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Female Transformation Of The Week - Robin Nehila.

Robin had always been interested in bodybuilding and fitness, but until she saw an online transformation had never stuck with a good nutrition and training. Find out how she finally made her own transformation and lost more than 35 pounds!

Before Before:
157 lbs
After After:
120 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Robin Nehila, NJ
Age: 37
Height: 5'2"

Before 1/1/2007:
Weight: 157 lbs, around 30% bf
Measurements: Chest 42", Waist 34", Hips 41"

After 8/25/2007:
Weight: 120-123 lbs around 10% or less bf
Measurements: Chest: 32", Waist 26.25", Hips 33"

Why I Got Started

I've always been interested in bodybuilding and fitness but have never stuck with a good nutrition and training plan long enough to see results. I saw an online transformation challenge and really wanted to enter, but was afraid that I would just set myself up for failure again.

However, I decided I was going to stop thinking I couldn't do it and just started telling myself "You can do it!" I stopped letting obstacles become excuses and entered. Slowly but surely my new habits were taking hold and my body was transforming.


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This was something that I had done successfully in the past, but something different was happening, my positive self talk was changing the way I thought too. AT the end of the 12 weeks I won second place in the challenge! In the past when I lost weight I would still "see" myself as the fat girl. Even when I would get down to size 7 jeans I would always pick up the 12 and 14's in the store to try on.

This time I "see" myself as the lean strong athlete that I have become! I feel like this not only is helping me stay with my new lifestyle but it has allowed me to go even farther than I have before. In the past I would get to around 130 pounds and a size 7 and feel good.

Now I am 123, a size 2/4 and feel fabulous! Doing well in the online challenge gave me the courage to give competition another try too. In 2002 I entered a bodybuilding competition and came in last place; I immediately put on all the weight I lost for the competition as soon as it ended.

Before After
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Robin Nehila.

I was determined not to let this happen again. I tightened up my diet even more and on 8/25 competed in the OCB Mid-Atlantic Natural Muscle Classic. I won 2nd place in the Novice Figure, 3rd in Masters Figure and 4th in Open Figure! It felt wonderful to know I was not in last place again! This has given me the confidence to set my next goal ... bodybuilding once again in 2008!

How I Did It

I am the type of person that MUST have variety. I follow a carb cycling program and log every single thing I eat into a computer program to track calories, protein, fat and carbs. I drink at least a gallon of water a day.

My workouts are also cycled, one week is three days of heavy core lifts, then the next week is four days of different tempo lifts and then finally the last week is a 5-day hypertrophy/volume week. I started out doing 3 days of cardio and bumped it up as needed and mixed in HIIT cardio as well.


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The three supplements that I felt really gave me good results are SciVation's Xtend, Vasoxplode and Dialene 4. I also use ON 100% Whey and Beverly Ultra Size.

A Sample Week Of Diet

I'll eat 5-6 meals a day and they consist of the usual BB fare, eggs, oatmeal, lean ground turkey, chicken, sweet potatoes, veggies, protein powder! This was a typical pattern while I was dieting:

  • 150p/50c/25f
  • 150p/75c/25f
  • 150p/50c/25f
  • 125p/150c/25f
  • 150p/50c/25f
  • 150p/75c/25f
  • 150p/75c/25f

A Sample Week Of Training

Hypertrophy/Volume Week

-> Day 1: Chest:

-> Day 2: Back:

-> Day 3: Shoulders:

-> Day 4: Legs:

-> Day 5: Arms:

Suggestions For Others

Find an online support community. I could not have done this without the help, encouragement and inspiration of the people on a message board I post on every day.

BodySpace BodySpace!
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Be prepared for obstacles and figure out how to deal with them before they happen. I knew if I didn't get my workouts done before my kids got up they wouldn't happen. I set up a gym in my garage and go out there at 4 a.m. every day just to make sure I don't miss my workout!

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