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Female Transformation Of The Week - Cloris Jackson.

Cloris wanted to change her lifestyle around because she was tired of her back hurting and her legs rubbing together. Learn what she did to lose 39 pounds and 10 pant sizes right here!

Before Before:
165 lbs
After After:
126 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Cloris Jackson
BodySpace Profile:

Height: 5'4"
Before: 165 Lbs. (Nov. 2003)
Size: 14
Body Fat: 32%

After: 126 Lbs. (Apr. 2004)
Size: 4
Body Fat: 21%

Why I Got Started

So many reasons got me into fitness but one reason I really wanted to lose weight was when my husband came to me and said, "I think we're an attractive couple but we could both stand to lose a few pounds." (Hello Men, if you want your wife to lose weight, don't stand on the side lines like a cheerleader, work out with her!)

My face was disfigured with fat, my back would hurt and I absolutely despised the fact that my legs would rub together when I would walk which destroyed a few pairs of jeans!

Cloris Cloris
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I Was Working Towards The Big Pay Day.

How I Did It

For me a gym wasn't an option therefore I purchased a used treadmill for $300 which was the best investment ever. Cardio is VERY important and there could never be an excuse for inclimate weather. I prepared my meals before I became hungry. I ate every 2-3 hours (5-6 times per day).

As I lost weight, I threw away those "fat" clothes as soon as I was too small for them. That way I knew I had reached a point of no return. I set a goal to be fit by New Years Eve although I began my regime in November. For only 1 hour per day, it wasn't about my children or my husband it was all about me taking care of me.

I always kept in mind, no matter how much pain I endured or how bad my hair days had become, that I was working towards the big pay day which would be the day I would no longer be among the 65% of overweight Americans.

Cloris Cloris
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Progress: 3 Weeks (Nov. 20th, 2003) & 7 Weeks (Dec. 19th, 2003).


Sample Week Of Diet

  • Breakfast:
    Old fashioned oatmeal w/baked apples and a 1/2 c. of 100% pure orange juice

  • Snack:
    Protein Shake

  • Lunch:
    Spring salad w/grilled chicken breast, apples, pecans, cranberries & blue cheese crumbles

  • Snack:
    3 boiled egg whites & a handful of almonds or fruit and yogurt

  • Dinner:
    Grilled Fish, brown rice, broccoli spears (any green veggie)

  • Snack:
    2 tablespoons Peanut butter and celery sticks

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Six Meals A Day.

Sample of Training

40 minutes of cardio 6 days per week,

Ab exercises everyday changing them up- crunches, vacuums, v-sit ups Many more exercises available, change them up to not get bored. Do them until you feel the burn.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

    (upper body resistance training) 3 sets of 12 starting with your heavier weights then your last set with lower weights.

Tues, Thursday, & Sunday:

    Legs resistance training 3 sets of 12.

    Off on Saturdays.

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Resistance Training 3 Times A Week.

Suggestions For Others

Put on something "figure flattering" then take your before picture. A before picture of course could be put on More importantly, you'll realize what parts of your body needs improvement on. Take more pictures every month, the pictures will show you your progress.

Start with nutrition, change something immediately (for me it was NO MORE margaritas and no more sweets, at least for a while). Set attainable goals and write them down. Purchase fitness magazines, they're very motivational and only hang around people who support your lifestyle change.

Last but far from least - don't get discouraged; know that you are worthy of change. Know that it took a while for you to put on the weight and it will take a bit of patience to see weight loss.

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Don't Get Discouraged.

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