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Transformation Of The Month - Randy Ogle.

See how he went from 429 pounds to 194 pounds!

Name: Randy Ogle
Age: 34
Weight (before): 429 lbs
Bodyfat (before): Upwards of 35% (best I can remember)
Weight (after): 194 lbs
Bodyfat (after): About 11.1%

Weight: 429
Bodyfat %: 35
Weight: 194
Bodyfat %: 11.1

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Why I Got Started

In August of 2001 I was at work (I'm an ER nurse) and I passed out. My blood sugar dropped low and my blood pressure was high. My blood sugar was dropping every time I ate something high in carbs or any sugar. My blood pressure was so high (from all the fat) that I was having mini-strokes.

I later found that when I'd passed out it took about 8 men to lift me onto a stretcher. This embarrassed me, I was humiliated, mortified and scared. I was only 32-years old and knew I only had a good ten years left, if that is, I stayed as I was. I've never been a quitter, I've never given up and I was not about to start now.

How I Did It

I cut out all my sugar, all the fast food and all soda (diet or otherwise). For the sugar elimination I even cut out the natural sugars. I decreased my carb intake, not eliminating or even going as low as some do using a program such as Dr. Atkins, but I did lower them. I increased my water intake to about 2-3 liters per day, and increased my exercise. It started slow, picked up quick and kept rolling along.


To begin with I only used a Flinstones chewable, one per day, and some calcium to supplement. After the first coupla' months I began using ProBlend 55, doin' about two shakes a day. The protein shakes helped keep my appetite under control and also helped to keep me from losing muscle. Now I've added NO2, Betagen and After Max by Optimum Nutrition. I still use my beloved ProBlend 55, I just add some oatmeal to it to help me get in some more carbs.


I ate, and still eat pretty sensibly, It seems to be more of a mind over matter kinda thing. Will Power is a great thing. I tried to do more protein than carbs while trimming down, now I've added lot's of carbs, to help me bulk up.


Mostly walking and cardio during the trimming stage, three times per week. I did some machine work right before I began the real work with free weights. I now workout four day's per week. I take every set to failure and am finally seeing results, and I'm very very very thrilled about it!

Suggestions For Others

Wish I had a secret to tell others. You really have to find the way that'll work for you, whatever tool it takes, get it, use it and make it work. That's what I did, doesn't really matter what tool I, or anyone else, used, or uses to lose or maintain weight, you have to find one that works for you and one you can use for life.

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