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Male Transformation Of The Week - Andrew.

Andrew loved to eat and did so without a second thought. He was also picked on a lot. Well he got tired of that and went on to lose more than 75 pounds! Check out his amazing transformation right here!

Before Before:
215 lbs
After After:
136 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Andrew

Weight: 215 lbs
Waist: 40
Body Fat: 20+%
Height: 6'

Weight: 136 lbs
Waist: 28
Body Fat: 9%
Height: 6'

Why I Got Started

I have been overweight, fat and unfit since I was a small child, throughout elementary school I was constantly picked on because of my weight. I was in horrible shape, I hated to walk up stairs, and I would get fatigued so easily doing the easiest tasks.

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My diet back then was horrible, I would eat junk food all the time; chips, soda, candy etc. I used to buy 10 bags of Doritos at lunch during school along with two ice cream cones and fresh baked cookies almost every day. I loved to eat, I loved the feeling I got from eating those foods - they were like my comfort and safety.

I was a complete mess both physically and mentally and I knew I had to change my mindset and eating habits, especially since I was about to enter high school.

How I Did It

When I first started I had taken a diet my mom had used with good results, it was basically a type of low carb Atkins Diet. When I started I wasn't counting calories or anything I was basically on a typical crash diet, but I was happy with the results as I was dropping weight.

My diet then was basically cheese, meats, eggs and pork rinds till I found this site while searching about better nutrition, I was at 165 pounds then. I read and learned as much as I possibly could about nutrition and exercise and realized my previous diet, while effective, caused a loss of much muscle.

I then fixed up my diet drastically and began to become more active, and going heavy on the weights 3 times per week full body and light walking every day for 30 minutes.


Once I corrected my diet and started to exercise more I began taking:

Sample Week Of My Diet

I changed my diet a lot since the beginning after learning about nutrition to include plenty of fiber, protein and healthy fats. Here is a sample of what I would eat for a week at about 1750 calories. My largest and highest carb meal would be breakfast and would be grains, mainly oats. For the rest of the day I obtained my carbs from vegetables. The ratio was 45p/35c/20f.

  • Meal 1- 1.25 cup of rolled oats, mixed with 9 egg whites cinnamon & stevia.
  • Meal 2- 7oz Chicken Breast 20 oz Broccoli
  • Meal 3- 7oz Chicken Breast or Fish/Lean Meat and vegetables
  • Meal 4- 5oz Lean meat, salad green, almonds/nuts and Omega 3 Oils
  • Meal 5- Some Lean meat or Cottage Cheese, Fish oils/Nuts

On days that I would work out I would incorporate in 2 scoops of whey into my diet/ratio.

Sample Week Of Training

I got my routine from Ripptoe's Starting Strength - it was a Monday, Tuesday, Friday weight lifting program. I would do a few light warm-up sets then 3x5 working sets with a heavier weight.

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Each week workouts would alternate. On Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday I would take 30 minuet walks around the neighborhood.

Monday Workout A:

Tuesday Workout B:

Friday Workout A:

Suggestions For Others

There are so many suggestions for others that I can list from experience that will literally take up this entire page. I will try and keep it short and to the point.

My main suggestion is to never give up or give in and quit. You have to remain strong and have motivation from within, there are many times you will be faced with pressure from others to eat things that you know ruin your diet. Do not let this pressure and criticism from others cause you to fail, often times I would struggle with criticism from others about my diet.

There were also so many parties and family gatherings where there was tons of junk food available that I made a pass on. If you are truly dedicated you must make a pass on all junk food - you may get ridiculed but the end results you will make for staying strong are truly fantastic.

Sometimes you may fall off the boat and have a cheat, or miss a workout - that is fine but do not let a missed workout or a small cheat stop you from your program. You need to jump right back on board and put the past were it belongs, your working towards a better future and letting the past slow you down only gets in the way.

There is also always new things to learn, once you get a good diet and workout program started continue to read and learn and research. is such a great place to get started and I consider its community a big family where you can find support and help when need be.

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Always stay strong in your efforts, have and set goals, and when you reach them set more goals. Always continue to strive for perfection. Anyone can do it if you're truly dedicated!

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Always Stay Strong In Your Efforts.

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