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Did you submit your photos for the recent T-shirt (and hat) contest? Wondering who won? Perhaps you did! Well, wait no longer, the winners have been announced! Bonus: vote for the new 2008 t-shirts!

A couple of months ago, we announced a contest where you could win some cold hard cash for wearing your T-shirt or hat somewhere cool, famous, or in front of large crowds of people...

The Winners Have Been Chosen. Did You Win? (See Below.)

Russ DeLuca from announced that he would give $500 to whomever sends in the best photo or video of themselves wearing a T-shirt or hat in a cool or public location! $300 is going to the runner-up, and $200 for third place.

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Have you worn your or BodySpace T-shirt or hat somewhere cool or famous before? Have you been on TV or in front of a large crowd sporting the logo? Let us see - you might win some cash!
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And The Winners Are...

$500 Prize Winner - Pete Siegel

Check Out Pete's Hat On TV!
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    Congrats to Pete Siegel for proudly representing on Channel 13 in Los Angeles - now that's what we call a plug - enjoy that First Place $500 Prize!

$300 Prize Winner - Danny Holland

Danny Holland @ WWE
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
WWE SmackDown @ Phillips Arena in Atlanta.

    Congratulations on taking home Second Place and $300, Danny! Visit Danny's BodySpace Profile (dan_in_atl) to congratulate him!

$200 Prize Winner - Peter Czerwinski

Peter Czerwinski
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Peruvian Mountain Village @ 12,000 Ft!

    Congratulations on taking home Third Place and $200, Peter! Visit Peter's BodySpace Profile (DedicatedforLif) to congratulate him!

Congratulations To The Top 3 Winners!
Spend that cash wisely! LOL

Speaking Of T-Shirts...

We're getting some new T-shirts made in the next couple of weeks that will be available for purchase in our online store...

You can vote on which ones we pick! We will use the top 3 sayings (most popular as judged by votes) on the new T-shirts and have them ready to go out January 1st!

Voting Is Over!

Voting on this particular poll was only open for one week, starting on November 29, 2007 and ending on December 7, 2007 - thanks for casting your vote! This poll was originally announced in the forums.

Honorable Mentions

Aix-En-Provence, France.
Jordan Urbanovich
Animal Kingdom, Disneyland.
Dan Thompson
Golan Heights, Israel.
Alan Rosenberg
Arches Nat'l Park, Utah.
Alexandre Carneiro
London Tower Bridge.
Bear Brown
Xcel Center, Saint-Paul, Minnesota.
David Stiles

Thanks again to everyone who submitted photos and videos! We couldn't have done this contest without your participation and help!