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Have you worn your or BodySpace T-shirt or hat somewhere cool or famous before? Have you been on TV or in front of a large crowd sporting the logo? Let us see - you might win some cash!

Have you worn your or BodySpace t-shirt (or hat) somewhere cool or famous before? Have you worn it on TV or in front of a large crowd of people? Let us see! We're rewarding those who are representing in public!

Contest Has Ended:  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHO WON!

Russ DeLuca from has announced that he'll give $500 to whomever sends in the best photo or video of themselves wearing a T-shirt or hat in a cool or public location! $300 will go to the runner-up, and $200 for third place.

Russ Announces The Contest!

Russ DeLuca's T-shirt Contest!
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How To Submit Your Photos/Video

Submitting your entry is easy! Just email your photos (in digital format - high quality JPEGs, please) or a link to your video(s) to the following email address:

It's that easy!

Gallery Of Recent Examples

Contest Rules

Winners will be picked after the 2007 Olympia, and all decisions will be made by staff and are final. Photos/videos may be used for marketing purposes and by submitting your media to us, you grant us permission to reprint, repost, and publish your work - however copyright on media remains with the originator of the work. Winners will be notified via email. Prizes to be awarded in U.S. dollars via check, and will be mailed via U.S. Postal Service. Photos must be of you, and must not be copyrighted by someone else unless permission for us to use the photo(s) has been obtained in writing. name and/or logo must be plainly visible in photo. reserves the right to change the terms and/or conditions of this contest at any time up until the close of the contest, with or without notification.

This contest originally announced in the BodySpace News Blog.