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Male Transformation Of The Week - Todd Madden!

Todd became motivated to lose weight when he heard about the MuscleTech $50,000 Transformation Challenge. With the help of Muscletech supplements, he was able to lose 49 pounds! Read on to learn more.

Before Before:
217 lbs
After After:
168 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Todd Madden
BodySpace: Rescuemadden
Age: 38

Weight: 217 lbs
Body Fat: 24%

Weight: 168 lbs
Body Fat: 2%

Why I Got Started

I started by seeing the MT 50000 contest. I realized I was way out of shape and needed to change badly. My wife is 5 months pregnant and I was motivated to be around and healthy when my child got older. I seriously needed to make a healthy life change and this was the opportunity of a lifetime!

Before the MuscleTech contest, I had never been so passionate about anything! I'm not the guy who is a NPC qualified competitor, nor a competitor in numerous contests. This is my first try! I read everything on and put my trust in MuscleTech.

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Todd Madden's Progress.

I lost 49 pounds during the contest, and gained muscle mass in the process! At 38, I look like a young man again. My wife, who is five months pregnant, is jealous of my small waste! I will get bigger, stronger and continue to use MuscleTech products! Imagine this much transformation in two and a half months, give me one year and I will be the MuscleTech marketing dream.

I will be on stage and I will WIN! I trained at 110% daily! I did cardio using low and high intensity. I never missed my supplements! MuscleTech allowed my body to recover and grow at an alarming rate!

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I Seriously Needed To
Make A Healthy Life Change.

The impact of this transformation has changed my world in every way! Because of this, in 15 years I will be able to run, jump and play with my unborn son! How do you put that into words?! Thank you MuscleTech and!

How I Did It

I actually started working out two weeks prior to knowing about the MuscleTech contest! I probably looked even fatter when I started. My before pics were on April 28, 2008 and after pics were on July 10, 2008.

I switched up my diet to add variety but always weighed each portion to have the exact amount needed at my bodyweight! My caloric intake was determined again by the diet which had calculators within. I never once had a cheat day! I wanted to win and I had plenty of cheat days before this contest to make me fat!

Todd Todd
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I Never Once Had A Cheat Day.

I bought some of my supplements through and some from friends and other stores locally! If I would have planned better I could have saved a lot of money by buying them all from! I was so focused on my meals and workouts; I ran out of supplements and didn't have time to order them. I then had to spend twice as much and run out to the stores!



Mornings 1 1/2 hours before workout, egg whites and oatmeal. Every 2 hours I had a meal consisting of one of the above foods that would follow the 1st place diet here.

I adjusted my meals according to my daily weight which changed my calorie requirements daily! Before bed was 2 egg whites, whey shakes and I would bring an additional whey shake to bed in case I awoke hungry! Whey was only taken with water.

My pre and post workout nutrition consisted of MuscleTech formulas that were written in the directions of the supplements! They all did exactly what they said they would. I lost weight and kept or gained lean muscle mass!

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I Adjusted My Meals
According To My Daily Weight.


I used one or two mass movements and one toner for every workout on each bodypart. My sets and reps changed depending on the period of my transformation. I did low intensity cardio every morning and HIIT at night.

Suggestions For Others

Read everything you can on Don't let others tell you it's impossible! If you work hard and follow a sound nutrition plan you can achieve anything!

There are some people that already think they are at the top and they will belittle you and tell you you can't do it! DO NOT LISTEN! YOU can do it! Surround yourself with positive people and ask the ones willing to share knowledge to help you.

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Surround Yourself With Positive People.

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