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Male Transformation Of The Week - Engineer Brown.

Many of Engineer Brown’s fraternity brothers had worked out and got nice results so he figured it was about time to do the same. See how he changed his life and what he did to lose 12 lbs and 2 in. off his waist!

Before Before:
212 lbs
After After:
200 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Engineer Brown
BodySpace: dnsigma

Age: 23
Height: 72"
Weight: 212 lbs
Waist: 36"
Goal: Enjoy the college life of food, beer, sleep and ... class

Age: 26
Height: 72"
Weight: 200 lbs
Waist: 34"
Goal: Get older and get sexier!

How I Got Started

I started in fall of 2003 during my last semester of college. I saw that I was overweight from too much partying during my college days. I figure that in 2004, I was going to a new school, and thought I would work on a new look as well!

Many of my fraternity brothers had worked out and got nice results and I just figured it was about time for me to do the same. Ever since then, this man has been at work in the gym.

Unfortunately, I never do notice results until I compare pictures to older ones that I have taken. To get the look I have now took me every bit of 3 years. This was mainly due to me being in grad school full time for two years and a full-time job.

As a result, I couldn't, and still to this day, be as consistent with my plan. But, I never gave up and did what I could when I could and that's what I encourage others on the body space site to do as well. It seems everyone wants to look good fast but it's determination and persistence that count. That, I think, is the most valuable "supplement" for all people wanting to live healthier lifestyles.

After After
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Engineer Brown.

How I Did It

Staying persistent on going to the gym, even when I was dreading the forthcoming workout, and "going hard at it" while in the gym. Switching up my routine every few weeks or so to keep my body from getting comfortable with the same workouts.

I also got me a music player. The music helped me to zone out the guys in the gym grunting and dropping weights; which commonly distracted my attention. The music also motivated me to push myself to the limit.

After After
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Engineer Brown.



In the past I have taken the following:

  1. Creatine monohydrate
  2. Hydroxycut
  3. Protein
  4. Multivitamin
  5. NO Explode
  6. Cell Mass

I think the most beneficial for me was the protein and maybe the creatine.

Truthfully, I am not a huge fan of taking supplements, medicines or anything of the sort so ... I have stopped taking most of those things. I now use protein and am now depleting my tube of Cell Mass.

Sample Diet

Unfortunately, because I am African-American and from that good 'ole Memphis, Tenn., I have some very bad eating habits. However, on good weeks my eating habits consist of about 5-6 meals each day, three of which are protein shakes of some sort.

  • Morning
    Protein shake with some extra goodies in it(i.e. oatmeal, peanut butter, pineapple, banana's)
  • Afternoon
    Good 'ole samich...sandwich
    Protein shake shortly afterwards
  • Evening
    Protein Shake

Later on some sort of fish or chicken with a good load of vegetables or rice.

Sample Training

Sunday: Legs

Monday: Swimming

    36 to 44 laps:
    8 warm-up
    16 Free
    4 Breast
    4 Back
    4 Free

Tuesday: Chest & Back

Wednesday: Arms

Thursday: Swimming

    36 to 44 laps:
    8 warm-up
    16 Free
    4 Breast
    4 Back
    4 Free

Friday: Legs


    I go outside and play!

Suggestions For Others

The main thing is for everyone to remember that supplements will not make you the incredible hulk by themselves. You must put in your part of the work for them to help you, that's why they are called 'supplements.'

Also, has gotten me excited because of BodySpace. On the site you look at other user workouts, share advice and receive some good feedback. Over the past months, I have received great advice from people such as JaruebaT, elock6, and Cuban Chingon. Seeing these guys, taking pointers and posting my feedback has kept me motivated.

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Also, don't get discouraged if you don't see results immediately. The only time I notice is when someone else tells me or when I see an old and new picture compared to each other. Results take time, and trust me, when you achieve those results you will just be proud of yourself even more, because of the work you have put in.

Engineer Brown
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Engineer Brown.

Lastly, set small goals! Goals such as: I want to go from 15% body fat to 2% and from 186 pounds to 230 pounds in one month are unrealistic. Set something small, achieve that and then make another.

"If You Fail To Plan, You Will Plan To Fail."
- African Proverb

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