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Male Transformation Of The Week - Tanmay Rathod!

Tanmay was addicted to sweets as a child, which caused him to add excess fat to his body as an adult. Now that he's grown up, he decided it was time to get himself in shape with proper diet and a solid exercise program. Learn more!

Before Before:
185 lbs
After After:
149 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Tanmay Rathod

Weight: 185 lbs
Waist: 38"
Body Fat: 26%

Weight: 149 lbs
Waist: 32"
Body Fat: 11%

Why I Got Started

Living in India as a child who liked sweets, I started to plump up at the age of 14. During childhood I was skinny and never cared about how I looked. But this continued even when I added a lot of fat to my body. I was active but never disciplined in exercise. For a week I would exercise and play sports, then for rest of the month I will binge on butter, ghee and other oily dishes.

After growing older and starting my career as a lecturer, things became even worse. Pizza, fast food, and a lazy life made me add more fat to my body. There was nothing at that time that made me think about my body. But drastic changes came to my life suddenly. I had setbacks in my personal life and relationships, financial setbacks and everything around me was toppling before me.

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There Was Nothing At That Time
That Made Me Think About My Body.

This would have added to my health problem but one day I just had a thought about what is possible for me to change all this. I cannot change what all has happened but there are a few things that I can change. I started thinking about the way I looked. I got my old album and saw my childhood photos. A thought came to my mind of transforming myself to look better and discover myself.

How I Did It

I knew about but had little knowledge about nutrition. The only thing I lacked was internal motivation to change myself. So on New Year's 2008, I resolved to change myself. It was not just a thought, it was anger in me toward my life and the way things happened.

I started with the basics, exploring everyday and joined a gym. Initially my target was to get rid of that extra fat so I started walking on treadmills and doing other cardio exercises (cycling, rowing). I also had a watch on my diet.

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I Started With The Basics.



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Tanmay Rathod.


Suggestions For Others

Life is very short. If you won't spend time on yourself, you can't give quality time to others. No matter what difficulties are in your life, you may not have control over others but you can control yourself. A healthy body gives you a healthy lifestyle and living. If you want to transform yourself follow these steps:

  • Read everyday. It's like a bible for your health.
  • Start with exercises that you like best.
  • Have a well planned diet.
  • Allow only positive thoughts to enter your mind.

I am still half way to what I really want to achieve. Having lost weight and transformed to some extent now I aspire to have a body with less fat and sound muscles and body shape.

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Allow Only Positive Thoughts
To Enter Your Mind.

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