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Transformation Of The Week - Gary Moore.

I started working out and soon realized my passion. On Jan. 23rd (weighing 230 pounds) I began a 15-week pre-contest regimen for the 2006 NPC Pittsburgh Bodybuilding show. See what my motivation was and how I prepared.

Before Before:
230 lbs
After After:
206 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Gary Moore
Age: 22 years
Height: 5'9"
Weight Before: 230 lbs
Weight After: 206 lbs
Chest Before: 51"
Chest After: 50"
Arms Before: 17.5"
Arms After: 18"
Calves Before: 17.5"
Calves After: 17.5"
Waist Before: 36"
Waist After: 30"
Legs Before: 27"
Legs After: 28"

Why I Got Started

Training is something that I have done since high school. When I was 17 I joined my first gym. I was relatively skinny at that time and wanted to "bulk up." Soon after joining I started to see changes in myself and that's when I knew I found my passion in life.

Before Before Before
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Gary Moore: 15 Weeks Out.

It was at this gym that I met a guy named Bobby who was a competitive bodybuilder. He and I would talk about training and he would tell me what it was like to compete. In the back of my mind I would always tell myself how awesome it would be if I could do something like that.

One day he sat me down and gave a long talk about training and nutrition, and from that point on I started bodybuilding. Bobby and I eventually became friends and training partners.

How I Did It

On Jan. 23rd (weighing 230lbs) I began a 15-week pre-contest regimen for the 2006 NPC Pittsburgh Bodybuilding show. The show was on May 6, 2006.

After After After
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The Night Before The Show.

Supplements Used

Lipo 6

Training Plan

I trained 6 days per week for this show, taking Sundays off. The body part trained on Monday would be trained again on Saturday. Every six weeks you will have hit each part two times in a week.


  • Monday - back
  • Tuesday - chest
  • Wednesday - arms
  • Thursday - legs
  • Friday - shoulders
  • Saturday - back
  • Sunday - off
  • Monday - chest

Sample Training Days For Each Part:


printClick Here For A Printable Log Of Back.


printClick Here For A Printable Log Of Chest.


print Click Here For A Printable Log Of Arms.


printClick Here For A Printable Log Of Legs.


printClick Here For A Printable Log Of Shoulders.

*I also use a lot of drop sets and forced reps

After After After
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2006 NPC Pittsburgh Bodybuilding Show.

Diet Plan

My diet consisted of me eating a baseline of carbs everyday and every week or two I would drop them 25-50 grams. This is a sample from my diet at about 4 weeks out from the show. I was eating 350g protein, 200g carbs and 50g fat.

6am - 60 min cardio (empty stomach)

7:15am - Meal one

        One carton all-whites

        75g oats


9:00am - Training

10:00am - Meal two

        2 servings

Zero Carb Isopure

11:00am- Meal three

        One carton all-whites

        75g oats

1:30pm - Meal four

        8 oz chicken

        8oz yam

4:00pm - Meal five

        8 oz chicken

        75g oats

7:00pm - Meal six

        8 oz chicken


10:00pm - Meal seven

        10 oz chicken


Suggestions For Others

Persistence is the key to reaching your goals. Nothing comes easy so if you want something bad enough, you will put in the work and make the sacrifices necessary to get there. I did this with bodybuilding and I will continue this sport for the rest of my life. Bodybuilding has become who I am.

After After After
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Persistence Is The Key To Reaching Your Goals.

Any questions about me or my contest prep contact me:

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