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Transformation Of The Week - Beth Haehl.

Beth has been successful in almost all of her goals, except for one. She was unable to control her weight. Well everything changed when she started the Body For Life Challenge. Learn more ...

Before Before:
160 lbs
33% BF
After After:
131 lbs
22% BF

Vital Stats

Name: Beth Haehl
Height: 5'4
Before Weight: 160 Lbs. (size 12)
After Weight: 131 Lbs. (size 4-6)
DOB: 1979, I am 27
Body Fat Before: 33%
Body Fat After: 22%

How I Did It

You could say that I felt like I had everything in life going great except one thing - my weight. I have a wonderful family; I finally had a career in real estate that I loved. Real estate was a challenge and I loved a challenge. But I still felt like I had a battle within myself that I could not win. I could not get control of myself and keep to a consistent workout and diet.

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I Could Not Get Control Of My Weight.

My change and way of life started in February 2005. I got tired of feeling fat and tired and gross. I wanted to stop buying clothes to cover up my fat stomach and hips and to one day wear shorts. I had a child in 2000 and it seemed my body would never go back to normal.

I would always have my weight on my mind and I weighed more than my husband. He could eat whatever he wanted and not gain an ounce. I thought I was eating good considering I did not eat much. But I tended to binge at times and not care because the scale never moved downward anyway. So why should I watch what I eat when I can't loose weight anyway.

I started to go online and I found websites and bought magazines to motivate me. That is when I came across the Body For Life 12 week challenge and bought their book - I was hooked. It all made sense to me. I knew that if I ever wanted to feel my age that I needed to go all the way and challenge myself to the 12-week contest.

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I Needed To Challenge Myself.

I was so motivated and I wanted to transform my body and feel pretty again. I decided to start out by buying a treadmill and weights. I told my husband that at the end of 12 weeks if I was still motivated we will get a gym membership. So that was my personal win.

Myoplex Lite

So I started by using Myoplex Lite, CLA, and a thermo all by EAS. I later tried Lipo 6. I decided to go all the way because I did not want to look back 3 months later wishing I had stuck to this challenge.

I worked out 6 days per week with Sunday as my off day. I did 3 days of weights and 3 cardio for only 20 min. I also ate 5 small meals every 3 hours. I would pack my meals and carry water with me whereever I went.

To start the 12 weeks I took pictures of myself and let me say ... that was motivation enough. I looked awful. Actually down right fat! I felt bad for my husband that he had to look at me and I was embarrassed of myself.

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I Was Embarrassed Of Myself.

I was such a confident person but I was out of control. So I put the pictures on my computer where I could look at them and stay motivated.

Workout: First Four Months

Here is a sample week of the first 4 months:

Monday - Upper Body:

Wednesday - Lower Body:


    Friday I would do upper body again. The next week I would do lower twice and upper once.

Workout: Now

Here is my exercise program now:

Day 1:

    Spin class for 45 minutes.

Day 2 - Lower Body:

  • Hack Squats - I start with 90 pounds and warm-up with 15 reps. Then I do 8 reps at 200 lbs, 6 reps at 310 pounds, and 3-4 at 410 pounds.

  • Smith Machine - 70 lbs of 3 sets alternating between sets with Squats. I do 1 set of 12 and hold myself down on the 12th rep for 10 seconds.

  • Walking Lunges - 15 pounds in each hand I do 2 sets of 24.

  • One-legged Lunges (one on a bench) - Each leg, 12-15 reps and hold at bottom on last rep for 10 seconds.

  • Deadlifts - 30-40-pound barbell, 3 sets of 12 reps (this varies depending on weight).

  • Leg Extensions - 90 lbs for 10 reps, 100 for 8 reps and 120 for 6 reps.

  • Kickbacks - Great for the glutes - 90 lbs, 3 sets of 10 reps.

  • Leg Curl - 80 lbs at 10 reps, 90 lbs at 8 reps and 100 at 5 reps.

  • Calves - Seated Calf Raise - 3 sets at 45 lbs, 10-12 reps.

  • print Click Here For A Printable Log Of Day 2: Lower Body.

    *I alternate with jumps, step-ups, leg press or any thing to keep my muscles guessing.

Day 3:

    Elliptical or Treadmill for 45 min.

Day 4 - Upper Body:


Day 1:

  • Meal 1 - Plain oats with cinnamon and sometimes raisins or honey to change flavor, water
  • Meal 2 - Myoplex Lite protein shake
  • Meal 3 - Wheat tortilla with grilled chicken and mushrooms, fat free sour cream, water
  • Meal 4 - Cottage cheese and fruit, water
  • Meal 5 - Salmon cooked with lemon and brown rice, broccoli, water

Day 2:

  • Meal 1 - Special K with skim milk, water
  • Meal 2 - Myoplex protein shake
  • Meal 3 - Natural peanut butter and honey on wheat bread, water
  • Meal 4 - Banana
  • Meal 5 - Shrimp, Broccoli and wheat noodles

Day 3:

  • Meal 1 - Protein pancakes (a favorite of my family)
  • Meal 2 - Protein Myoplex shake
  • Meal 3 - Turkey wrap and grapes
  • Meal 4 - Protein Myoplex shake
  • Meal 5 - Grilled chicken and salad

Day 4:

  • Meal 1 - Egg whites or egg beaters with 1 pc. of wheat toast and honey
  • Meal 2 - Protein Myoplex shake
  • Meal 3 - Tuna with pepper and lemon, pc. fruit
  • Meal 4 - Apple and low fat cheese stick
  • Meal 5 - Taco salad without the chips. Add more lettuce instead

Day 5:

  • Meal 1 - Myoplex Protein shake with fruit
  • Meal 2 - Rice cake (2)
  • Meal 3 - Turkey sandwich on wheat
  • Meal 4 - Cottage cheese with yogurt
  • Meal 5 - Turkey meatballs and wheat spaghetti, tomato sauce

Day 6:

  • Meal 1 - Oatmeal plain
  • Meal 2 - Protein shake
  • Meal 3 - Grilled chicken wrap, fruit
  • Meal 4 - Almonds and raisins
  • Meal 5 - Salad (a big one)

Day 7:

    Off day - I usually had ice cream!

Suggestion To Others

My suggestions to others is to stay focused and have a goal to reach. Write down your goal and place it where you see it every day. Tell your friend and family your goal so they can help you. You need to stay around people who will help you and don't listen to any person who tells you that you are crazy or to go ahead and eat pizza with them.

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Stay Focused.

Take your before pictures and take one every month after that. You will be amazed at your progress. Pictures don't lie. And if you fall off track get back on because you only fail if you quit. If I can keep this up then you can to! Try to motivate someone.

The more excited you are about eating right and exercising the more you can motivate those closest to you. And if those around you have the same goals then you will have more strength to keep moving forward. Every day is a new day and it is a new chance to move toward your future and become who you know you are.

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Every Day Is A New Day.

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