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Female Transformation Of The Week - Vanessa Stormi Orsini!

At 240 pounds, Vanessa decided it was time to get in shape, not only for herself, but for her children. After setting goals for herself, Vanessa began her weight loss journey. Now, she's lost more than 100 pounds and looks better than ever!
Before Before:
240 lbs
After After:
128 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Vanessa Stormi Orsini
Age: 36
BodySpace: Stormiorsini

Weight: 240 lbs
Size: 18

Weight: 140 lbs Off Season - 128 lbs Contest
Body Fat: 16%
Size: 5/6

Why I Got Started

At the end of an abusive marriage, I was 240 pounds and a size 18 and only 24 years old. I have two beautiful children who needed me to be the best person I could be mind, body and spirit And I knew I needed to make changes and learn to love and take care of myself.

Inspired by a friend who had competed in bodybuilding and seeing pictures of Monica Brandt, I knew that while I might never look like the runway models, I definitely had the body type to look like the girls gracing the covers of Oxygen! I also had a dream to be a personal trainer and to be able to help and motivate other women struggling with self-esteem and body image.

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Vanessa Orsini's Progress.

So with a lot of work ahead of me, and very determined to show others that you can make dreams come true, I started the road to weight loss and physical health!

How I Did It

I started by rollerblading with my kids in a double stroller. This was how we did everything, from getting groceries to going to the parks. Eventually, as finances allowed, I joined a gym and began a workout program. I read every Shape and Oxygen magazine I could get my hands on to find information on how to lose the weight. Cutting pop from my diet and adding green tea was extremely helpful in my weight loss.

At 180 pounds I walked into a gym with a resume in hand. I felt a little out of place applying for a job when I was still a larger size. But working in a gym was part of my dream. I was so excited when I was chosen! My background in social work and my friendly people skills impressed the gym owner.

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I Started By Rollerblading
With My Kids In A Double Stroller.

Immediately I set out on a much more intense workout program and cleaned my diet up even more! I dropped another 30 pounds and was sent to do my Provincial Personal Training Certification!

7 Years later I have reached several more of my goals! Each time you set a goal and reach it, it makes new goals important. My dream of competing in a figure competition was realized this spring as I took the stage for the first time!

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Each Time You Set A Goal & Reach
It, It Makes New Goals Important.


I have used Muscletech's Hydroxycut and Lipo 6 on and off through the years. Both are fantastic products! Currently I have added BCAA's into my supplement plan as well.

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My diet has changed over the course of my transformation. With each new bit of information that I learn I make the necessary adjustments. I drink 3 liters of water a day and 2-6 cups of green tea.

I eat 5 small meals per day, every three hours. Keeping my protein intake around 100 grams a day and eating very clean and healthy carbs such as brown rice, fruits and veggies.

I have one cheat meal a week which I feel is important to keep off 'deprivation' feelings. But I try to avoid sugars in my cheats as I find they add to having more cravings.


My workouts have varied over the years starting with rollerblading and running, to traditional strength exercises that included pyramiding, negatives and explosives.

Currently Docdru, also on, got me turned onto Crossfit workouts. I love them! They challenge my body in all new ways. Muscle and cardiovascular systems are both strengthened to the max and in short periods of time.

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Crossfit Training Challenges My
Body In All New Ways.

My last workout had me doing in 20 minutes, 95 assisted pull ups, 150 pushups and 245 squats! The workouts are so intense and crazy that just surviving them motivates you to go again! I have gone from a depressed 240-pound girl - to a woman who can do handstand pushups. It's incredible!


Crossfit Training:
Air Squats!

Check out Vanessa Stormi Orsini blast through the air squats portion of her Crossfit Training workout!

Suggestions For Others

Never give up on your dreams or yourself! No matter how far or how long it takes you to reach your goals, and no matter how many times you fall from that clean eating and fitness path, pick yourself back up and get right back on it again. Determination is key! Believing that you can 'change your stars' is key!

Study, research and ask questions! I have been a single mom throughout this whole journey and have lived in poverty through most of it as well. Despite some roadblocks, believing in myself and the desire to show my children that you can do anything you set your mind to has kept me strong and motivated! There are always ways around road blocks. You just have to be determined to find them.

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Determination Is Key.

The two quotes that keep me most motivated in life are:

  1. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi
  2. "Reach for your dreams no matter how long it takes to reach them, the time will pass anyway." -Unknown

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