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BodySpace 2007 Transformation Contest: 4th Quarter Report.

Eight competitors, each fighting for $1,000 in cash and USPlabs supplements. Eight contestants, each transforming their bodies. Eight people like you and me, each shedding bodyfat and gaining muscle. Who will make the most progress in 90 days?
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4th Quarter Report

The 4th quarter of any game or contest is always the most exciting. In fact (and I'll probably catch crap for this), I only watched the 4th quarter of the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, and I live in BSU-land! In any case, this transformation contest is no different: the final moments are always the most tense and the most fun to watch. But first, let's back up and recap a little background information...

In the beginning, there was a forum post. The post stated that we were seeking motivated bloggers to participate in the official 2007 BodySpace Transformation Group Blog Contest. We'd be picking several people to do 12-week transformations starting on Jan. 1, 2007 and ending on March 31, 2007.

Roughly 90 people applied. Only 8 were chosen.

The winner of the 3-month contest will earn themselves not only a transformed, healthier body (the real prize!), but also a check for $500 USD, and $500 worth of USPlabs supplements.

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What Is A Blog?
Blog (n): A blog is a collection of information that is instantly and automatically published to a website. The author first goes to a blogger tool website, then types his/her information into a form, then published it automatically into a template formatted for the website.

Blog (n): A short form for weblog, a frequent and chronological publication of comments and thoughts on the web. They usually include philosophical reflections, opinions on the Internet and social or political issues.

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The Competitors

The lucky eight contestants comprise a healthy mix of male and female, younger and older, share goals of both fat loss and muscle gain, and offer just a hint of international and military flavor mixed in.

Here are the competitors, in no particular order:

Note: One of the original competitors chosen, littlechick, withdrew early on from the contest, and was replaced by the official runner-up, Chuck.

Vital Stats

George (gfriedel) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Location: New Jersey, USA
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 245 lbs.; 24%
Intro: Read George's Own Introduction
Blog Content: Read George's Posts
Misc.: Father.

Nitaant (The Brotherhood) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Location: India
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 148 lbs.; 17%
Intro: Read Nitaant's Own Introduction
Blog Content: Read Nitaant's Posts
Misc.: Previously lost 50 lbs.; teen.

Vanessa (dvsness) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Location: New York, USA
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 120 lbs.; 17%
Intro: Read Vanessa's Own Introduction
Blog Content: Read Vanessa's Posts
Misc.: NPC figure competitor; Thermolife board

Chuck (njmuscle66) Goal: Muscle Gain
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 226 lbs.; 16%
Intro: Read Chuck's Own Introduction
Blog Content: Read Chuck's Posts
Misc.: Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week;
          Designer Supplements board rep; father.

Ben (PaLftr) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 224 lbs.; ??%
Intro: Read Ben's Own Introduction
Blog Content: Read Ben's Posts
Misc.: Previously lost 80 pounds; teen.

Matthew (BB2K) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Location: Missouri, USA
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 203 lbs.; 15%
Intro: Read Matthew's Own Introduction
Blog Content: Read Matthew's Posts
Misc.: Male Transformation Of The Week;
          father; Syntrax board rep.

Raquelle (johnsonrp) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: Navy Ship, Location Undisclosed
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 163 lbs.; 25%
Intro: Read Raquelle's Own Introduction
Blog Content: Read Raquelle's Posts
Misc.: Active Military.

Philip (pmtaf) Goal: Fat Loss
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Starting Weight & Bodyfat: 241.5 lbs.; 27.8%
Intro: Read Philip's Own Introduction
Blog Content: Read Philip's Posts
Misc.: Father.

About The Contest

The official start date for the contest was January 1, 2007. The official end date is March 31, 2007, which makes 90 full days or 3 full months. The contestants are expected to have taken "Before photos" on or before the first day of the contest with a newspaper proving the date of the photo.

Each week, they are also required to take and post current Progress photos, too. At the end of the contest, they will be required to post "After photos," also with newspapers. Other requirements are that each contestant posts on the blog frequently (at least every other day, except in exceptional circumstances) and informs us, the readers, as well as each other how they're doing, what supplements they're using, what exercises and diet plans they're following.

