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Female Transformation Of The Week - Tiffany Rogers!

Tiffany had always been overweight. But when her office was doing a weight-loss contest, she decided this was the perfect time to get into shape. Read on to learn how she cleaned up her diet and dropped 100 pounds!

Before Before:
245 lbs
After After:
145 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Tiffany Rogers
Age: 34

Weight: 245 lbs
Body Fat: 40%

Weight: 145 lbs
Body Fat: 10%

Why I Got Started

I have battled weight my entire life. I have always been a big girl! I decided I needed to lose weight after I began having weight issues. In January of 2007 my co-workers decided to have a biggest loser contest. I decided to join in, all of us put money into a pot and the person or persons who won would win the money.

After twelve weeks, I had lost more than 37 pounds. I ate lots of fruits, veggies and low fat foods. I exercised at least once daily. I won both in fat percentage and pounds lost. In May of the same year I decided to join the local gym, there is where I found my true passion.

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I Have Always Been A Big Girl.

At the end of the summer I had lost an additional 55 pounds and had great muscle tone. I worked out twice daily and my body took well to the equipment. I went from a size 20 to a size 2 by October. My bodyfat dropped to about ten percent.

How I Did It

I didn't want to "Diet," so I decided to just change the way I ate. Most people think that if you are overweight you eat a lot, not true. I just ate the wrong type of food. I started to move around more, I have three kids so I am always busy with them, but now I decided to exercise and make more time for me.

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I Decided To Make More Time For Me.

I started off eating foods that were low fat, lots of fruits and veggies. I planned out lots of my meals. I ate every couple of hours. It got to the point I didn't even have to watch the clock to know to eat, my body was on a schedule. Also, I hired a personal trainer. They worked me to death, but my my body has changed beyond my wildest dreams.




When I first started to lose weight I did workout videos and walked. Once I joined the gym I did cardio on a daily basis, for at least an hour twice daily. This included Elliptical machine, treadmill, bike, even classes. I did lots of workout from My personal trainer introduced me to the site, so every few weeks he would get a workout from the site and we would use it.

I started out with the workouts to lose fat, then I progressed to the workout to build lean muscles, now I do the workout to stay toned and defined. I started with low reps and 3 sets, now I do four sets with high repetitions. I do a lot of supersets, and often workout until muscle failure.

    Day 6: Cardio (Any type)

    • For at least an hour at moderate - high intensity

    Day 7: Rest With Light Ab Work

Suggestions For Others

Stay consistent, if you fall off the wagon, its okay, just pick yourself up and keep going.

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Stay Constant.

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