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Over 40 Transformation Of The Week - Arthur Johnson!

Arthur Johnson, a 65-year-old babyboomer went from 230 to a ripped contest weight of 160 with a 29-inch waist. Find out how right here ...

Before Before:
230 lbs
After After:
160 lbs

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Vital Stats
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Weight (Before): 230 lbs Weight (After): 175 lbs, 160 @ contest!
Waist (Before): 45" Waist (After): 36", 29" at contest
Blood Pressure (Before): 140/80 Blood Pressure (After): 110/68

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Why I Got Started
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My quest started 58 years ago, when at the age of 7 I got fat. I have struggled with my weight all my life. I would take off 20 pounds and then put it back on plus a little more.

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How I Did It
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Last year I saw an ad for the Trimspa Million Dollar Challenge and figured "what the heck" so I joined the contest. I would diet and exercise for 12 weeks.

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12 Week Dieting Progress Pics.

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My Sample Diet
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Diet Books My diet was a work in progress. I worked on it as I went along. I have read over 20 books on the subject and applied what I have learned. The true information was obtained from doctors who backed up information with facts. The best information was not from books on diets for weight loss, but from books on diets for health.


      Eggs or salmon, oatmeal,melon, berries, 16oz of water.


      Salmon or tuna or turkey, salad with olive oil dressing, melon, berries, 16oz of water.


      Chicken, an apple, some nuts, 16oz of water.


      Fish or turkey or chicken, berries, 16oz of water.


      Chicken, an apple, some nuts,16oz of water.

    Each day I would eat a little less. When I started a salmon filet was good for one meal. after 12 weeks 1 filet would make 3 meals.

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-> Some Of My Favorite Supplements:
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  • Froodia bars - they control my hunger in the evening when I tend to overeat.

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My Training
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My exercise consisted of power yoga, light weight lifting and walking stairs. I did my stair walking in the AM on an empty stomach. This assures me that my body will burn fat for energy. My weightlifting was performed after work in my basement. I would do cycles of 10 non-stop exercises for between 10-to-15 reps each.

Training At Home!
Please for the love of everything sacred in the sport of bodybuilding don't buy into those infomercials with all this 'breakthrough technology', and 'amazing diet pills' its nothing but bull...
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One hour before bed I would do 100 rounds of the Sun Salutations. Any good book on Yoga will show different variations.

I won my age group at the Trimspa contest in the Bahamas. It was one of the best weeks of my life. While in the Bahamas Alex Goen the owner of Trimspa recommended that I take up bodybuilding, so I did.

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Arthur Poses With Trim Spa Ladies
In The Bahamas.

When I got home to the Buffalo area I made contact with Marian Giallombardo, the publisher of Sports and Leisure Magazine. She talked me onto entering the 2007 Northern States Super Natural Bodybuilding Contest.

I went in knowing nothing about a bodybuilding contest but came home with the 1st place in my class. I have fallen in love with bodybuilding and will be in more contests next year.

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Arthur & Friends @ The Contest.

My current diet and exercise program is constantly changing as I am just learning this sport. I hit the website almost every day!

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