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Male Transformation Of The Week - Andrew Chanthaphone.

Andrew had taken some time off from training and let his off-season get the best of him! As his weight skyrocketed he knew some guidance was in order. See how he went from a chubby 220 pounds down to a lean 172 pounds!

Before Before:
220 lbs
After After:
172 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Andrew Chanthaphone
Age: 26
Height: 5'7
Weight Before: 220 lbs
Body Fat: 23% (estimate)
Pant Size: 36

After Weight: 172 lbs
Body Fat: 9%
Pant Size After: 31
Total Weight Loss: 48 Lbs

Why I Got Started

One of my new year's resolutions was to compete again. I took a year off to heal up from minor injuries and I got a too big in the off-season. Actually, looking at my before picture it looks like was on permanent off-season plans.

With my goal in hand I also decided I needed some guidance. I have competed before doing ok but not to my full potential. My thought was if I'm paying someone do help me it is going to benefit me and if I fail I'm going to be hurt in my wallet as well. After taking my pictures I was disgusted on how I looked and from then on I wrote down what I wanted to be and put full dedication to my goals.

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How I Did It

The first thing I did was clean up my diet. As I stated I hired a coach who did my diet and workouts. The first thing my coach (Eric Broser) informed me was that to take my goals to the next level I had to begin by measuring my foods.

I have never measured my foods only estimating how big the chicken breast was or how much carbs I was eating. He also told me I had to keep a journal on all my foods I ate and also gave me a list of foods I could and could not eat. Once I began it was easy to stay on course.

Now for my workouts my coach Eric has a training principle called power, rep range, and shock. What this mean was one week I would do power movements such as bench, deadlifts, squats, the basics.

Rep Range was more sets to near failure at around 7-9 for the 1st set and then 10-12 the 2nd and 13-15 the 3rd. (The user would use compound exercises with Compound, Isolation, Machine or Cable. The final week was shock where the user has to muster up the guts to bust through their workouts using various drop sets, tri-sets, giants set and so on. The big kicker is the user is only allowed to rest for as long as it takes for them to catch their breath and be mentally ready for the next set.)

Leg day was the best for shock for me. After about three weeks of the cycle I would take a week off and then return for more. That was my training during this transformation and it put on some great lean mass.

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I took many products to assist me. Some supplements I used were ALRI Thryogen X, Regeneration X(for post workout), and Primed for pre-workout.

The biggest supplement I added that I truly believed helped me in my fat loss was the addition of essential fatty acids. I used to never take them but when I did with low carbs I was still strong and saw my weight go down ... and my fat.

Sample Week Of Diet

I am carb sensitive so I didn't have many high carb days. A sample of my macros would be: On workout days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) I would consume 250g of protein, about 130g of carbs and about 30g of extra fats which are my essential fatty acids.

Sample Week Of Training

Monday (Back & Calves) Power Week (rest 3-5 mins per set)

Tuesday (Chest & Abs)

Thursday (Quads & Hams)

Friday (Shoulders & Calves)

Saturday (Arms & Abs)

Suggestions For Others

Write down all your goals and post them EVERYWHERE! I wrote all of mine and put them in my bedroom, my bathroom, walls and work walls. It's a constant reminder of what you want to achieve. Always be positive. Transformations come from hard work and positive thinking. If you don't have those it's not going to work.

Surround yourself with positive friends as when the times are tough they will support you no matter what. Finally, my favorite phrase "Go hard or go home." Don't go to the gym and just go through the motions, walk in there like you have a purpose because you do and I promise you your goals will be achieved.

Before After
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"Go Hard Or Go Home!"

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