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Cindy Martinez TIP OF THE WEEK:

When you're doing the stiff-leg deadlift part of your routine, remember to keep your head up looking forward when you bend over. You also want to keep your back flat. Maintaining proper form helps you get the most out of each exercise while protecting you against injury. The web site has a huge library of videos you can reference to learn the right way to perform just about any exercise.



Ladies, don't be afraid of building lean muscle! You're not going to end up looking bulky like a man because your body doesn't produce that much testosterone.

Instead, you'll be developing a more shapely physique. Even better, you'll burn 50 more calories per day for every pound of muscle mass that you develop.

Ben Hartman TIP OF THE WEEK:

If you're using a really heavy weight for dumbbell presses, try positioning each hand so your thumb touches the side of the weight plate.

This slightly offset grip allows movement mechanics that are better suited to exerting great force and can also help prevent your wrists from buckling inward.

Laura Cessna TIP OF THE WEEK:

Get more out of your lunges by either carrying two dumbbells or putting a barbell across your back. Load them with a decent amount of weight. Instead of keeping your feet flat, stay on the tips of your toes. And make sure your stepping foot extends beyond your bent knee, which should almost be touching the floor. Go up and down twice more without taking another step. Each lunge is three up/down movements. 3 sets of these x 10 reps will have you feeling it in your glutes.

Luric Edison TIP OF THE WEEK:

Try to keep constant tension on your muscles through the up and down movement to optimize stimulation. You can best accomplish this by doing your repetitions slowly, counting out 2 or 3 seconds in the upward movement, pausing for a second before your arms or legs lock out, and then counting out another 2 or 3 seconds on the way down.


When you're starting a weight training program, focus on maintaining proper form and exercise technique. You can watch videos that should the right way to perform an incredible variety of movements right here on! Remember to exhale on 'effort' and inhale on the return. Proper form and technique can help prevent injury while allowing your body to get more out of every resistance training workout.

Use the Exercise Database to Learn Proper Form!

Charles Glass TIP OF THE WEEK:

When you're traveling and find yourself in a situation where there isn't any gym equipment to use, challenge yourself with Trans Push-Ups. During my days as a college gymnast, we performed this demanding variation on the standard push-up by positioning the hands at about waist level and lifting the entire body off the floor, feet and legs included.

Once you get the technique down, try this routine: One rep is lifting slowly upward and holding a bridge at the top of the movement for the count of 3 before lowering slowly back to the start position. Back in the day, 4 sets of 20 reps was considered a warm up to our team's regular training session!

Charles Glass is the Godfather of Bodybuilding & Team ON Athlete

Jenifer Digiovanni TIP OF THE WEEK:

Prepare your own feed and succeed! Don't rely on restaurant or packaged foods to transform your body. Make your own healthy food at home and take it along wherever you go packed in meal-sized portions all stored in a cooler. It doesn't have to be a big cooler. Using aluminum foil instead of plastic containers takes up a lot less space. Now you're in total control of your caloric and nutrient intake!

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Healthy Recipes


Feeling like you need a sweet treat before hitting the sack at night? Try turning Gold Standard 100% Casein™ into a decadently rich pudding. Using a shaker cup, mix one scoop into 5-6 ounces of water or skim milk. That's half the normal liquid volume. Once you have a smooth consistency, pour into individual cupcake holders or a wide, shallow glass.

Let them set in the freezer for about 10 minutes before enjoying. Topped with a dab of sugar-free Cool Whip, this guiltless pleasure will remind you of pudding or ice cream while providing lasting anti-catabolic nighttime muscle support.

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