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Male Transformation Of The Week - Corey Hlywka.

At first Corey started putting weight on for football but then it became an obsession. See how he made some drastic changes to go from a fat 245 pounds down to a lean 193 pounds and only 12 % body fat. Read on ...

Before Before:
240 lbs
After After:
160 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Corey Hlywka
Age Before: 16
Body Weight Before: 240
Body Fat Before: 29.1%
Age After: 17
Body Weight After: 160 (added muscle to 193)
Body Fat After: 12.3%

Why I Started

When I was sixteen, I was in very good shape because I was playing in a division of football where I was the eldest, but then the change came where I had to move up, and I needed to put weight on, fast. I also was very depressed within this time and no matter what I did I couldn't shake it.

When I was bored, I ate, when I was sad, I ate, and I would stay up late at night just so I could eat. Food took over my life, as well as depression. Everything I did involved no activity at all, I stopped playing sports, I stopped going out, I stopped everything.

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In about 3 months I jumped from 185 to a very obese 245. I thought nothing of it and my exact words were, "It's just because I'm growing, I'm not really fat." And I was wrong. Once I hit the summer of 2005, I decided to make a change. I told myself that I wouldn't take it anymore and the real person that got me to change was the stories I was hearing on Transformation of the Week and in the Teen of the Week awards.

When I saw people who were making changes in their life and kids that were younger than me, or the same age as me with 17-inch arms and abs I snapped into action, realizing I couldn't look the way I looked anymore. I was covered in stretch marks, and everything I ate would be like a full meal to most people on these web sites.

By full I mean probably a bag of chips, a pop, some ice cream, whatever junk I could get my hand on, I totally cut any "good" food out of my diet and just ate whatever I wanted. After some motivation from the web site as well as e-mails from the man, Jay Cutler, I put what I wanted into perspective and started to drop weight.


    I've been known to be a guy, who, when I put my mind to something, won't stop till I hit my goal - this was no different. As soon as I started coming on here and listening to what people had to say, and to see how people trained and ate, I used it. I greatly appreciated the help in the forums as well as the site. But like anyone else in the world, once I saw results, I wouldn't stop.

    I became a machine; I stayed away from everything I knew had some bad value to it. Deep-fried foods, junk, everything. My parents were still eating it but I stuck to what I needed to do which was get myself back into the shape I needed to be.

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    My Family & I.

    Jay Cutler was a great help and if he ever comes on here or you mods can help me out I really need to thank that man . He changed my life, for the better. I played e-mail tag with Cuts and he emailed me back every time giving me pointers and tips on what I was doing.

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    Jay Cutler.

    The greatest motivation was when I started working out again. Once I got back into the gym, I noticed results because my body fat was so much lower. Not to mention people at the school still calling me fat or things like that pushed me more due to the fact that I wanted to look better and I wanted them to believe that I looked better.

    After a few workouts in the gym even, I started to get abs, and I started to become more vascular especially in my arms, and I couldn't believe, I could actually see that I had big arms, which were complimented on in the teen forums, as well as at the gym. Also people in the gym asking me questions of how I did it or, giving me props always made me smile.

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I Received Many Comments On My Arms.

How I Did It

Example One Day Meal Plan:

    I did it the only way I knew how - Hard Work and Dedication; is the key to any success in life. I had to restart my metabolism as well as get on a proper eating routine; a day for me would consist of:

    • 6:00am- 3 scoops of Whey Protein, 300ml of egg whites

    • 9:00am- Protein bar

    • 12:15pm- Tuna on 4 pieces of whole wheat bread

    • 3:15pm- Can of tuna

    • 6:15pm- Dinner (pre-workout) chicken, steak, or pork with greens (veggies), and some starch (potatoes)

    • 6:30pm- Pre-workout (just before I walk out the door) oatmeal

    • 9:00pm- Protein shake

    • 11:00pm- Protein shake and bed

My Workouts:


My Message

All I have to say to people out there that are trying to lose weight - NEVER ever give up. Just because you have been trying for a week and you haven't lost weight, doesn't mean you aren't succedding. Your body needs time to change, so wait it out. Also I'll leave you with my quote I made for myself.

"Honor and Determination is the Key to Success."

Enough Said...

Thank you Jay Cutler,, and all posters in the Teen section.