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Female Transformation Of The Week - Leigh Yeager.

Leigh was a dissatisfied 136 pounds and measured in at a measly 5-foot-3. After seeing her friend competing she decided it was time for her own transformation. See how she lost 24 pounds and 10% body fat!

Before Before:
136 lbs
After After:
112 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Leigh Ann Yeager
Age: 26
Height: 5'3"
Weight Before: 136 lbs
Weight After: 112 lbs at contest, 119 off-season

Stats Before:

In February of 2006, I was a dissatisfied 136 pounds and measured in at a measly 5-foot-3. I had settled into my first real job and started to pack on the post-college pounds brought about by 8 hour days sitting at a desk.

I assumed that since I was a professional in the fitness field that I was somehow "immune" to weight gain.

Stats After:

I'm proud to say that at Nationals, I was a lean, mean 112 pounds. Over the course of 37 weeks, I was able to strip off 24 pounds and 10% body fat. Now that the off-season is in full swing, I'm maintaining about 119 pounds, give or take a few for holiday food!

Why I Got Started

Since reading my first issue of Oxygen, part of me always wanted to compete in fitness. I dismissed this as merely a pipe dream because I feared failure, was overwhelmed by the diet, and intimidated by the physiques of the other competitors. I, as many would-be competitors, assumed that the bodies in the magazines are those of air-brushed genetic anomalies, and I would never belong no matter how hard I worked.

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I Feared Failure.

My outlook on competing did a 180 when a close friend decided to enter a bodybuilding competition. As I watched her physique transform through the weeks and months of dieting and training, I was inspired. Backstage at her competition was my turning point.

There I was, a soggy-waisted "fitness professional," slapping bronzer on my newly buff friend, surrounded by tan, lean competitors, feeling like a total hypocrite.

That's when I decided to start taking the advice that I doled out on a daily basis:

"Eat right, train hard, achieve your goals."

After talking to my husband about competing and detailing the diet and training, we decided that it was time for me to realize this dream. The next day, I started contacting trainers and nutritionists and took the dreaded before pictures. If you ever need a kick in the pants to get back into your workout schedule, pull out the Polaroid.

Before After
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It Was Time To Realize This Dream.

Amy Huber, IFBB Fitness Pro and all around awesome person, agreed to meet with me on a regular basis to work on my routine elements and put together a lifting schedule for me. Mike Davies was the obvious choice for nutrition and cardio workouts, and showed me the meaning of hard dieting and balls-out interval training. Jen Hendershott, who had recently moved to North Carolina, agreed to choreograph my routine.

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Meeting her made everything come full circle because it was an article about her in Oxygen that had inspired me all those years ago.

When & How Long It Took

Training and dieting began on February 20th and my first competition was September 23 at the NPC Mountaineer Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships. I walked onto the stage feeling confident, nailed my routine and walked away with the short class and overall trophies!

Following the advice of my "prep squad," I pushed ahead, kept dieting, and competed at the NPC Fitness Nationals in Miami where I placed in the top 10 for medium class. I had a blast and haven't smiled that much since my wedding! After the holidays, I will begin preparing for Jr. USA's to be followed by Nationals in Dallas.

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I Had A Blast!

Sample Week Of The Diet

The diet was largely lean protein and veggies with servings of carbs only following workouts. I ate the same meals each day for a 3-week cycle, then the food choices were switched up according to my progress.

My sodium intake was restricted throughout the dieting period, and I drank between 6-and-8 liters of water each day, every day. I had a cheat meal once every three weeks or so.

  • 5:30 am: 4 egg whites
  • 6:00-8:00am: Weights and Cardio #1
  • 8 am: 2/3 cup oats with 1 scoop low carb whey protein
  • 10 am: 3 oz tuna rinsed in hot water, 8 asparagus spears
  • 12 pm: 6 oz Orange Roughy, 1 cup broccoli
  • 2 pm: 4 oz chicken, 1.5 cups baby spinach
  • 4 pm: whole grapefruit
  • 5pm: Cardio #2
  • 6pm: 2/3 cup oats with 4 oz chicken
  • 8pm: 3 oz tuna rinsed in hot water


I regularly took:

Lipo 6

Sample Week Of Training

  • Monday:
    Legs and 30 minute cardio interval in the AM
    30-40 minutes of cardio in the PM

  • Tuesday:
    Back and 30 minute cardio interval in the AM
    30-40 minutes of cardio in the PM

  • Wednesday:
    Arms and 30 minute cardio interval in the AM
    30-40 minutes of cardio in the PM

  • Thursday:
    Shoulders and 30 minute cardio interval in the AM
    30-40 minutes of cardio in the PM

  • Friday:
    Chest and 30 minute cardio interval in the AM
    30-40 minutes of cardio in the PM

  • Saturday:
    Workout with personal training clients in the AM

  • Sunday: off

Suggestions For Others

If you want it, go for it. Don't put it off until next week or the week after. Just remember this quote from Mary Manin Morrissey:

"You block your dream when you allow your fear
to grow bigger than your faith."

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If You Want It, Go For It.

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