Some contestants expressed an interest in also posting video clips of workouts, etc., and although not required, can be quite amusing. Check them out here.

There are lots of prizes up to grabs in this contest, including a $500 USD cash prize for the winner of the contest, plus $500 worth of free USPlabs supplements. Additional smaller supplement prizes have been procured for some of the runners-up, including free supps from SciVation, Controlled Labs, ALRI, Higher Power, etc. Click here to read all about the prize structure details, supplement company sponsors, and dollar amounts up for grabs.

Contest Excerpt (First 15 Days)

Jan. 1:

    Nitaant consults writer (and natural bodybuilding guru), Layne Norton, on diet options and tests out high doses of caffeine - which didn't go well. LOL. Raquelle posts a goal of 15% BF, and was currently at 25% - she hates her thighs. George starts off strong, with a great 5×5 workout but gets his supplements from our competition (grrrr).

    Vanessa induces nausea with her "before" photos. LOL. Matthew urinates 50 times after drinking a gallon of water. Ben posts "before" pics at 224.4 lbs. Ouch. Philip laments giving up Mountain Dew, calling it his liquid heroin for the belly. Clearly, the group as a whole has a long road ahead...

Jan. 2:

    George LOL's at Nitaant's crabbiness and overload of photos. Both of Matthew's cars break down, and he loses his job. Ouch! Vanessa gets irritated at the New Year's Resolutionists at the gym. Ben is afraid of being recognized by the general public. Nitaant posts his menu for the next 88 days. Hmmm.

Jan. 3:

    Geriatric trash talk ensues as George celebrates his 46th birthday. Littlechick withdraws from the contest for personal reasons, despite unanamous support from the other contestants. Matthew rents a car, a Dodge Neon. Chuck joins the contest, being the official runner-up. Vanessa gets her contest prep posing routine critiqued by IFBB Figure Pro, Jennifer Searles. How intimidating!

Hugo Rivera and Jennifer Searles
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
Hugo Rivera & Jennifer Searles.

Jan. 4:

    Raquelle laughs an evil laugh consisting of 246 characters (H's and A's). Vanessa calls New Year's Resolutionists "douchebags," and participates a little too happily in a forum thread to rant about them hogging all the machines and the abdominals area of the gym. Vanessa notices that the labeling on her jug of Graham Cracker VPX Zero Carb is wrong and seems to be for the MRP instead. Oops!

    Raquelle has a great spur of the moment cardio workout, and feels great afterward! Matthew hit a new PR (personal record) on deadlifts - 405 lbs. Ben's fat intake skyrockets because of some misplaced chicken tenders (he missed them, so he placed them in his stomach - LOL).

Jan. 5:

    Nitaant gets a date. Everyone is shocked. LOL. Vanessa takes a nap. Yawn. Pretty exciting day, huh?

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Jan. 6:

    Nitaant waxes philosophic about survival instincts, and then goes on for a series of PR's. Impressive! Chuck watches WWE Smackdown on TV. LOL. Another, ummm, ful-filled day.

Jan. 7:

    Matthew can't get his heartrate above 120 bps. (How odd, mine is rarely below 120!) Nitaant has a fight with his dad. Vanessa can't sleep, and is still hostile toward the NYR's. Philip laments an off day because he can't work out, and gets his butt kicked in a couple of games of Candyland. How embarrassing. Matthew's BF is already down to 9.80%. Ben lost 4 pounds in one week!

Jan. 8:

    Nitaant works on his lifting form, reduces weight lifted, then posts a video of himself slapping his own face. Classic. Vanessa brags about no-carb days being a breeze. She finally gets some sleep, not even waking up to go pee. Chuck posts a video of himself doing some heavy deadlifts. Impressive. He lost 3 pounds this first week. George travels for a business meeting, but still managed to stick to his diet plan but couldn't do his normal workout because the hotel gym sucked.

Nitaant Slapping His Own Face.
Click The Play Button To Start The Video.

Chuck Doing Heavy Deadlifts.
Click The Play Button To Start The Video.

