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Male Transformation Of The Week - Nabil Khan.

Nabil was always chubby and continued to gain weight through high school It was at this time he decided to make a major transformation. See how he lost 30 pounds and 5 off his waist line!
Before Before:
195 lbs
After After:
165 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Nabil Khan
Age: 18
Weight Before: 195
Weight After: 165
Height: 5'10"
Pounds Lost: 30 lbs
Waist Before: 36 inches
Waist After: 31-32 inches
Arms Before: 15.5"
Arms Now: 17.5"

Why I Decided To Change

I was always a chubby kid and when I turned 18 I realized I was overweight for my age and height - almost 195 pounds. I was never too interested in working out at a gym since I had tried it before but I never really felt too comfortable. Also, I am a college student and I was unable to join a gym due to time restrictions and of course monetary reasons.

Nabil Khan
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School Can Make Working Out Difficult.

I decided I needed to do something, however I did not have the proper equipment. I began looking for web sites and came across and my love for exercising and getting in shape finally emerged. I slowly invested in a small gym setup (which cost me under $100, this is the same setup I have right now) - a standard bench with leg press, one 40-pound dumbbell set, one 20-pound dumbbell set and lastly a 140-pound weight set for the bench.

As you can see this isn't the best equipment but I decided to make the best of it. I realized that my waist size was also growing steadily and I had to put a stop to it. I successfully reduced my waist size by almost 5 inches and reduced my weight from 195 pounds to 165 pounds.

I used to be a chubby kid and the chubbiness carried on to my teenage years. I didn't realize how important my health was to me until I stood up on a scale and was surprised by what I saw. I have included a few close-ups of my face to show the significant difference that working out has created in my life.

Nabil Khan Nabil Khan
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Nabil Khan: Before & After.

My Goal:

    My main goal was to lose weight and at the same time build muscle so that I would be at a prime weight to have a muscular and healthy body. At first I wanted to lose 25 pounds. Now I can say I have accomplished this goal by losing 30 pounds and becoming a lot more muscular than I used to be.

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What Got Me Started/What Motivated Me:

    At first I was quite motivated by my uncle who lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. Looking at him, it sort of inspired me to get up and run a few laps on the treadmill from time to time but as soon as my 18th birthday came around I knew that it was time for me to actually go out and do something.

    Some people didn't think that I would be able to accomplish much but after seeing me today they are sure to say how much better I look or how much weight I have lost. At first it was not easy to get motivated as I didn't think there would be much of a change, but after seeing myself in the mirror I slowly started feeling a lot better and my motivation level was rising constantly.

    I was also highly motivated after seeing some of the fellow members and their transformations. I decided I too would want to be a winner of Transformation of the Week so that I can motivate my fellow college students who do not have as much time or money to devote to better their health and build a great physique.

Nabil Khan
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I Want To Motivate Others.

How Long It Took Me:

    I started working out officially after my college semester ended in December. My first date of training was December 20, 2005, and 5 months later (in May) I was the new me - I lost 30lbs with very little equipment and by devoting my time to working out as much as possible.

Beginning Workout Schedule:

    In the beginning I trained every day for 30 minutes (since my school schedule only allowed me to do a little at a time). I used to run twice per week for 3 miles on the treadmill. I concentrated on my chest, arms and abs in the beginning and slowly moved on to incorporate my back, obliques, calves, legs and other parts.

Difference Between Before & After:

    According to most people who saw me said the biggest difference was is in my size. I used to seem big (not in the muscular way) and now I look healthier and more muscular. I also have been told that there is a difference in my face (before my face used to look a fuller but now it looks a lot more normal and healthy).

    Personally I think the biggest change is in my arms and my chest. I see a lot more definition now that previously didn't exist. I feel much more confident and a lot healthier.

Nabil Khan Nabil Khan
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I Feel Much Healthier.


I did not use any supplements mainly for two reasons - they are just too expensive for me as a college student and secondly I wanted to see how my body would develop 100% naturally without the use of any supplements whatsoever. I recommend every beginner to hold off on the supplements till later on as you want to see how your body reacts and develops with a 100% natural way of exercising.

Current Exercise

Well I still have the same equipment that I started off with and hopefully winning Transformation of the Week will help me get a little more equipment. Currently I do weights 3-4 times per week for 1 to 1.5 hours. I also run 1-2 times per week for 3 miles. I HIGHLY recommend for the fellow members to follow all the exercise routines on because those have really helped me transform my body and have helped me lose a lot of body fat.

Exercises Such As:

X-Rep Incline Hammer Curl X-Rep Incline Hammer Curl
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X-Rep Curl.
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All the previous exercises are really good and can be found on this web site itself. I really think that if you have always thought about losing weight and gaining some muscle then you should go out there and do it. Nothing makes you feel as confident as walking out there and feeling in control because you are healthy and your body is in better shape.

Confidence: Achieve It And Realize Your Potential. Confidence: Achieve It And Realize Your Potential.
The following interview is compulsory reading for those who would like to improve their confidence levels and those who are sufficiently confident but would like to gain that all important edge. Learn more about it right here!
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As for my diet - I do recommend drinking a lot of water. I drink an entire gallon in 2 exercise sessions. I also recommend cutting down quite a bit on sodas and fast foods and junk foods such as greasy burgers, pizza, chips, etc.

Water: The Most Important Element Of All. Water: The Most Important Element Of All.
Water constitutes 65% to 70% of the human body. The following list explains the many detrimental things that can happen to your body if you don't ingest enough water.
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My diet is quite mixed - being Indian - the traditional foods include a lot of fatty ingredients however I want everyone to know that there are still ways around it by eating healthier traditional foods by using substitutes instead of those fatty ingredients.

I also recommend not eating candy - as most of the younger generation love to eat chocolates and sweets and candy bars however it's a lot better to cut that out of your diet. Also instead of frying things it's a lot healthier to bake items such as chicken breast, potatoes, etc. I also have made my portions smaller - which make me full but not too full like before.

Advice To Others

  • I highly recommend looking through the articles on and the exercise routines of course.

  • I want to motivate other college students to workout. Even though we may have time and money restrictions we can still make the best of what we do have.

  • Eat healthy - do not overstuff with junk foods and fast foods.

  • Workout regularly and do not lose hope too soon because you will see change sooner or later.

  • Never quit and always keep your mind open to the suggestions of others and to new exercise routines.

  • Be persistent and always know that you can do it no matter what!

Nabil Khan
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You Can Do It!

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