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Male Transformation Of The Week - Drew Dorssers!

Drew was always overweight, being teased as a little kid. Once he left for college, he decided this was the time for him to make a transformation. Read on to learn how he educated himself of the importance of nutrition and dropped the weight!

Before Before:
265 lbs
After After:
193 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Drew Dorssers
BodySpace: xDrew911x
Height: 6'1"

Weight: 265 lbs
Waist: 46"
Hips: 43"
Body Fat: 34%

Weight: 193 lbs
Waist: 34"
Hips: 35"
Body Fat: 15%

Why I Got Started

I had always been the fat kid in the class. Teased through school for being overweight as many of us have, I became overly sensitive about the way I looked and wanted to change. I was always envious of people that could change their body and knew I could be one of them, some day.

My actual transformation didn't come as quick as my ideas and dreams of being "ripped" and "jacked" did. For years I had told myself that I would change over the summer, and would go back to school having everyone in awe over how much I had changed, but it never happened.

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I Was Envious Of People
That Could Change Their Body.

I was uneducated on the importance of nutrition, aerobic activity, working out and supplementation. After years of this let down that I had brought upon myself, I went to college at a weight around 240 pounds. I told myself then that being away from home I would be able to control the way I ate and workout.

I was in a paramedic program and my workouts and gym classes were fairly good for me, but my diet got worse obviously and I'm sure drinking 2 times a week and smoking a pack of cigarettes every few days didn't help me out one bit. After 2 years of college I weighed in around 250 pounds.

I failed my second year of the program due to a nasty relationship which took over my ability to study, which inadvertently pushed me to the bottle. I drank every day and would go out to the bars 4-5 times per week. All I did was sit at home depressed, eating all I wanted, and smoking all I could. I got up to almost 270 pounds.

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All I Did Was Sit At Home Depressed,
Eating All I Wanted & Smoking All I Could.

It took me 2 months to realize the path I was going down and something happened to me, something changed in my head forever. I wanted to change for good, and wasn't going to let a bad relationship stop me. I started researching body transformations and how to be healthy. I came across this site and it saved my life. Anything and everything I could have needed or learned about was on So I read all I could and watched the videos and my transformation began.

How I Did It

It all started on day one. I quit smoking, quit drinking, joined the gym, changed my diet and started working out all in the same day. People say that quitting smoking and drinking is impossible; that staying active and going to the gym is complicated; that eating healthy is so stressful and they are right.

All of those things are hard to do on their own, but if and when you change your body, doing everything at once is the best thing you can do for yourself. Stopping all of your bad habits at once and creating new good ones creates a miraculous circle of motivation.

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It All Started On Day One.

Knowing that you need to incorporate all of the diet, exercise, lifting, and supplementation together feeds your motivation, will, and drive to be successful.

The weight started melting off as I started and I felt better than I had in years. I ate clean, and cut out all bad food including all processed foods. I ate no fatty or high carbohydrate meals, but had a lot of protein from chicken and tuna and eggs, carbohydrates from vegetables and that's pretty much it.

My progress started to slow down and I began landscaping in the summer which caused me to stop working out as it was such an intense, hard labored job. I managed to maintain my weight of 240 throughout the summer without gaining any back. I returned to college with high hopes.

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I Felt Better Than I Had In Years.

I can't start something without finishing it. As I returned to college at a weight almost 30 pounds lighter, it wasn't enough. I wanted to be ripped. I bought a membership for a gym and joined up for their boot-camp classes. I also took part in an 11-day body cleanse/detoxification called Isagenix. I lost 15 pounds with the Isagenix program and another 15 with my diet and cardio regimen.

The problem here was I stopped lifting weights. I ate 4-5 meals per day and did intense cardio sessions (1-1.5 hrs) burning 650-900 calories per session which is huge especially since I wasn't taking in that much protein.

I started to feel weak and my friends were beating me in arm wrestles that never had a chance against me before. This is where you want to make changes in what you're trying to accomplish. Different goals have different standards and changing them is crucial to keep your progress on the roll.



This is the bases of my meal planning. Depending on the time of day I workout will depend on what meal I have when. I always incorporate fruits and protein after my workout sessions. The reason being is that after you workout and break down muscle tissue you need to repair that muscle tissue with protein.

Having a 2 scoop protein shake will help restore and repair muscle Atrophy (breakdown). The reason for fruits is that fruits are high in sugars. After working out and putting stress on your body's muscles, a person has a greater insulin sensitivity and by ingesting fruits and sugars while this process is involved will help bring the proteins ingested into your muscle cells which are craving glycogen and proteins.


    Day 6: Rest

    Day 7: Cardio

    • 30 minute jog
    • 20 minute elliptical

That is my training outline and I find that structure to be well-rounded. At first however I did a little bit less of weight training and included more cardio prior to training (35-minute runs). I found that doing the cardio before hand gave me the incentive to finish my weight training.

However, it would cause me to get tired a little earlier on in my workout therefore making it less intense. It all depends on what your goals are. As I reached my fat loss goal, I cut down the cardio and moved it to the end of the workout to give me more energy for lifting and gaining lean muscle mass. Work towards your goals and results will follow.

Suggestions For Others

Maintenance is what it takes to accomplish a successful body transformation. It takes full determination and motivation from yourself and others to get through it. I know first hand how hard it is to get through the cravings, especially when the light at the end of the tunnel is dim and it seems like you can't do it anymore but you can!

It's all in the decisions that you make. Let important people in your life know what you are doing and trying to accomplish and tell them to support you and not stop you or slow you down.

It's a life changing progress, even life saving. As I'm now working as a full time paramedic I see first hand what diet, and sedentary life styles do to people. People die because of obesity, smoking and drinking, drugs and horrible diets. It's normal to hear it and think nothing of it but seeing it first hand and working on people made me realize something.

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It's A Life Changing Progress.

The majority of people I encounter that are unconscious from a heart attack don't come back. And seeing it over and over again makes me wish I could help more people. Even if you are younger, not changing the problem will only make it worse in the long run

Being healthy and living a good life style can reduce the risks for so many problems including diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks. This will change your whole life and make you feel happier while at the same time keeping you in your loved ones lives.

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This Will Change Your Whole Life.

Hopefully my story could have touched you in a way to boost your motivation and confidence to start or even complete your own body transformation. Cheers!

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