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Female Transformation Of The Week - Suzanne Germano.

Suzanne has an amazing story to tell - See how she overcame a major disability and being teased for it most of her life. At only 5-feet tall she managed to go from 185 pounds to 114 pounds and competing in figure and bodybuilding. Check it out!

Before Before:
185 lbs
After After:
114 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Suzanne Germano
BodySpace: SuperBBGirl

Starting Weight: 185 lbs
Clothing Size: Over a 15

After Contest Weight: 114 lbs
Body Fat: 7%
Off Season: 122-125 lbs
Size: 1-3
Body Fat: 12%

Body Fat Percentage.

Why I Got Started

I was "normal" weight through high school (105-110 pounds and 5-foot-0), but never developed an interest in sports or fitness (not even PE) due to my vision. I have been legally blind since birth so I did not participate in PE or sports in school.

Due to my blindness, I grew up with kids constantly teasing me. No one understood legally blind, that I could not fix it with glasses; not even adults. I always felt alone; I did not fit in with my fellow sighted students nor was I totally blind and fit in there. All of this led to low self-esteem. The lack of activity and feelings of depression led to gradual weight gain over the years.

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Suzanne Germano.

By the time I reached 31 (1995) I reached a weight of 185 pounds. All from a combination of fast food, no exercise and depression. For many years, all I thought was that exercise and diet didn't work.

I felt all the people who looked good had always looked that way. I never tried any form of dieting. I was afraid because of the statistic of those who lose weight and gain what they lost plus more back.

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Suzanne Germano.

At the end of 1995 my aunt, who is my age, really wanted me to join the gym with her. So my aunt and I joined and I began my journey. I knew if I was going to do this it had to be an all-or-nothing attempt. I knew I had to change my diet, lift weights and do cardio. I knew fad diets were not the way to go. I like the look of fitness so I knew I needed to lift hard and not rely solely on diet and cardio.

I lost some weight through 1996. In 1997, I was unable to go to the gym but maintained my loss. In March of 1999, I decided that since I could not go to the gym, I would bring the gym to me. So I bought equipment for my home and began hitting it hard.

I would get up at 4:30 a.m. every morning before work to get my workout in. After reading Body For Life I made another major change in my diet; I consumed six small meals (instead of three large meals) per day, and began using supplements (protein powder, meal replacement, etc). It was slow going but the pounds gradually came off and the underlying shape came through.

I was born legally blind, so I do not have the luxury of being able to drive myself anywhere. I must either rely on friends or family, but most often I had to take the bus and/or walk. So much of my time was spent on buses to work and walking to the gym. In 2002 after getting down to 120 pounds many people asked if I competed and so I gave it a try.

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Suzanne Germano.

In March 2002 I competed in my first bodybuilding contest at age 38. I got 2nd novice light weight and 3rd in masters. I also competed in April and May of that year and got a couple more trophies. March 2003 I competed again and got 3rd in novice light weight.

In 2004 I began training with Kim Oddo for figure. And did 2 shows that year and placed 4th at the Tournament of Champions. In 2006, I continued to work with Kim and competed at the World Gym classic in San Diego where I placed 2nd in Class A Open and placed 1st in Master Short and won Masters overall.

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Then I competed in the Emerald cup where I placed 9th in class A. My plans for 2007 are to compete at the Jr. Nationals, The USA's and the North Americans.

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Suzanne Germano At The 2006 Emerald Cup.

I am the parent of a wonderful 15-year-old daughter and engaged to an amazing man.

Competition History


  • 2006 Emerald Cup 9th Class A
  • 2006 San Diego World Gym Classic - 2nd Class A; 1st Masters Short & Masters Overall
  • 2004 Border States Figure A - 8th Place, Masters Figure 35+ - 6th Place
  • 2004 Tournament of Champions Figure A - 4th Place, Masters Figure 35+ Short 8th place


  • 2003 San Diego World Gym Classic - NPC, Lightweight 3rd
  • 2002 Cal - Novice Lt Weight 2nd; Masters 5th
  • 2002 San Diego World Gym Classic - Novice Lt Weight 2nd; Masters 3rd

How I Did It

I read a lot of books on weight training. I started straight off with free weights on a 3-day split so I lifted 6 days per week. I also did cardio starting at about 30 min 5-6 times per week. I also began to clean up my diet.

I had never tried any fad diet because I knew that would only get short-term results and most people regain the weight afterward. I stopped drinking soda with sugar and eating fast food. I read Body For Life and that is when I began to eat 6 meals per day and using supplements.

After After
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Suzanne Germano.

My training became more intense, as I always enjoyed going hard in the gym. I also bought a treadmill and weights for my home so I could train before work and I ran or did hill sprints for cardio on my lunch break.

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It took me a few years to get down to 120 pounds but I stuck with it and it was worth every minute of training. Once I was ready to prep for competition I hired a trainer. In 2004 I began using Kim Oddo and switched to figure.

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Suzanne Germano.


Lipo 6

Sample Week Of Diet

  • Meal 1: Oats, fruit, egg white or protein powder
  • Meal 2: MRP - ie: Lean Body Hers
  • Meal 3: Lean protein (chick, ground turkey, lean ground beef), low GI carb and veggies
  • Meal 4: Low GI carb PB
  • Meal 5: Salmon/lean beef, veggies
  • Meal 6: protein shake

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Suzanne Germano.

Sample Week Of Training

  • Cardio 5 days per week either stepmill or precor elliptical or plyometrics
  • Back/Bi's 3 - 4 sets 8-15 reps 3-4 exercises
  • Chest /Tri's 3 - 4 sets 8-15 reps 3-4 exercises
  • Delts 3 - 4 sets 8-15 reps 3-4 exercises
  • Legs 3-4 set 8-20 reps 3-4 exercises usually supersets or giant sets
  • Abs every day

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Suzanne Germano.

Suggestions For Others

Consistency and intensity are the key. Push hard every set and every rep. It takes time but is so worth every minute you spent in the gym. Plan and prepare food ahead and always have meals with you. I never imagined I would get where I am now. All I hoped for when I first started was just to lose some weight.

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Suzanne Germano.

About My Vision

I was born legally blind - I have Achromatopsia. Due to this condition I am severely light sensitive and totally color blind. It is not correctable, but I do wear red contact lenses to help filter the light. My best visually acuity is less 20/200 which means I can see something 20 feet away that a person with normal vision can see 200 feet away.

I need to have books close to read and I use a large monitor with big fonts. I am unable to drive so I either walk, use public transit or ride with family or friends.

The hardest part is people not understanding. Someone may wave or make eye contact from across the gym but I can't see them so a lot of times I get a bad rap of being unfriendly but I simply did not see them. I also have to squint a lot because of the light sensitivity so I have been told I "look" unfriendly.

Thank you for reading my story

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Suzanne Germano.

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