they're just not consistent.

Did you go to the USA Championships and what did you think of the results?

I was sitting front row for the most boring USA I've seen in history. For some reason there was no spark, no energy, no one was battling it out on stage like the past USA's. One thing that irritated me was the fact the Dave Palumbo did not receive his pro card, once again. Come on already, the guy's a f**king freak of nature and definitely would be a great crowd draw at any pro show. Instead they gave the super heavy class to Chris Cook. Here's a kid who has baby muscle with no maturity whatsoever and has a long way to go before he could hang with any pro. Give Dave Palumbo his pro card already! The rest of the show was okay with no names that will make any impact in the pro ranks any time soon. Thank God almighty there was no figure class! This brings me to the next question.

Did you read Dan Soloman's take on the figure division on ProMuscleOnline? What do you think of his opinion?

I have to agree 150%; figure is a great money maker for the NPC but these girls have absolutely no business being part of any IFBB Pro event... no business! I can see why the division was created as far as generating thousands of dollars in the NPC in membership fees and entry fees to enter promoter's shows. But, what the hell are they doing in a pro show? When you put bikini models on stage with Pro Bodybuilders, you do nothing more than take away the integrity of the sport. Wayne DeMilia himself said that he would never have pro figure involved with the Night of Champions again! When the pro figure girls (bikini models) came out on stage at this past NOC, people actually got up and left the venue. The fans were probably going out side to throw large buckets of cold water on themselves to wake the f**k up! Think about it, hmmm... what exactly do these girls do? Nothing! ABSLOLUTELY ANYONE can be a figure competitor, anyone. Right now I can walk into a dozen strip clubs and recruit a dozen girls to become pro figure competitors. To take a bikini model / stripper and proclaim her as a professional athlete is an insult to the sport of bodybuilding and pro fitness. If I were a professional fitness athlete and some of my prize money was going to bikini bimbos, I would band together and boycott the Olympia or any other show until these jokes were removed from the event schedule. What really cracks me up is when I see these girls sitting at supplement companies booth's signing photos like they've accomplished something... give me a f**king break. Can you say "Tits and Ass"?

I think it's funny how you're the only one that thinks Gunter Schlierkamp shouldn't have been anywhere near the top five at the last Olympia. Also, why do you have such a grudge against Jay Cutler? Why don't you ever pick on Craig Titus?

No, what's funny is absolutely every pro I talk to says the same thing, Gunter is terrible and if he wasn't 6'1", 300lbs. he wouldn't place in any show. In other words if he was 5'9" with the structure he has now, the judges wouldn't call him out. The fact that he is 300 at his height is the sole reason he does well, besides the fact that Weider wanted to increase ticket sales. I tell you what; I'll take a consensus off my column and we'll see how many pros think Gunter should be a top ten Olympia athlete. At the end of this column I'll keep that question open for answers to be displayed on my next edition.

Now onto Craig "Tightass", the reason I've never capped on Titus is because no one has asked me my opinion of him or anything else for that matter. I think Titus would be far better of if he kept his mouth shut more often and stayed a little bit more politically correct. But, at the same token I like the fact that he tells it like it is unlike the other pros in the sport today. As far as his physique is concerned; he has to bring up a few body parts up like his chest in order to break into the top 10 guys leading the sport today.

I've read some of your past columns and I was wondering what proof do you have that some pro bodybuilders pose for gays or perform sexual favors?

I happen to know one gentleman in New York who hires pro athletes to pose for him in the nude all the time. This is an absolute fact whether you would like to believe it or not. I have undoubted proof as to the posing in the nude but as far as sexual favors; these are more rumors than anything else. I know of three pros right now that are gay but have kept it a secret for the most part. Whether they perform sexual acts for gay muscle worshippers is only for them to know. Also, I know for a fact that four of the USA competitors posed in the nude for a gay gentlemen in California on Monday following the show. If I was to expose my source I wouldn't be able to give you this info so for obvious reasons I'll keep my informants to myself.

Now, as I said earlier in my column, let's take a poll. How many of you readers that are not pro bodybuilders think Gunter is talented enough to be in the top five of the Olympia? Vote in the poll above and e-mail me your thoughts. Same question to any pros who read this column? You can let me know who you are if you want. My e-mails are secure and no one will ever know what you've said. I'll have the results in IFBB Pro Undercover #19...