IFBB Pro Undercover #14.

The column interest has grown to an all time record high of over 300 questions from IFBB Pro Undercover. With number 14 coming to you I sincerely hope the questions keep pouring in! Thank you so much.

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Column #14

The column interest has grown to an all time record high of over 300 questions from IFBB Pro Undercover. With number 14 coming to you I sincerely hope the questions keep pouring in! Thank you so much.

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I just wanted to address your claims that every professional athlete has to use steroids to succeed. For you to say this sickens me. (Note: In short he goes on to say that he played basketball, didn't use steroids, and named a few athletes that he says didn't use steroids, Jerry Rice, John Elway, etc.)

Didn't mean to make you sick but you definitely read what I said very different than it was actually written. What I said is that pro athletes of every professional sport use steroids of some kind. I wasn't saying every athlete; I said every sport... big frigid difference jackass! And please do not argue with me about something you obviously know nothing about.

I could sit here and name several athletes that I have personally designed anabolic steroid cycles for to increase their performance in many different ways and they were all professionals. What I will tell you is that one was a tennis player, a basketball player, a football player, pro bodybuilders and even a professional surfer all of which are very well known. And for your information it is NOT next to impossible to use steroids in the NFL. It is totally possible and done all the time as it is done ALL THE TIME in the Olympic Games. You're one of the millions who actually think that steroid tests in the associations actually mean something. If the authorities do not want an athlete to get busted for such an offense, the athlete is not. Of course it all depends on how many fans the athlete puts in the stands, that's for sure.

So anyway, I hope this clears up your confusion on what I was saying. By the way, maybe you should have taken juice, it probably would have prevented you from having a career stopping injury.

How is it that Stacy Simons placed 5th at the 2002 Fitness International and 15th at the Olympia? Didn't she showcase the same physique and routine? Is she not a strong competitor like the Kelly, Jenny's and Susie?

First off, I am one person who thinks that Stacy has always been placed unjustly. She is a great fitness athlete and has an excellent body especially the last few showings. Is she as good as a Kelly, Jenny or Susie? I would have to say no. The athletes you mentioned are the girls that put the fans in the seats. Kelly Ryan with her routines, Jenny Worth with her cute little body and Susie who is good at both all bring the people to the stadium. Stacy has a great body but her routine is a little boring and needs to be revamped in such a way that people get excited to know she will be performing. But, I have to say again that I think Stacy is better than most of the girls that place ahead of her. For some reason she just does not make an impact on the judges and for that reason she will always be in the bottom few.

This is one sport where the judging is so inconsistent you really don't know what's going to happen. For example: Darrem Charles just got done beating Dexter Jackson and Markus Ruhl over in Rome. Darrem doesn't even get called out with these guys over here in the USA. Point is, Stacy could probably go over to Rome and beat Susie Curry and who's to say what judging is correct or not?

How do all these pros take care of their drugs while traveling to Europe/Australia? Does the promoter hook them up when they get there?

A promoter hooking up pro bodybuilders with steroids is ridiculous to say the least. I've been to many shows out of the country and never has anything like that taken place. Not even in Australia did the promoters give us anything but a hotel room and food. I know of no pros who take any injectable steroids to their shows while traveling out of the country. Most of the time they limit the steroids to orals and simply put the pills in a baggy and crotch them, it's safe because no one is actually going to touch your genital area.

I must say your columns are awesome!! My question is, in your second column somebody was asking about how much Lee Priest juices and blah blah blah, but when you answered you said that everybody does "including Ronnie Coleman who continues to say he is all natural, but that is an entirely different subject." What was that all about?

It's a whole different subject because Ronnie Coleman is or was a Dallas police officer. To become an officer of the law you have to swear an oath not to break the law. Well, the last time I heard using steroids without a prescription is against the law. That's why it's whole another story. But, Ronnie has to continue to say he's natural for obvious reasons.

Hey man, I just want to start off by thanking you for doing this stuff. Everybody really appreciates it. You give us the real lo-down on bodybuilding. My question is, what steroid is the safest? What kind of cycle works the best with it? I've tried to find out but everyone is so hush hush about steroids. Thanks.

If had to give you an example of a safe steroid I have to say Primobolan Depot 100 mg. This is a drug used by both men and women and I have never heard of any negative side effects. I've used this drug for many years at a dosage of 600-800 milligrams a week fro 12 weeks at a time with no side effects except nice round muscles. Many fitness athletes use this to take off body fat and still keep them selves looking very feminine. If you want to do a safe cycle try taking 400 milligrams of Enanthate Test a week with 400 milligrams of Primobolan Depot. These are very low dosages that will get you results while staying safe with your health.

I want to stress the facts that if you are going to use steroids, make sure you take supplements so that you can utilize all the potential of the drug. Steroids speed up protein synthesis and this means building muscle. So, make sure you add some whey protein to your diet plan, branch chain amino acids, glutamine and creatine. All of these supplements aid in building muscle. While using these supplements with steroids you can speed up building muscle many times faster than without.

I'm a lucky son of a bitch. I have an IFBB pro training me. She's giving me meal and supplement info. My question is do I bring up steroids and GH? Or is it something she'll bring up whenever she thinks I'm ready?

If you're 28 years old then you're ready to start using juice. The only thing it will do is enhance your training and start putting on muscle at a much more rapid rate. If I were you I would simply ask her what kind of cycle she suggests to use because you feel that you're ready to start. Depending on her answer will determine whether or not you want her to keep training you. I think it would be funny if she told you not to use them being that she's an IFBB Pro. Make sure you write me back and let me know what she said and if yes, what kind of cycle she put you on.

I disagree with your assessment of Markus Ruhl. The only thing that hinders Markus from being Mr. O is Ronnie's retirement, better symmetry and a little more condition. You stated in one of your issues that Markus is not a top ten contender. I want to know 10 contenders who are better?

Are you smoking crack or something? So what you're saying is that when Ronnie retires Markus will be Mr. Olympia? LOL! First Markus has to be placed in the top 6, let alone second to Ronnie, which will never happen. Markus has no ham strings, bulges on the top of his glutes from his injections, his skin color is always pale and yellow on stage and his arms and shoulders are so FULL of synthol I really don't know how he gets called out at all! Out of all the things I just mentioned the synthol thing is so f**king ridiculous on his physique, it's funny. I wonder, what the hell is going on when he gets called out in the symmetry round?

Anyway, you keep thinking Markus should be Mr. Olympia and I'll sell you a piece of land in California. Ten guys who are better: 1. Ronnie Coleman 2. Jay Cutler 3. Chris Cormier 4. Kevin Levrone 5. Dexter Jackson 6. Lee Priest 7. Flex Wheeler 8. Dennis James 9. Shawn Ray 9. Gunter 10. Craig Titus 11. Melvin Anthony, etc.

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