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Male Transformation Of The Week - Tim Robblee.

Tim let his health go and didn't realize it until before his annual UASF PT Test ... and failed. Learn about the training and dieting that helped him go from 222 pounds to 187 pounds!

Before Before:
222 lbs
After After:
187 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Tim Robblee
BodySpace: trobblee

Body Weight: 222 lbs
Body Fat: 26%
Waist: 38"
Chest: 43"
Bench Press: 230 lbs
Deadlift: 260 lbs

Body Weight: 187 lbs
Body Fat: 12%
Waist: 32.5"
Chest: 44.5"
Bench Press: 265 lbs
Deadlift: 385 lbs

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Why I Got Started

I didn't realize that the lifestyle I had been living had turned me into what I never thought I would become, fat and lazy. I've been a wrestler my whole life so fitness and weight management have always been priorities for me but over the past few years, I've let my body slip.

I didn't really realize how bad it was until shortly before leaving for my deployment when I had to take my annual UASF Physical Training (PT) Test. Let's just say, it didn't go exactly how I thought it would. I couldn't believe I let my body get to the point where I couldn't even pass an Air Force PT test. I decided at that time that I needed to spend the next 6 months dedicating myself to getting back into shape.

March March
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March 3-28, 2007.

How I Did It

I totally changed my lifestyle to make the changes to my body that I did. I quit smoking, drinking alcohol, soda and coffee, cut out fast food, and cut my sugar intake drastically. Running to the bar for another round was about the extent of the cardio I did before and now I'm lifting 4-5 times per week and doing cardio 3-4 times per week.

April April
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April 4-20, 2007.

Before, I would feel awful if I randomly decided to go to the gym because I'd be so sore and tired for days ... Now I'm at the point where I feel guilty when I take a day off to rest. I miss having the soreness in my muscles after a good workout even when I'm only away from it for one day.


I started off taking NVE Stacker 2 XPLC to help jump start my fat loss, BSN No-Xplode to get me going in the gym after a long day of work, Natures Best Perfect Low Carb Isopure Protein- Dutch Chocolate, AST Multi Pro 32X Multi-Vitamin, and Olympian Labs Omega-3 Fish Oil.

Recently, I switched from Natures Best Low Carb Protein mixed with low fat milk to Natures Best Zero Carb Isopure- orange, pineapple and banana flavor mixed with water.

I got sick of the chocolate flavor and drinking all that milk throughout the day and then having to sit around in the heat of the Middle East so I decided to switch to a lighter protein and mix it with water. I also recently started taking BSN Cell Mass and Nitrix to try and add some size to my muscles specifically my triceps, traps and rear delts.

May May
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May 11-24, 2007.

Sample Week Of My Diet

My diet isn't exactly what I'd like it to be. Because I'm in a deployed location, I'm pretty limited on what and when I can eat. Luckily, I'm not in a high risk area so I'm not eating MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) like the guys who are stationed up north.

I work mid shift so my days usually start at 21:00 and end around 15:30. For the most part, I keep my diet the same each day.



      23:00 is breakfast and I usually have a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with 2-3 pickles, a banana and two Omega-3 Fish Oil caplets.


      At 02:30 I take a protein shake and some sort of fruit. Fresh fruit is limited so depending on what I can get from the chow hall, I try to get a couple bananas, apples or peaches.


      05:30 is lunch for me (breakfast for most of the base) so I always get scrambled egg whites with tomatoes, and a small portion of ham and cheese, a cup of yogurt, 1 piece of wheat toast w/ peanut butter, and two small bottles of orange juice or apple juice.


      At 08:30 I eat another piece of fruit and a granola bar.


      10:30 is usually the time I get off of work so I take another serving of Nitrix and 2-3 scoops of No-Xplode. Then it's off to the gym for 1-2 hours. Immediately after working out I take a serving of Cell Mass and then a protein shake.


      Between 13:00-14:00 is dinner time. Dinner is always the lightest meal of the day for me and I usually eat tuna fish with 1 tbsp of miracle whip (I can't stand eating everything by the book all the time), a little salt and pepper, and a small bottle of Gatorade.


      15:30 is usually the time I go to bed and when I take a serving of Nitrix.

I fight off my cravings throughout the day by drinking gallons of water and if I feel that I need something else I'll snack on fruit or a small granola bar.

I'm working better things into my diet each day and I'm hoping to eat even better by the time I leave here.

Sample Week Of Training

Most of my training is done after working a 13-hour shift so the No-Xplode really helps to get me going when I'm tired.

Sample Training Week:

My workouts consist of 3-5 exercises, 2-4 sets, and 8-12 reps per muscle. At a minimum I do one exercise of heavy weight and low reps, one of light weight and high reps, and another exercise of moderate weight for 10 reps. On my nights off I try to catch up on my sleep but I also try to catch up on my cardio.

I don't like sitting around doing nothing so I usually try to get in an extra cardio and ab session. My cardio sessions are usually 30-45 minutes of interval training on the elliptical trainer or stationary bike. I was running a bit for the first 2 months but I hurt my knee a few weeks ago and can't take the impact of running right now. My knee problem has also forced me to cut back on my leg workouts. I'm hoping to recover as soon as possible and get back to it.

My ab workouts are constantly changing. Some days I'll do decline crunches with a medicine ball, other days I'll do a circuit combination of crunches, reverse crunches, planks, leg raises and/or hip thrusts. I like to keep everything changing when it comes to abs because that has always been my trouble zone and what I've been doing has obviously been working for me.

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Suggestions For Others

The best suggestion I can give other people is to set goals and don't stop until you achieve and exceed them. Keeping a training journal and knowing exactly what I'm planning on doing each day has helped a lot.

It also helps me keep a log of what weight I lifted during the previous workouts and has helped me consistently progress in all areas of my workouts. BodySpace has also been a great help and I owe a lot of my success to the site.

BodySpace BodySpace!
Create your profile, start a BodyBlog, meet others with similar goals, upload photos, and share effective workout diet and supplement programs with others - quickly and easily!
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Seeing my progression pix and stats/charts on a regular basis and receiving encouragement and words of wisdom from the people on the site has been a huge boost to my self confidence. The site is what I look for when I need guidance on workout or nutrition-related topics.

June June
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June 8-16, 2007.

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