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Male Transformation Of The Week - Arthur Early!

Arthur's weight caused him to have a health scare, so his doctor told him he needed to drop the extra pounds. With hard work and dedication, he dropped 147 pounds and began competing. Learn how he did it right here!
Before Before:
320 lbs
After After:
173 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Arthur Early

Weight: 320 lbs
Chest: 52"
Legs: 30"
Arms: 17"
Waist: 42"

Weight: 173 lbs
Chest: 44"
Legs: 28"
Arms: 16"
Waist: 32"

Why I Got Started

It started in April of 2005 when I weighed 320 pounds at 25-years old. One day I was sitting at work when suddenly I got dizzy and could not breathe so I walked out side and got some fresh air. The dizziness went away, but I knew it was due to my weight and I knew I had to lose weight or I was in trouble.

The next day I went to the doctor and got a physical. The doctor recommended that I go on a diet. I weighed in at 320 pounds with 42% body fat. So I joined a gym and researched how to lose weight.

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I Knew I Had To Lose
Weight Or I Was In Trouble.

This all seemed confusing to me because I never really had to watch what I was eating, but I decided to do it. I first stared out by cutting out soda, I was drinking 2 liters per day. I tried diet soda and I hated it so I just drink water now.

By December of 2005 I was down to 250 pounds, 70 pounds lost. I had added strength and lost body fat and everyone noticed my weight loss and it felt really good. In February of 2006 I met my good buddy Jose. Jose is a bodybuilder so I started asking him general questions about different exercises.

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I Never Really Had To
Watch What I Was Eating.

He asked me if I wanted to work out with him. I agreed and signed up at "his" gym that day. Wow was it a grueling workout. The next day he asked me if I wanted to do bodybuilding. I declined and told him that I would never be a bodybuilder, but I think he saw something in me.

In June of that year he took my to my first bodybuilding competition. I sat in the crowd in awe. I could not believe the amount of work these people had done to get there bodies in this shape. From that day I was hooked. I personally made it my goal to do a bodybuilding competition.

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I Made It My Goal To Do
A Bodybuilding Competition.

Jose's brother was a personal trainer so in November of 2007 I started prepping for the show. I will tell you dieting is not easy! But dieting through the holidays is h*ll. But that is the thing about bodybuilding, you have to be disciplined and motivated.



My diet for the next twenty weeks consisted of steamed chicken, steamed fish, and egg whites. No carbs, not even a little. It has been a long road but I just completed my first bodybuilding competition. I weighed in at 173 pounds with 7% body fat. I have inspired a lot of people and that is what makes me feel the best.

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I Have Inspired A Lot Of People.


Suggestions For Others

The hardest part about dieting is the dreaded plateau. The best suggestion that I can make is do not give up and bust through it and the weight will come off.

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Don't Give Up And
Bust Through That Plateau.

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