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Male Transformation Of The Week - Bill Nestor.

Bill started the downward spiral because of work conditions, marital status, and various other reasons. After a visit to his doc he made the life altering change and went on to lose 34 pounds and a great deal of body fat. Learn more right here!

Before Before:
222 lbs
After After:
187 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Bill Nestor

Before: March 1, 2007
Weight: 206 lbs
Body Fat: Approx 17%

After: May 26, 2007
Weight: 172 lbs
Body Fat: 7%

How I Did It

I was always athletic as a kid and all through high school - weight was never an issue for me. In fact, adding muscle was virtually impossible it seemed. I ate and ate and remained skinny and thin. After high school I went straight to working and that's when the weight started to pile on.

Working in the auto industry (detailing and washing cars) ... delicatessen food, pizza and fast foods were the cornerstone of my diet unfortunately. At age 24, I got married and changed occupations to landscape.

Working 12-plus hours per day on the road, from house to house wasn't easy and neither was eating well. That lifestyle was no better for my waistline or my cholesterol levels either. My marriage suffered and so did my health. Upon a routine checkup with the doctor at age 30, he was appalled by my cholesterol levels ... well over 300. That's when reality hit.

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Bill Nestor.

He told me that I would be that dad on the soccer field chasing his kids around and collapse and die by 40 of a heart attack if I kept going this route. That's when I got in the gym and started to clean up my diet and exercise. When I started in 2001, I was a rotund 208 pounds with a 36-inch waist and could barely bench 135 pounds. I was fat, weak, and out of shape.

I worked out regularly for the next 3-4 years and dropped some weight and felt much better. By 2004 I was a leaner 195 and my body composition was changing favorably. I was looking and feeling better. In addition my cholesterol was down below 200 ... without medication.

Winters were good for me since I had some time off - this is when I really hit the cardio and weights hard. By 2005 I was even leaner than ever and 195 pounds. That's when I really started to study diets and different types of training to take me to the next level.

Before Before
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Bill Nestor.

I had gone to see a few bodybuilding contests here and there and my interest peaked again ... I wanted to do that! In the end of 2006 I met a trainer at my gym who was considering doing a contest as well ... we agreed to train for it together.

Without the motivation of him I would have quit many times over. March 1, 2007, we began our diet and contest prep. I was 206 pounds and about 17% body fat ... the challenge was laid down! After 12 weeks of hard dieting and training I was ready for my first competition. I finished 2nd in the masters lightweight and 2nd in open middleweight.

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Bill Nestor.

An example of my 12 week diet was similar to this. I carb cycled for 13 days low, then one day high to try to really strip off the fat quickly. Cardio was done 6 days per week - 1-hour a.m. sessions on an empty stomach. Weights: 5 days per week in the p.m, followed by another 30 mins of cardio ... mostly stairmill. I drank at least a gallon of water per day.


    Meal 1:

    • 9 egg whites
    • one whole egg
    • 1 cup oats

    Meal 2:

    • chicken breast
    • large salad

    Meal 3:

    • tuna or lean meat
    • broccoli

    Meal 4:

    • chicken breast
    • string beans
    • 1 cup oats

    Meal 5:

    • chicken/turkey
    • salad

    Meal 6:

    • 10 egg whites
    • broccoli

Snacks or small cheat meals would include: rice cakes, natural peanut butter, strawberries, bananas and sweet potatoes in place of oats.


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