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Female Transformation Of The Week - Kim Schaefer

Kim was in her early 30s before she realized she didn't like the way she looked in a bikini, so she decided to change it up by completing the Body for Life Challenge. Now, after 6 years, she looks better than ever. Find out how she did it.

Before Before:
130 lbs
After After:
125 lbs

Vital Stats:

Name: Kim Schaefer
Age: 39
Height: 5'6"
Bodyspace: kkschaef

Before: August 2002
Weight: 130 lbs
Body Fat: 17%

After: April 2003
Weight: 110 lbs.
Body Fat: 10 %

Now: 2008
Weight: 125
Body Fat: 12%

Why I Got Started

It all started about 6 years ago. I was in my early 30s and not really liking the way I looked. I had been lifting weights and doing cardio since I was 18-years old. But hitting a certain age I needed to do more. I wasn't eating the right way. I wasn't overweight but I didn't like how I looked naked or even in a bikini.

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Kim Schaefer's Progress.

I was in good shape as far as fitness goes. I looked OK in clothes, but I wanted more. I wanted to look lean and fit. I decided I was ready for a change and that big change had to be my diet. I was a typical female who would skip meals and eat too much at the end of the day. I usually would grab the quick fix of a candy bar or a bag of chips. I knew that wasn't going to work anymore. That was the reason I looked the way I did.

How I Did It

A couple girls in my gym were doing the Body for Life Challenge (BFL). It was working for them well. So I gave it a shot. It was a difficult process to change my eating habits but 12 weeks later I was a new person, physically and mentally.

Body For Life
Body for Life is a 12-week diet and exercise program, and also an annual physique transformation competition. It was created by Bill Phillips, a former competitive bodybuilder and the founder of EAS, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements.

The BFL challenge changed my life for the better and for long term. I have gone through many changes and had several different goals in the past 6 years and have accomplished most of them. My body is still a work in progress.

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My Body Is Still
A Work In Progress.

During the BFL Challenge it taught me that I should eat 6 small meals per day. Each meal containing a protein source, carb source, and 2 meals with vegetables. I had to change my carb choices to sweet potatoes, oats, whole grains and brown rice. I cut out anything white such as sugar, flour, white potatoes, and white rice.

I trained 6 days per week 3 days HIIT cardio and three days weight training. It took me about 12 weeks to get down to about 12% body fat. I maintained that for a few weeks. I dieted for another 8 weeks and brought my body fat down to around 10% for a Figure contest in April of 2003.

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Kim Schaefer.

I've been changing my physique since 2002. When I got to 110 and 10% body fat for my first contest I knew I wanted and needed to add more muscle if I were going to continue to compete in the NPC. I have managed to add about 8-10 pounds of muscle in the past 4 years.


Throughout the past few years I have taken several different supplements. I always supplement with a multi-vitamin, calcium, and vitamin c. Whey protein and glutamine have always part of my plan and still is.

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When I get ready for a contest and during my transformation I take a thermogenic. What I used back in 2002/2003 was Ventilean and Redline. I now use Lipotrophin A.M and Lipotrophin P.M.; sometimes I will switch off with Redline. BCAA's have also been a supplement I use often.


I will have a cheat meal 1-2 times per week when I'm not in contest prep.

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Kim Schaefer.


I do cardio 5-7 days per week. I mix it from running, walking, kickboxing, and stadium stairs. I have just recently added Pilates 1 day a week.

Suggestions For Others

Always have a plan for everything, this how to accomplish goals. Write down short term and long term goals. Plan meals and training sessions. One of my favorite quotes is "failing to plan is planning to fail." I tell this to all my clients, they need to plan daily meals and I plan there training sessions. These are words I live by. I practice what I preach.

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Kim Schaefer.

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