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Transformation Of The Week - Miles Simpson.

My confidence was low and I finally saw an opportunity to do something about it with my 4-month deployment to Iraq. See below what I did to lose 33 pounds in only four months.

Before Before:
222 lbs
September 13
After After:
189 lbs
January 15

Vital Stats

Name: Miles Simpson
Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Weight (Before): 222 Lbs. (September 13)
Weight (After): 189 Lbs. (January 15)

At the time of this transformation I was deployed in Baghdad, Iraq with the U.S. Air Force. January 15th was one week before I was shipped out to go home.

Why I Decided To Change

I decided to change because my of low self confidence about my body. My confidence was low and I finally saw an opportunity to do something about it with my 4-month deployment to Iraq. I knew I had the determination and the will power to improve and change my life; I just needed to apply myself.

What Got Me Started

When I arrived in Iraq I completely changed my lifestyle. Since I wasn't allowed to drink any alcohol cutting the beer was easy. I stuck to water throughout the day. I changed my diet to a high protein well balanced diet that I split up over 6 meals throughout the day.

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I began lifting weights 4-5 times per week, and I started running about 6 mornings per week. I ordered supplements from to give me an edge and to keep me motivated. I also read articles whenever I needed some motivation.


Cell Tech Hardcore

Supplements I used include:


I never would let myself get hungry. Whenever I started craving something I would have some mixed nuts or a protein bar. I made sure I would consume at least 3,000 calories per day to ensure I wouldn't lose any muscle during my weight loss. I truly believe that it's not how much you eat but what you eat.

On an average day I would eat something like this.

Typical One Day Diet:


    • 2 scoops of ON Whey Protein
    • About 20 nuts
    • 3 oz Smart Start cereal w/ skim milk


    • Half an ISS Research Pro42 protein bar


    • Baked chicken
    • Roast beef
    • Broccoli
    • Buttered noodles
    • 24 oz skim milk


    • Half an ISS Research Pro42 protein bar
    • About 20 nuts


    • Chicken stir fry w/ broccoli, rice, cabbage
    • 24oz skim milk


    • Post workout Cell Tech
    • 2 scoops ON Whey Protein


Body Part Split Example:


    I started off at 20 minutes on elliptical machine about 6 mornings per week, and slowly moved up to 40 min. I would exert myself just enough to get my heart rate up and work up a good sweat. I would also play basketball at night on days I didn't lift.

When & How Long It Took Me

I started a day after I arrived in Baghdad; once I caught up on my sleep from the traveling. Luckily I am stationed right at the Baghdad International Airport, so I have more stability of where I am at compared to many of the men and women in the army and marines who are over here.

It took me approximately four months to lose 33 pounds, increase my bench and squat by 30 pounds, and lose 6 inches on my waist.

Miles Simpson
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Miles Simpson.

I will leave Iraq in about a week as a new person. I couldn't have done it without support and guidance from my supervisor SSgt Russo or the quickly mailed supplements, and motivational articles from My future goal is to start another bulking phase when I get back to Ramstein AB in Germany where I'm stationed once I get my weight down to 185.

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