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Over 40 Transformation Of The Week - Kevin Hopwood!

Years of running had taken a toll on Kevin's body, and he soon found himself injured and unable to train. After a few years of innactivity, he decided it was time to get back in shape. So he set a goal for himself and dropped the pounds. Learn more!

Before Before:
238 lbs
After After:
190 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Kevin Hopwood
Age: 50

Weight: 238 lbs
Chest: 42"
Arms: 15"
Waist: 44"
Legs: 23"
Body Fat: 30%

Weight: 190 lbs
Chest: 48"
Arms: 17.5"
Waist: 32"
Legs: 27.5"
Body Fat: 7%

Why I Got Started

At school and as a young adult I was never interested in taking part in sports. In my early 20s I bought a bodybuilding magazine and as soon as I opened its pages I was amazed at the guys inside. I knew there and then that I would love to step on stage and compete.

I started to train but due to lack of cash and a young family to feed, the gym fees and cost of supplements proved to be very difficult. It was at this time I discovered the big city marathon, this proved to be less restrictive and running was to be my thing for the next 15 or so years until I became injured from all the street pounding.

Then after a few years of inactivity for both my wife Karen and I, Karen decided to join a local gym to help her with her weight loss. She had no idea of how to construct a training program so I volunteered and went along to the gym to help. One day whilst Karen was running on the treadmill I decided to take a trip into the weights room.

I was immediately hooked and it was at this point that I decided I could achieve my long held dream of becoming a competing bodybuilder. I was age 47 and promised myself that I would step on stage before my 50th birthday. It was a tall order as I was very overweight and totally unfit, but I was sure that with determination and dedication I could achieve my goal.

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I Was Sure I Could Achieve My Goal
With Detemination & Dedication.

So the journey that dreams are made of began. Karen also achieved her goals and is a constant encouragement to me and helps me with all my food requirements and contest preparation.

How I Did It

I started by taking my measurements to use as a starting reference point; I also took my 'before' photographs so that I could use them as source of inspiration, to say that I was disgusted by how I had let my body get this out of shape would be an understatement.

I read all I could about bodybuilding diets and after keeping a food diary for a month I started to put into practice what I read. Keeping the diary proved to be invaluable as I could see what needed to be adjusted to reach my goal. I still continue to record all my food and drink intake as I can see at a glance what adjustments work and what don't.

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I Read All I Could
About Bodybuilding Diets.

I firmly believe that diet is the most important aspect of any bodybuilding program. My training now varies according to my goals but initially I used a basic HIT training method with good results.

I am also in the process of opening my own gym, it will be called Foundry Gym and you can find us at I am also able to offer online training and nutrition advice.



My diet varies little between contest and off season. I try to keep it simple so that only small adjustments are needed pre contest depending on my condition.


Below is a general routine that I use. Days and bodyparts remain unchanged but exercises do change. As I approach contest time I train more instinctively using using drop sets, rest pause, and continuous tension. I also gradually reduce the time between sets from 2mins off season to as little as 20 second's pre contest to increase intensity.

    Wednesday: Rest

    • 45 mins intervals on cross trainer

    Thursday: Quads

    • Squats: 6 x 20 -15 - 12 - 10 - 8 - 6 pyramid weight up to max
    • Leg press: 6 x 20 - 15 - 12 - 10 - 8-6 pyramid weight up to max
    • Leg extensions: 6 x 20 - 15 - 12 - 10 - 8 - 6 triple drop last set
    • Pre contest I include drop sets, forced reps, supersets, giant sets, and lunges.

    Sunday: Rest

    • 45 mins cross trainer

Abs are hit hard on Wednesday and Sunday. Cardio is performed 45 mins on Wednesday and Sunday and 30 mins on other days. Sometimes an additional 30 mins per day will be included pre contest according to condition.

Suggestions For Others

Everyone is looking for the secret formula to succeed but you can now stop looking because here it is for free. Train with intensity on a consistent basis and look upon eating as simply another training session.

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Train With Intensity
On A Constant Basis.

One will not work without the other. It's that simple. So get motivated and do what it takes to achieve your dream. A dream only becomes a reality when you take the action required.

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