Trevor Smith Dies At 33.

We just got word from Ron at that Trevor Smith is dead at 33. He will be sorely missed.

March 10th, 2004

We just got word from Ron at that Trevor Smith is dead at 33.

From Ron @ Get Big:

    "I heard the news today from friends that Trevor Smith, the owner of Nuclear Nutrition Products, passed away. This news is coming to me from Las Vegas, where he lived. This is quite a shock to me, has I had conversed with Trevor over issues in his life only a few weeks ago. Please let me know more about this untimely death of a person who has always been cool and nice in our industry."

From Chad @ Muscle Mayhem:

    "Kim and I just have no words right now and are in shock. I didn't find out until I got back from the Arnold - but didn't really know any details so didn't want to post yet.

    I will say that Trevor Smith was a genuine person - and in this sport - it's hard to find! I had first met him 4-5 years ago - and it was just in the last 2-3 years that we had gotten a lot closer. We had even discussed going into business together and possibly doing a hardcore magazine together - as both of us had similar theories and greatly respected one another.

    I can tell you that anyone who ever knew Trevor or had met him, never had a bad word for him - he was truly a great person. We just need to keep him and his family in our prayers and thoughts and hope that he is at peace now."

From Ryan DeLuca @

    "I am obviously shocked and saddened by this news. Trevor looked like the type of guy you would not want to approach because of his unbelievable size, but he was the most gentle and caring person you could meet.

    He recently told me about some difficult situations in his life that had been going on, and he was obviously stressed. Trevor was helping a girl battle cancer with the help of his products and his knowledge, and her last wish was to meet him in person. He was about to go on the trip, but she died a few days before he could make it. Trevor sacrificed his time and money to try to make it for her, even though he recently had the flu and walking pneumonia. I only hope that I would be the same in that type of situation.

    Trevor... we will all miss you!"

Trevor making Jay Cutler seem small.

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