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BodySpace 2007 Transformation Contest: Who Should Win?

Eight competitors, each fighting for $1,000 in cash & USPlabs supplements. 8 contestants, each transforming their bodies. 8 people like you and me, each shedding bodyfat & gaining muscle. Who has made the most progress in 90 days? Vote now!

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The Final Week: Who Should Win?

As we enter the final week of the official 2007 BodySpace Transformation Group Blog Contest, it's finally down to crunch time. As of March 31, 2007, the 3-month long transformation contest will be over, and staff members get ready to engage in the very tough task of choosing a winner for the contest.

Eight contestants competed, but only one will
walk away with $1,000 in cash and supplements!

The winner of the 3-month contest will have earned themselves not only a transformed, healthier body (the real prize!), but also a check for $500.00 USD, and $500 worth of USPlabs supplements.

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Of course, all 8 of our players have earned themselves not only healthier bodies, but our utmost respect as well - and as such, they are all winners. But the cash and prizes are still up for grabs, so...

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Poll: Vote For The Best Transformation!

Before you jump right in and vote, please review each of their individual "Progress To Date" photos here (in no particular order):

Who Should Win The 2007 BodySpace Transformation Contest?


There are actually two places to vote: go ahead, cast your vote and tell us why you think your pick should win!

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About The Contest

The official start date for the contest was January 1, 2007. The official end date is March 31, 2007, which makes 90 full days or 3 full months. The contestants are expected to have taken "Before photos" on or before the first day of the contest with a newspaper proving the date of the photo.

Each week, they are also required to take and post current Progress photos, too. At the end of the contest, they will be required to post "After photos," also with newspapers. Other requirements are that each contestant posts on the blog frequently (at least every other day, except in exceptional circumstances) and informs us, the readers, as well as each other how they're doing, what supplements they're using, what exercises and diet plans they're following.

Some contestants expressed an interest in also posting video clips of workouts, etc., and although not required, can be quite amusing. Check them out here.

There are lots of prizes up to grabs in this contest, including a $500 USD cash prize for the winner of the contest, plus $500 worth of free USPlabs supplements. Additional smaller supplement prizes have been procured for some of the runners-up, including free supps from SciVation, Controlled Labs, ALRI, Higher Power, etc. Click here to read all about the prize structure details, supplement company sponsors, and dollar amounts up for grabs.

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Editor's Note

Note: This poll is strictly for entertainment purposes only, and will not affect the results. This is only to gauge popular opinion. The poll announcement was originally posted here.

Many thanks go out again to our sponsors for this contest:

Please remember these sponsors and their support for BodySpace and this transformation contest when it comes time to place your next order. They really do support all of our efforts to lead healthier, happier, and stronger lives!

If you are still a little unclear about the contestants and their stories, click on Part 1 to get a little more acquanted with them - then come back and vote!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4