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Female Transformation Of The Week - Annick Chenard.

Annick made a transformation she should be proud of and deserves a great deal of recognition. Read on for the details and see how she went from an amazing 357 pounds down to 165 pounds and only 12% body fat! Read on!

Before Before:
357 lbs.
After After:
165 lbs.

Vital Stats

Name: Annick Chenard
Age: 27
Weight Before: 357 Lbs.
Weight After: 165 Lbs.

Why I Did It

I have always been inspired by these transformation stories, people who take ownership of their lives, decisions and health. Such makeovers kept me motivated and fired up throughout my own journey, until I one day realized ... "Heck, perhaps I can help too"!

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Back In 1997.

In 2002, I was a 23-year-old professional, married mother of two who weighed in at about 350 pounds! Lots of meat for a 5-foot-6 frame! I really had no idea how much I actually weighed, didn't even own a scale! I just ate like a pig, and from an active teenager, I had morphed into a fat, sedentary slob!

How I Did It

A coworker of mine had started the weight watchers program but got pregnant and figured she did not need to follow such a program, so she handed me the booklets and tools, and said have fun!

In Nov of 2002, I quit smoking, started following the points program, bought a scale that put me at 357 pounds and had lost 60 pounds within the first 3 months! A little over 100 pounds were gone by Jan 04. I was content and thrilled, my life had changed already! I could play with my kids, do laundry or go shopping without feeling like my back was going to give out on me and live all over again!

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60 Lbs Off!

I drove by a gym in January 2004 and walked in out of nowhere. I was signed up and back (I was an avid weight lifter in my teens) in the gym the same night, huffing and puffing at 2 mph on the treadmill!

In no time, I entered a BFL challenge at 230 pounds and 36% bf. I followed the program to perfection, attended every seminar, learned to eat to fuel my body instead of pure pleasure and became a total addict to the lifestyle. I ended my 12-week BFL at 190 pounds and 24% bf. Needless to say, my body had completely changed!

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Before Starting BFL.

I have never stopped thriving since then, learning, training, eating with a passion and fury to one day set foot on a bodybuilding stage. I now walk around proudly in this body, weighing in at 160-165 pounds, a weight that most females would consider enormous, but at 12% body fat, I am far from ashamed of this muscular body!

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I Am Far From Ashamed Now.

I lift weights 4-5 times/week, 20-30 minutes cardio at least 3 times per week, either in the gym or through sports and chow down 5-7 meals daily, mainly consisting of various meats (total carnivore here!), sea food, whey, cottage cheese, green veggies and various carb sources, from whole grains, to oats and sweet potatoes. I still indulge in sumptuous meals every now and then and enjoy every last bite of these without guilt.

I will one day shine in that stage light. I will never stop working toward this dream. I was once told I was too fat to bungee jump ... Guess what I did last summer? Hell yeah! I threw myself off a 200-foot platform, head first! More dreams to come for me, I know that I can do anything that my mind and heart is set to!

After After After
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Annick Chenard.

I am writing this because, to this day, I look to these types of stories for motivation, inspiration and drive. If my humble story can help anyone, just one person, to realize their potential and strenght, it was worth it!

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