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The Grasso Lunge: Get Strong And Fast On The Football Field.

One of my favorite exercises is the Grasso Lunge. It trains the hamstrings, glutes and calves in a similar fashion as sprint training. See below how it is done.

Single leg exercises are often overlooked by athletes and coaches as an absolutely necessary part of training for sport. When you consider that over 90% of football is played on one leg at a time, or one leg dominating a particular movement, and then you realize you should pay a lot of attention to single leg training.

One of my favorite exercises is the Grasso Lunge. It trains the hamstrings, glutes and calves in a motion very similar to the acceleration position of sprinting. Keep in mind, however, that this is a strengthening exercise - not sprint drill.

The Grasso Lunge uses a heavy exercise band, such as the Jump Stretch Band used in my video. Brace your foot on a stable raised surface such as the platform. You can also use heavy dumbbells if they are hexagon. Do not try to use round dumbbells - they will roll. As you will see, the working leg is the front leg. The band is very tight and is giving a lot of resistance even before the exercise starts.

Picture 1, the start position. The front leg is the working leg here. Push hard off the supporting surface - like the platform used here.

From the start position, drive out using the front leg using a fast, driving motion. The lowering motion can be controlled if you choose, but you must explode out of the start.

Be sure to keep your body low or be prepared to be pulled off your feet when you extend your leg. The band will give increasing resistance as you extend your leg.

Picture 2 - Note the front foot is driving back into the platform. The drive here is coming from the left hip and knee extensors. The body is kept low.

Picture 3 - Fully extend the working leg. In this picture the working leg is the right and it is almost fully extended. You will be tempted to stop short of full extension. Get mad and drive all the way out. Once again, the Grasso Lunge is a great exercise to train the hams and glutes in a very acceleration specific position. Try it out.

By the way, the preferred method for using this exercise is for sets lasting 8 seconds or less, but can be done for higher reps if muscle mass is your greatest need.

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