Jan. 9:

    It's off to an early start with an early morning cardio workout for Matthew. He's preparing to also go on travel tomorrow. Vanessa gets mistaken for a wrestler by one personal trainer and a fitness model by another. LOL. Matthew gets wired by taking 2 StimulantX capsules instead of the recommend one. He was going to skip his workout since he was so tired, but the StimulantX kicked in and he had a great workout!

    Ben was prevented from running because of icy roads, so he opts for a fast-paced mile walk instead. Tries an ECA stack (Ephedrine, Caffeine, & Aspirin) without the "E". LOL. Philip claims to be expending 6,744 calories per day on workout days, which raises a few eyebrows, and subsequent questioning goes unanswered... Chuck finishes his workout with M.C. Hammer's "Too Legit To Quit." Now that's old-school.

Jan. 10:

    No-carb days are apparently taking a toll on Vanessa as she forgets what bodypart day it is. George is still away at his business meeting, and is finding it hard to stick to his diet and training. He feels crappy as a result. Philip recounts his diet and lifestyle before this contest - Holy Mountain Dew, Fatman! LOL. Seriously, though, he's already lost 13 lbs!

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    Vanessa admits she gets a little short-tempered on no-carb days, with the dieting breaking the filter between her mind and mouth. Two additional supplement company sponsors are added to the contest, SciVation and Higher Power! $250 worth of supplements from SciVation, and $250 worth of Higher Power supplements, as well. Matthew missed meals 1-5 for the day because of traveling to North Carolina. Hungry Matt!

    Vanessa lauds wrist wraps and lifting straps due to her sore wrists, but has her cellphone stolen by her cats. Her boyfriend, Deserusan (Daniel from Gaspari Nutrition), doesn't believe her. Would you?

    George, still on travel in Georgia, gets stuck in horrible Atlanta traffic, only to find that the gym is closed due to re-zoning. Trying a different gym yields a full parking lot. 70 minutes in the car to go 6 miles for nothing unfortunately drains all of George's motivation. Wuss. J/K!

Jan. 11:

    We come to find out that Nitaant's Internet service has been down for 3 days. A bad knee and back pain forced him to take this day off from weight training. Nitaant's 13-year-old dog gets sick. Philip tries supersets on his arm workout, and subsequently has trouble typing. He's also downing nearly 2 gallons of water per day!

What Are Supersets?
A superset is the alternating back and forth between two (or more) exercises until the prescribed number of sets is complete, usually with no rest between exercises. There are various types of supersets, however.

Find more definitions in our glossary.

    Matthew goes all out on an elliptical trainer and treadmill at an ancient gym and is gasping for breath after 6 minutes of cardio. LOL. Ben laments his knees hurting in the winter cold, and thus hasn't done any cardio for a couple of days and feels like crap after eating some Chinese food. Who doesn't? LOL. Philip clarifies that his resting metabolism (BMR) is 3,500 kcals. That seems like a lot to me...

What Does BMR Stand For?
Base (or Basil) Metabolic Rate. This is the number of calories you would expend if you did zero activity all day.


Enter your specifics and press "Calculate".

    George returns home from his trip to find some free ErgoPharm GF Pro Raspberry Lemonade and some MAN Scorch awaiting him, courtesy of for participating in this contest. He also resumes his training, envigorated by the quality supps!

Jan. 12:

    Vanessa sleeps in, but has a great workout. Matthew trains in South Carolina, has a great morning cardio workout with his son. A fight breaks out at Nitaant's gym in India. Fat guy vs. Roidhead trainer with elephant nipple (gyno). 5-pound plates started flying, resulting in a broken mirror, so then they took it outside. No word yet on who is still alive...

    Vanessa, the experimental chef, tries some Ergopharm Green Apple I-Pro with oats and cinnamon. Mmmmm! =)

    Two more sponsors are added to the contest: ALRI and Controlled Labs. ALRI will be awarding 2 free supps of choice to 2 runners up, and CL will be donating $250 worth of product. Thanks again to all 5 of our sponsors!

    Chuck posts a video of himself performing heavy incline hack squats. Once again, very impressive. Vanessa starts taking ThermoLife Dicana, and looks forward to starting on MAN Body Octane a week later. She laments not having sex. Poor baby. Philip's elbow gives out doing pushups. Decides to take the weekend off to heal.

