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Over 40 Transformation Of The Week - Jim Stead!

Jim gained some extra weight after an injury caused him to stop going to the gym for 4 years. So after recovering, he decided it was time to get back in shape. Read on to learn how he dropped 13% body fat!

Before Before:
230 lbs
After After:
208 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Jim Stead
Age: 44
BodySpace: Viperspit

Weight: 230 lbs
BodyFat: 21%

Weight: 208 lbs
BodyFat: 8%

Why I Got Started

I was tired of buying larger and larger pants knowing in the back of my mind that I really needed to get back to the gym after a 4-year layoff. I had shoulder surgery on my AC joint in 2001 which was caused by bad form in the gym. I knew that I wasn't getting any younger and it was now or never.

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Jim Stead's Progress.

How I Did It

I actually just woke up one morning and told myself that it's time to start working out again. It was the 4th of July 2005. I began working out in my home gym and haven't stopped since. Although now, I have joined a commercial gym with my wife and we work out together.

Another major reason I got started again is the pressure of our 3 boys whon are 22, 22, and 18-years of age. All 3 workout and they were all giving me a hard time telling me that I was a couch potato, and asking me what happened, you used to be bigger than us. That in itself is enough for any middle-aged man with any pride to get off his butt and get going again. Trust me, after you hear it enough times, it finally sinks in.

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It Was Now Or Never.

To make the transformation you see today, I would say the largest portion would have been from April to November 2006. I hired a trainer which I found through my wife who had hired him to help her with a competition which we both joined. Once Michael Elias set me up with proper diet and training, I began immediate improvements.

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I Begain Making
Immediate Improvements.

I made more gains with Michael in 3 months then I did the prior 9 months on my own. When people say that diet is 90% of the battle, I would have to agree 100%. Diet is key to your progress. Diet + Training + Attitude = Success.


  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Protein 307g 307g 307g 311g 325g 307g 307g
Carbs 205g 205g 205g 336g 240g 205g 205g
Fat 50g 50g 50g 63.5g 52.5g 50g 50g
Calories 2498g 2498g 2498g 3159g 2732g 2498g 2498g


    Saturday: Cardio

    Sunday: Off

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