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Male Transformation Of The Week - James Herr.

James found out after a routine physical that he had to make some drastic changes. See what he did to lose more than 100 pounds and 12 inches off his waist. Learn more about this amazing transformation ...

Before Before:
288 lbs
After After:
186 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: James Herr
Weight Before: 288 lbs 11/30/2004
Weight After: 186 lbs 06/07/2006
Waist Before: 44 in
Waist After: 32 in
Age: 28
Height: 5'11
Pounds Lost: 102 lbs

Why You Got Started?

Well it all started with a trip to the doctor - it was the first time at this doctors office, so she said I needed a complete physical. I knew I wasn't in the greatest shape but I didn't realize just how bad it was until I had seen the numbers for myself.

My blood pressure was 150/94, my cholesterol was 258, and my weight was 288 pounds. She gave me 3 months to turn myself around. On my return trip I had made gains but it wasn't enough. She put me on niacin to bring my cholesterol level down. This medicine is absolute hell; it makes you sweat with hot flashes so bad that you want to crawl out of your own skin!

James James
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James Herr.

I took it for about a week and had to give it up. I had another doctor appointment 6 months later and was a little worried that my doctor would freak when I told her that I took myself off the med.

To my surprise by then my cholesterol was down to 158 and I think my weight was about 220 pounds. My blood pressure was about 127/74 She said I was doing great and not to worry about the medicine any longer! I was so relieved. The last thing I wanted was to start taking a life-long med at age 28.

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James & His Bike.

How I Did It

I started my transformation by changing my eating habits. I gave up all things fried, sweet things (cookies, chocolate, etc). When I do eat out I make good choices like salads, lunch type sandwiches or baked items like fish and chicken.

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Now I Make Good Choices.

I also try to stay as active as possible by weight training 3-5 days per week including 30 min of cardio per day. If I am not at the gym I am playing racquetball, mountain biking, or rollerblading, anything to stay off the couch.


My supplements are Optimum 100% Whey Protein, and Higher Power Micronized Creatine. I use the protein powder 2 times daily and 5 mg creatine daily.

Sample Week Of My Diet

  • Breakfast - Rasin bran with skim milk, one scoop of protein powder and creatine

  • Before lunch (1 hour pre workout) - Turkey sandwich and protein shake after workout

  • Lunch - Salad and some low fat yogurt

  • Before dinner - Trail mix/nuts/or some low fat cottage cheese

  • Dinner - Chicken breast, steamed veggies, 1 small baked red potato

  • After dinner snack - 3 eggs, one yolk on an English muffin

Sample Workout

I currently alternate every 3 weeks between high rep/low weight and 1-week low rep/heavy weight. I'm doing the 3 weeks of high reps to try and burn off more fat, and the 1 week to add muscle, this will hopefully get my body fat % down. Both are done as a 3-day split with 45-second rest periods

Light Week Includes:

Heavy Week Includes:

Suggestions For Others

Take good notes of everything you do, and eat. Keep records of your progress. This will all help keep you motivated!

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Stay Motivated!

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