Chuck Doing Heavy Incline Hack Squats.
Click The Play Button To Start The Video.

    George's panties pantries were bare since he hadn't yet gone to the store, so his diet was a little off. He had a great workout, however, even if he did struggle a little bit on leg press. LOL.

Jan. 13:

    Nitaant experiences some sharp back pains between the shoulder blades, but Philip's elbow feels better. Vanessa starts her Green Tea 'Quote of the day,' an on-going feature throughout month 1 of the contest, with this quote from Winston Churchill: "If you're going through Hell, keep going."

    Matthew laments his weak biceps and tennis elbow, but is proud that his diet is going very well, and his sleep patterns have normalized. Vanessa unwillingly practices her posing routine in a sports bra, spandex, and clear plastic shoes in front of an impromptu audience of sorts at her gym. She makes the best of it, however, despite the free underwear show for the drooling fellas. Ben feels like puking and passing out after his ½ mile run.

Jan. 14:

    Vanessa, the food experimenter, tries eating a sweet potato and watermelon protein oats for breakfast. Yummy. Not. Raquelle returns to the blog after a few days out of town due to her grandmother's funeral. Vanessa gets her posing routine critiqued by NPC figure competitor Grace Rivera. How is Ness she so well connected, anyway?

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    Chuck (of all people) admits he has to hang his ego at the door, as his training weights are "not that impressive." (To whom?) Chuck reports he has lost another 3 pounds of bodyfat.

    George enjoys a low calorie, low fat but high protein and carbs day. At the end of week #2, however, George doesn't feel like he's made much visible progress - and he needs a tan. LOL.

Jan. 15:

    Vanessa adds vanilla ice cream to the list of forbidden foods she wants to eat after her show is over in 12.5 weeks. (This list previously included peanut butter, chocolate-covered pretzels, and a sugar donut.) She also ends up taking 2 sets of progress photos for the week, and doesn't look happy about it. Long story.

    Nitaant's back pains continue. His weight loss is continuing, and he now likes the way his quads are looking. (Narcissist. J/K.) Chuck has lost 9 pounds in two weeks, weighing in at 217 lbs. Matthew's tennis elbow problems continue, due to some previous dehabilitating injuries. He's going in for some shots.

    Vanessa tries some Labrada SuperCharge pre-workout samples left over from the 2006 Olympia, and enjoyed the pump and energy in her ensuing workout. Raquelle performs a 2-hour workout, hitting all her major muscle groups - in a sauna suit. Holy sweat!

    Philip's elbow is feeling better, alternating heat packs and cold compresses. Up's his game after hearing "One" by Creed on the radio. Philip enjoys cardio on the Gazelle, then goes outside to stack logs for firewood. George starts taking MAN Scorch.

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Review: Editor's Comments

After re-reading the above synopsis of the first few weeks, they've come a long way, baby! As we enter the 4th quarter of the contest, all of our contestants have done an excellent job sticking to their diet plans and training programs, as evidenced by the progress they've all made.

You can see their each of their individual "Progress To Date" photos here (in no particular order):

As you may or may not know, blogs are set up in reverse chronological order by date, so reading blogs actually tends to go backward in time, which can be a fun experience or maddening (depending on your viewpoint!) Either way, it's fun to jump back in time a few weeks and see where the contestants were at. Here are a few more helpful links to the archives:

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The final quarter of any game or contest is always the most exciting, so sit back, and watch the carnage unfold during the next few weeks of this fast-paced battle. If you haven't already, subscribe to this contest's RSS feed for continual updates throughout the day!

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Note: This article was actually meant to be published a couple of weeks ago, but because of the 2007 Arnold, it got pushed back a little bit. This actually came in handy, however, as we were able to interview a couple of the contestants at the Arnold Expo, check 'em out!

Dvsness & Deserusan Gettin' Cuddley.
Click The Play Button To Start The Video.

Transformation Blog Contestant: George Friedel.
Click The Play Button To Start The Video.

Now that you're a little more up-to-speed with the contestants, their quirks, and their rocky start, tune into the group blog to follow along! See you there!

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