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True Muscle Trainer: Phase 3, Day 50

This is by far the most challenging phase, but last week you proved you have the chops to hang. Today, let's build on that.

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All of the workouts in this phase are full-body workouts, so they challenge you completely. You're still adding to the strength and muscle you've built up in the previous phases, but now you're tying in a bit more coordination and tendon strengthening. While you may have done some of these moves before, there are certain cues I'd like you to follow.

When setting up for box jumps, for example, make sure not to choose a box that's too tall. It may seem sexier to jump up onto a higher box, but training smart means choosing one that meets your degree of hip flexion. When you stand with one leg pulled upward, the box should reach a height that roughly aligns with the bottom of your shoe. That way, you'll limit the risk of injuring yourself or scraping your shin. Instead of basing your true power on how high you jump, base it on the athletic position you land in.

Phase 3, workout 1



Crab bridge with reach

5 reps per side
Crab bridge with reach Crab bridge with reach

Dynamic pigeon

5 reps per side
Dynamic pigeon Dynamic pigeon


5 reps per side
Yoga-plex Yoga-plex

Lateral lunge with cross reach

5 reps per side (perform without weight)
Lateral lunge with cross reach Lateral lunge with cross reach

Bent-over shoulder "T" (shown on ball)

15 reps
Bent-over shoulder 'T' Bent-over shoulder 'T'
Cross-over jack Cross-over jack

Strength and explosion Do a couple of warm-up sets before you begin

Quad-set 1

Front squat

4 sets of 3-4 reps
Front Barbell Squat Front Barbell Squat

Box jump

4 sets of 5 reps
Box Jump (Multiple Response) Box Jump (Multiple Response)

Weighted chin-up

4 sets of 3-4 reps per side
Weighted chin-up Weighted chin-up

Rainbow medicine-ball slam

4 sets of 4 reps each side
Rainbow medicine-ball slam Rainbow medicine-ball slam
Rest 3 minutes between quad-sets.

Quad-set 2

Dumbbell step-up

3 sets of 5-6 reps per leg
Dumbbell Step Ups Dumbbell Step Ups

Lateral bench jump-over

3 sets of 7 reps per leg
Lateral bench jump-over Lateral bench jump-over

Dumbbell rotational shoulder press

3 sets of 6-7 reps per side
Dumbbell rotational shoulder presss Dumbbell rotational shoulder press

Medicine-ball roll-out from knees (shown with barbell)

3 sets of 4-7 reps
Medicine-ball roll-out from knees Medicine-ball roll-out from knees
Rest 3 minutes between quad-sets.

Quad-set 3

Rope triceps pull-down

2 sets of 14 reps
Rope triceps pull-down Rope triceps pull-down

Rope face-pull

2 sets of 14 reps
Rope face-pull Rope face-pull

Wood chopper

2 sets of 9 reps per side. Start while facing cable stack, similar to triceps push-down.
Wood chopper Wood chopper

Ball hamstring hat trick

2 sets of 18, 16, 14 reps per exercise (ball hamstring curl, hip thrust with feet on ball and knees at 90 degrees, hip thrust with feet on ball and knees less than 90 degrees)
Ball hamstring hat trick Ball hamstring hat trick
Rest 3 minutes between quad-sets.


Plate push

3 sets of 40-50 yards
Plate push Plate push

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